Anton Yelchin has varying degrees of attractiveness

NUMBER ONE: Cutie Patootie

NUMBER TWO: Oh my gosh, who just kicked your dog

NUMBER THREE: Sexy Ass Mother Fucker

NUMBER FOUR: U doin okay bro? You look kinda confused

NUMBER FIVE: Sunglasses. Because sunglasses make everyone more attractive.

This has been an Anton Yelchin PSA. Go back to your regularly schedule Tumbling.


Sufjan Stevens’ album announcement // Carrie & Lowell (Out 3.31.15 via Asthmatic Kitty)

It would appear that Sufjan Stevens is returning to some of the folk sounds of his roots in his new album, Carrie & Lowell. The album, named after his mother and step-father, drops at the end of March and promises to explore “life and death, love and loss, and the artist’s struggle to make sense of the beauty and ugliness of love.”. Yep, sounds like the kind of thing in which he’s best. Check out the album trailer above for a minute long sample of the haunting title track. This is one I’ll certainly be way excited to hear more from in the coming months. 


“The Cure” - Tegan & Sara ft Tommy Barlett on piano, Newport Folk Fest. GORGEOUS.

I’ve been craving this as a piano ballad since Tegan mentioned it started out as one. 

*(I’ve posted about Tommy quite a few times. He’s fucking awesome if you want to know why I’m freaking out about this happening, search ‘doveman’ on my tumblr page!)*

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『Be the Man』 jowilliamson
Martha Wainwright(!)プロデュースのBrooklynの女性SSWによる11年作。Rob Moose、Brad Albetta(マーサの旦那)らルーファス人脈のほか、サム・アミドンの盟友Thomas Bartlettも参加。Free Download。

released 01 January 2011 
Produced by Martha Wainwright 
Brad Albetta on bass, moog & vocals 
Thomas Bartlett on piano, keyboards & organ 
Jim Campilongo on electric guitar 
Bryan Devendorf on drums 
Rob Moose on guitar 
Mario Viele on vocals 
Martha Wainwright on vocals 
Doug Wieselman on saxophone & clarinet 
Jo Williamson on vocals & acoustic guitar 


Okay, last Owen Pallett video. Here’s “Shipbuilding.”

(What are those people whispering about?! Pay attention!)