It’s kind of an important distinction? Like. super important.

Rule of thumb: scientists don’t believe in “poofs”.

e: oh yeah, if any of the specifics on the bottom seem off, I apologize; I was mostly going for the general transition.

Mad Max: Fury Road

In short: Loved it. 

It is very teal and orange

Here’s Mandy Brown on whether it’s a feminist film or not:

The more interesting question is not whether or not the film is feminist but whether it furthers feminism: whether, via plot or character or camera it furthers the ideas of feminism.

To that I answer a resounding yes.

Fun fact: director George Miller hired Vagina Monologues writer Eve Ensler to be a consultant on the film.

Here is a text from my wife:

Here’s Chuck Wendig on how it breaks all kinds of writing “rules.” (thx @nickchilds)

While we were watching it, my wife turned to me and said, “Too bad Owen is too young to watch this—he would love the cars.” 

Well, there’s actually a whole website dedicated to the cars! 

And here’s 18 minutes of B-roll and stunts: 

Here’s a two-hour presentation by the cinematographers about how it was filmed. (thanks @beep)

And here’s the trailer, although, just skip it and go see the movie, I’m telling you: 

If you liked Fury Road but haven’t seen the others, I highly recommend The Road Warrior.

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The Tamar and Merrill fanfics r so good... U should do more...

Thank you, anon! I set myself up in the tags for this anyway, and Tamar and Merrill are fun to write, so I might as well. It likely won’t be as long as the first oneshot, but we’ll see what happens. Any ideas or requests from the tag?

Terry Sawchuk, the legendary hockey goalie started his professional career in 1949, when players weren’t required to wear masks or head protection of any kind.

The new safety rules were implemented in 1966, when LIFE Magazine hired a professional makeup artist to recreate many of the facial injuries Terry had susstained during his 16 years in the game for this photo.

Haven’t posted in quite a while. Showing a couple of things I’ve been working on recently.

Two new weapon mods displayed: full auto and high impact making bullets explode for extra damage.

As a standard, enemies no longer damage Melon on touch. Hopefully the exceptions will be made obvious to the player. This feels like a more modern design approach and it’ll feel more elegant in the end.

Mario-style attack mod called iron boots added which allows Melon to stomp certain enemies, as a rule enemies smaller than herself and not the kind that damage her on touch.

The green “boost blocks” have been transformed into “impact blocks”. Melon can destroy them by impacting with them, ie jumping from below or falling from above. Higher impact, more damage to them. Since fall damage is a thing, I figured the most elegant thing would be if damage went both ways so to speak. This still means Melon has to destroy horizontal impact blocks with the boost move.

Wall jump currently works on all walls, as compared to before. I was afraid this might grant the player too much power, and it might open up ways to traverse I never intended, but it does feel preferable to the specific wall jump walls since they don’t allow for as much player creativity and skill. I’ll be keeping a close eye on it.

The first boost upgrade will allow you to utilize enemies to reach even higher and further, tho it currently feels a bit wonky (displayed towards the end of the clip.)

highlyclassifiedshit asked:

So a few people I know irl are convinced of rumours going around that the 'priestess' in the casting announcement is going to be Arianne Martell. Given that neither you nor culturalvac have mentioned this (that I'm aware), I'm assuming these rumours have a credibility rate of less than zero? You guys are the only source I trust haha.

Wow, uh yeah. Less than zero sounds about right.

Priestess. Mid-20’s to early 30’s. Any ethnicity- she’s beautiful, intense, and magnetic.

Arianne is many things, but “Priestess”? Not so much. It could have just been listed as “woman” if they wanted to keep it non-specific. They also seem very, very choosy about Dornish casting, so “any ethnicity” doesn’t jive. Plus like, everything we’ve seen in Porne has kind of ruled out her existence. Unless she was studying abroad in Essos and became religious for no reason.

I have no speculations about this role. Well that’s not really true. Priestesses in the book are connected to R’hollor, so I’m assuming she’ll be a Red Priestess.

geckopirateship asked:

NWoD theory: All magic other than Supernal magic is contractual in nature. Fae Contracts are just the specific contracts the Fae made with the universe. Hedge magic of various types involves exploiting various clauses in reality. And Demon powers are totally contractual. Supernal magic, on the other hand, is akin to going directly into the source code and messing around, which is why it's the only kind that causes Paradox.

Demonic Exploits explicitly break the rules of the “source code” of reality, yet all they risk is Cover; the universe itself doesn’t object.

Mummy Relics invariably carry curses that the Awakened themselves see as the magical equivalent of radioactive; how does that tie in?

Ranking of Darren Criss Solos

32. “Hey, Soul Sister”

31. “Misery”

30. “You Should Be Dancing”

29. “Something’s Coming”

28. “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”

27. “Dark Side”

26. “Not While I’m Around (Episode Edit)”

25. “All You Need Is Love”

24. “Last Friday Night”

23. “It’s Not Unusual”

22. “Piano Man”

21. “Somewhere Only We Know”

20. “All of Me”

19. “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay”

18. “Bills, Bills, Bills”

17. “Teenage Dream”

16. “It’s Time”

15. “What Kind of Fool”

14. “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”

13. “You’re My Best Friend”

12. “Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now)”

11. “Silly Love Songs”

10. “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’”

9. “Raise Your Glass”

8. “Beauty School Dropout”

7. “Fighter”

6. “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You”

5. “When I Get You Alone”

4. “Teenage Dream (Acoustic)”

3. “Don’t Stop Me Now”

2. “Hopelessly Devoted to You”

1. “Cough Syrup”

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U shud do part 2 to fuckboy luke even tho it's a oneshot bc its RLLY good

Alright, since ppl really want me to move on with the story apparently


I decided to f**k the rules and just do it :D

Part I:  here

Requested: You… you could say that… 

Word count: 1225

Warnings: none (but I’m warning you to watch out for cops cuz you sure could end up in jail for stealing my heart)


Well, Fuckboi!Luke gets all frutstrated when he realizes he’s crushing so much for the shy girl in class

Luke’s POV

It’s funny how much Y/N was able to unwind and no one actually knew about it. Sort of challenging, knowing she had this side and never getting to see it. I wanted to see it and developped some kind of burning ambition to find out what’s behind all that.

“Why the fuck is she rejecting me? I don’t get it” I panted as I sat on the brick wall with our school’s logo on the campus and Michael was leaning against it, his shades not really giving away if he’s even paying attention to my words.

“Y/N? The chick who I always copy off in math class?” He laughed out and leaned his head on the top of the wall, staring into the rather cloudy sky.

 “Maybe she’s not. Maybe it’s one big plan to be the one to have the honor of dating the almighty, handsome Luke Hemmings”

I shot him a glare over the frame of my Ray-Ben’s.

“Fuck off, Michael.” 

Recognizing Y/N walk down the staircase towards us, I jumped off my spot on the wall, turning around to face Michael whilst mouthing “you wish you were as cool as me” as I made steps backwards on the way to my car, only to head Y/N off, when she reached the parking area with her friend who just hugged her good-bye.

Letting my Mercedes stop in front of her, I expected some delighted smile but all I received was a questioning expression and a rather harsh “You block my way, Hemmings” when I let the window down.

“I’ll drive you” I spoke monotone and pushed the door open for her.

Y/N turned around to some girl who sucked in a deep breath when I said that whilst waiting at the bus station. 

Unaware that I noticed, Y/N rolled her eyes and returned her gaze to me.

“Is that an offer?” she asked shyly.

I smirked and fixed the snackback on my head. “That’s a statement”

She sighed and as soon as I drew my attention off the girls passing my car and waving at me with huge smiles, Y/N was gone. She walked off and didn’t say a word. What the fuck?!

Using the gas pedal gently, I caught up with her, when she was already around the corner as I followed her with slow pace.

“It was an offer” I gave in and hit the breaks right next to her so she was able to look at me through the window again.

Y/N wordlessly dropped herself on the seat next to me and slammed the door shut again.

“Oi, careful, babe, she’s just been freshly lacquered” I chuckled and stroked over the leather-covered steering wheel between my hands as I soon picked up speed.

Y/N shot me a glare. “Even if I haven’t decided to let you into my house yet - no meaningless nicknames”

I was confused. “Oh right, cuz that’s so disrespectful” my sarcasm was easily recognizable.

Y/N remained silent.

Soon she snickered. “she’s just been  freshly lacquered” Y/N impersonated me with a low and prominent aussi-accent, which caused me to chuckle.

“Left here” Y/N panted quickly, not even noticing that I didn’t know where she lived.

“Ooops” I laughed, grinning. “Guess I’m gonna take you to my place then”

The next thing I heard was a snort from her side. “Oh wow, really? Is that how you usually do it? Like really, Hemmings? That’s you go-to thing to pick up girls?”

I shrugged. “It has never not worked”

She picked up my indifferent look and rested her elbow on the doorframe to rest her head in her hand. “Unbelievable…” I head her mutter as I started to ask myself whether there are any other way to pick someone up other than with charm.

“Why are you even driving me?” She suddenly started to realize this herself.

I shrugged my shoulders and gave her a sarcastic grin. “I’m a nice guy, really” 

Narrowing her eyes at me, she tried to figure a hint of ulterior motives.

“You’re pulling a prank on me” Y/N stated soon. “Okay who’s watching? Is there someone waiting for me at your house to like…throw eggs at me?!”

My amused face didn’t really seem to help the situation.

“Okay, pull over.” she demanded and my eyebrows knit together.

“What? No” I huffed undiscerningly and Y/N grabbed for my arm which was holding onto the gearshift, sending unexpected shivers down my spine.

“I said pull over. Now.”

Sighing, I slowed down until we were parking in the middle of the street, pulling the handbreak to face her.

“Okay, what is your problem?!” I asked bitterly and she watched with a stern glare how other cars had to evade us, before she hit the emergency flasher in the dashboard, agrily.

“I don’t have a problem! You have a problem when you actually believe you own my trust after mistreating everyone you interact with!”

My face must’ve been more baffled than I expected since her facial expression softened in the blink of an eye to my offended and surprised reaction and it really took me a moment to reply.

“Hey, I don’t wanna like…do you a mischief or something, but you chose me as your-”

She leaned back in her seat and shot me a glare. “I didn’t choose you for anything. We got paired up and I don’t even expect you to do any of the work. You can just leave it to me and earn an A, deal?”

I played with my lipring. “I mean yeah that sounds pretty good but I got a question to ask you.”

She furrowed her eyesbrow to make me move on.

“Why do you hate me so much?”

Y/N snickered. “I don’t hate you” she stated.

Ha, told ya, Mike!

“I hate your personality”


“Hey why are you…?” she whispered confused when I leaned closer to her, our faces now inces apart.

“Don’t you want to kiss me, Y/N?” I murmured against her lips and watched her eyes twich in confusion and resistance, which only caused me to smirk.

“I want you to be true with people.” she whispered back and slowly moved her head away from me, making me bite my lipring in appreciation (and unfortunately frustration, I had to admit) of her strengh to pull away, unlike every other girl would have.

Soon I couldn’t help but smirk to her suprised face when the back of her head was greeted by my palm, holding her in place.

“I’m completely sincere when I say that you impress me, Y/N Y/S/N”

In the second where she had a slight smile on her lips, I sensed approval and pulled her towards me so I finally met her half-way for a passionate kiss.

The car horn behind us, let us pull apart and I groaned in frustration as Y/N’s hand moved away mine from her neck to lean back in her seat again.

Sighing, I got my car ready to drive off and hoped to find the guts of asking her to stay as soon as I pulled into our driveway.

“Don’t interpret too much into this, Hemmings.” she quoted me as Y/N  unbuckled her seat belt and walked towards our front door, me following her closely behind, an undeniable admiration for this girl, spreading in my chest area.


A/N Do you think you’re punk rock enough to sign my wall of fame? Would mean a lot to me :) ♥

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it’s just

in this brutal, burnt-out, post-apocalyptic wasteland of explosions and gunfights and car chases, of the absolute WORST humanity has to offer, the inarguable thesis of fury road is that we are redeemed by our inherent capacity for kindness

it says that people are not THINGS, and humans are not inherently savage. even the cruelest and most broken systems can be torn down. kindness and hope are fundamentally human

if you show someone trust, they will prove themselves trustworthy

if you show someone care, they will care in return

and if you treat someone like a person, like someone valuable, like someone with worth

then they will fucking RISE TO IT


.gifwhes - round 10!

we are in double digits!! celebrate with 10 pizza!

Item 10. IMAGE or GIF. Create a piñata shaped like Dinomite, Wooster, Fograt, or Elopus. Fill it with kindness.

remember to read the rules. they will show you how to be an abnosome gisher. submit your item by posting it on this website ( with the hashtags #gifwhes #gishwhes and #item 10

deadline is thursday 5/21 @ 2:30 pm PT ok??

good luck and text someone u love an emoji of a cat or dog!! it won’t make u win gifwhes but it will be a nicefun thing 2 do.

I asked strangers to write words/ quotes/ pictures of kindness. These are their responses:

“Cherish all happy memories!”

“Think of the person next to you!”

“you’re looking mighty fine today =)”


“Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy :)”

“A hug a day would make everyone happy! <3″

“Keep doing what you’re doing. SMILE :)”

“Infinite love & gratitude!”

“Hope + Joy!”

“Life is beautiful!”


“say some thing nice”


“A broken crayon still colours!”

“Sunny days make me Smile! :)”


“Pretty Pooches Prancing”

“Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress”

“Kindness is not my specialty”

“We are all gifts to ourselves and others”


“Compassion lies deep within <3″

“You’ve been my friend all my life and I just met you now”

“I am a good influence on everyone I meet (and so are you!)”


“you are worthy”

“you are beautiful!”



“Be a friend”

“You’re pretty much my most favourite person of all time in the history of ever!”

“Don’t worry, be happy :)”


“Life is too short to be miserable! Enjoy life to the fullest!!!”

“Strong Caring Women”

“Beauty is in everything”

“Smile, you are beautiful”

“You are your own beautiful :)”

Item done by Casinthebunker (reblog her post here)

Cancer info sheet (sun sign)
  • Duality:Feminine
  • Element:Water
  • Quality:Cardinal
  • Traits:Receptive, sensitive, imaginative, sympathetic, kind, emotional, and you have an amazing mind
  • Ruling planet:Moon
  • Info:Earth's only natural satellite, which waxes and wanes and has a strong magnetic influence
  • Symbol:The crab
  • Glyph:♋️
  • Represents:Claws of crab; human breasts; two circles of the sun connected to two crescent moons. The moons show the desire to store memories and property, the circles tied to the moons show force and energy shown through emotions and the mind
  • Keyword:I FEEL.
  • Sister sign:Capricorn
  • Cancer:Sign of home and family life
  • Capricorn:Sign of reputation and public standing
  • Body part:Breasts and stomach
  • Prone to:Overweight in later years, digestive ailments
  • Lucky day:Monday
  • Lucky numbers:3 and 7
  • Birthstone:Pearl
  • Info:Reverses bad luck, turns chaos into peace. Brings support.
  • Colors:Sea green and silver.
  • Why:Colors of water and moon
  • Cities:Venice, Amsterdam, New York, Algiers
  • Countries:Scotland, Holland, New Zealand
  • Flowers:Larkspur and Acanthus
  • Trees:Trees rich in sap
  • Metal:Silver
  • Animals:Ones with shell coverings
  • Danger!!!!:Prone to home accidents and becoming theft victims
  • Most likable trait:Loyalty
[M] (Un)safe Girl // BTS’ Suga

[A/N] Warning: Rated M for lots of dirty talk and rough, needy sex cue perverted smirk I should mention that I’m planning on writing a sequel, though it won’t be as filthy and sex-driven as this… maybe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ANYWAYS I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

You were the kind of girl who played life by its rules.

You were the kind of girl who waited for the signal to turn green before crossing the street.

You were the kind of girl who checked library due dates and returned books well before their deadlines.

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How Music Can Flesh Out Your Characters

Inspiration can be everywhere: in music, in movies, in books… This month, we’re spotlighting inspiration in its many forms. Today, Leah Ferguson, author of the forthcoming All the Difference (Berkley/Penguin), shares how music from her childhood has influenced her writing.

In the seventh grade, a friend named Mariah gave me a tape of Depeche Mode’s Violator and solidified the angsty foundation of my current “grown-up” taste in music. The longing in “Somebody” and shock of “Blasphemous Rumours” hit a place inside my insecure, dreamy, twelve-year-old self that never left. The Cure followed in the eighth grade, and Violent Femmes after that (my first concert!). R.E.M. and U2 led the way for Tori Amos, The Smiths, and Jane’s Addiction, and then an embarrassingly long flirtation with punk-ska.

I was a stick-to-the-rules kind of kid, who rarely gave her protective parents a chance to doubt her, so off-the-mainstream, “progressive” music was my safe rebellion. This paradox carries over to my writing, where I weave music into my scenes to help portray it: Florence and the Machine and Fleetwood Mac pop up throughout my debut novel All the Difference to describe my favorite characters: relatively “good” people with a side of sass. Not only is it fun for me as a writer, but I love the way certain songs help flesh out a character’s personality or struggle. After all, music developed mine.

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aleusha-does-junk asked:

You have great pixel art- how do you do that stuff? I've never done pixel biz before

its pretty easy !! i use graphics gale mostly

it works p much like regular drawing but u have to be much more deliberate about lineart especially, like this

the rest is p much the same as any other kind of drawing, if u follow those rules

Rose Weasley could comb through an entire library if she wanted to. She’s always carrying a stack of books around with her; it’s practically a part of her body. And yet, she couldn’t be bothered to sit down and finish her homework, because she has far more exciting things to be doing, and a list of reckless things she’d like to accomplish before she graduates from Hogwarts. 

Like exploring the castle after midnight, with a terrified Scorpius Malfoy trailing behind her and asking her timidly, “Are you sure we should be doing this?” Because he knows full well that they shouldn’t be, but he can’t pass up an opportunity to spend time with Rose. No way. So he sucks up all his fear and agrees to go with her, even though he hasn’t finished all of his homework, even though he’s Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy and he always finishes his homework, even though he’s scared senseless, and even though he most definitely wouldn’t agree to go with anybody else.

But he’s always glad he joins her, despite all of the close-calls—like when they were chased by an angry, swearing Filch all the way up to the Astronomy tower, and ended up in a laughing heap on the ground, under the pouring rain, neither of them realizing till much later that night that they’d been holding hands the entire time. And both of them smiling at the thought of it before they close their eyes and happily drift to sleep.

Sheriarty week?

We all know that there is a lack of sheriarty stuff lately and that the drama and all the hate towards this ship made difficult to go into the sheriarty tag. Wouldn’t be nice to spread some love for our favourite consulting boyfriends? Why don’t make a sheriarty week to celebrate this beautiful and complex relationship that so often is target of hate?


June 22th - June 28th  is my proposed time. We have a month to start working on the stuff and since it’s summer maybe more people will be on tumblr! 


  • Every kind of fanwork will be accepted: fics, drawings, fanvideos, playlists, edits, gifsets, headcanons, metas, litterally everything! Just use the tag “sheriarty week” and I will reblog it on a sideblog dedicated to this event! (yes it doesn’t have a theme right now but i will fix it)
  • There are a lot of beautiful ships in this fandom, but this week is for sheriarty only. Side pairings are accepted only if they don’t interfere with sheriarty but they have to be secondary.


jun 22th: Post!Reichenbach ➙ We all know how important Reichenbach is for Jim and Sherlock, but what if Jim didn’t kill himself? What if they run away together? What if Laura’s theory is true?

jun 23th: Alternative Universe ➙ Because it doesn’t matter how or when, this two will always find each other. 

jun 24th: Domestic life ➙ It doesn’t have to be fluff if you don’t want to and it doesn’t have to be conventionally domestic.Just use this prompt how you want!

jun 25th: Smut ➙ Well… There isn’t anything to add.

jun 26th: Angst (& hurt comfort) ➙ Because the pain is never enough and we sheriarty shippers always love a bit of tragedy.

jun 27th: Crack ➙ This ship is far too serious, we need something lighter sometimes!

june 28th: Free choice  ➙ You have written something that don’t fit any of the prompts? You want to write metas or make fics rec? You have missed one of the days? No problem, you can use the last day of the week as you like!

IMPORTANT: To make this happen I need your help! It doesn’t matter if you are gonna partecipate or not, please reblog this to spread the word!