A Man Walks Into A Bar

Prompt: Imagine being Dean’s favorite bartender

Word Count: 3353

Warning: Drinking, language

P.S. I’m starting to do face casts for my fics, and I’m going to put the pictures with the gifs, like I did with Deborah Ann Woll. Like I said last time, these are reader inserts so the face casts are only there for people who want a face cast. If anyone doesn’t like that or wants me to change it, just let me know! The face cast for this fic is Jaimie Alexander. 

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Golden by andquitefrankly

Dain has never been to Erebor, and if it was up to him he’d never go. After all, what’s there to do in a big lonely mountain all by his lonesome? Become best friends with the young prince, Thorin, that’s what! If only Thorin would accept that he’s got a new friend who’s not going anywhere anytime soon.


omg received nawtsoo‘s birthday gift for me ;v; 
Girl, you went too far. HOW MUCH HAVE YOU ORDERED??? xD I can’t believe it, don’t spend this much money like this, I don’t deserve it! ;v;” *waves sandal like an asian mom*

Everything it TOO CUTE my heart is gonna melt TAT *gross sobbing*
I didn’t expect the bottles to be this big! I was quite surprised during the unboxing *_*
So precious, so cute, so lovely, so perfect…..  (●´□`)♡

Thank you so much Natsuuuuuuu! ( -̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥᷄◞ω◟-̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥᷅ ) *hugs tight* You are a wonderful person and deserve a lot of love! >w<

anonymous asked:

what sign is the best cuddler?

Leo’s, they hold you with such love and will talk to you for hours about cute shit
Taurus, They’re so sensual with cuddling, like they’ll rub your back, hold your hands, caress your skin
Aries, They hold you so tightly and you just feel so safe and they’ll play with your hair until you fall asleep
Pisces, They are such sweet cuties that will stay up till 3am sharing headphones with you, giving you cute little kisses on your forehead, nose, lips, eyelids, neck, ears.

All the signs are good cuddlers, these are just some of my personal favs 😁

therarestsaiko asked:

I urge you to consider Naki and Ayato camping together and Naki clingy cuddling with grumpy pouty Ayato at night when it's cold and they have to share body heat, and then trying to make a campfire and Naki telling Ayato he isn't making enough "fiction" for the fire to start and Naki getting sick of being out in the "windiness" until he finds a large bug that he develops an emotional bond with and Ayato finds terrifying but refrains from killing because Naki would get sad.

o h m y g d o this is so cute this is so so cute this is the cutest i’m going to eat my own foot this is precious

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Hellooo ~ Have fun and good luck with this blog, hehe ♥ Sooo, can I request Hanamiyas, Himuros, Murasakibaras, Kises and Kurokos s/o playing too much video games and don't pay attention to their boyfriends for like weeks? Thank youuu ~

Thank you so much sweetie! Ohoho weeks you say? Poor precious babies. I haven’t actually played any video games recently so i really don’t remember anything about them. Please let me know if i made any mistakes Hanaimya probably deserved being ignored for being a real cute asshole anyway

Kuroko: At first he didn’t mind it, he could understand what it’s like to indulge yourself in little activities like this, and after the exams you both just took he thought this was just your way of refreshing your mind. However when you began canceling dates and stop paying attention to his words, even going as far as not acknowledging his presence, he was very annoyed and maybe jealous. It was as if he’s invisible all over again, but this time he was invisible to you the only person he wants to notice him

He decided to confront this problem using a simple tactic, by covering the screen you’ve been so focused on with his body. You whined and barked at him to scoot over, but every time your head moved he’ll move to the same direction. “[Name]-kun please listen to what i have to say” with the way he implicated his words, you put down your controller and raised an inquisitive eyebrow, trying hard to ignore the sounds of your defeat coming from the speaker the minute you stopped playing “You’ve been paying more attention to this game lately and i really don’t like it. Please stop or at least cut down the amount of time you play these games, i miss you” he casts you a somber expression and the only thing you could do was frown, he resembled so much like a beaten up puppy that you can’t help but cave in . You walked towards him and gave him a slow and sweet kiss on his pouty lips “Hm..why didn’t you say so earlier? I’m really sorry..” Kuroko blinks at your question and considered hitting your shoulder for he had been trying for the past few days and wonders how you didn’t notice. But for now he’ll settle with your kisses

Kise: He would definitely whine and cling to you like a little baby koala would to their mother. You couldn’t even hit the start button without him bumping shoulders and or have his arms tickle you on your sides. “Kise stop! I’m trying to play here” Kise shook his head, keeping a firm grip around your shoulder,  his legs circled around your waist while you sat on the floor of your apartment’s living room.

“Don’t you have practice to go to?” “I already did! You didn’t even notice i’m gone?! You’re being really mean to me ssu! And you promised that we would go out on a date today. I’ve cleared my schedule for you you know..and now we’re already late for the reservations” the longer he continued the sadder his tone got, you couldn’t lie and say that he didn’t make you feel guilty. Finally you sighed and cast aside the video game and looked in to his eyes “I just don’t like it when you don’t pay attention to me i’m your boyfriend here!“ you messed up his hair and smiled “Alright i apologize, i guess i’m being quite selfish for the past few days. How about we just stay in and paint nails or something hm? No video games, i swear” Kise planted sloppy kisses all over your face, excited by your proposal “Ew stop! You’re slobbering like a dog” “But i wold make a cute dog ssu~”

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Those gifs you post are so freaking cute! My absolute fave is the scuttling hamster, though that seal one was precious as well. GAH TOO MUCH CUTE LET ME SQUISH YOUR CHEEKS!


I do enjoy a cute gif! They brighten my day so I hope they can do the same for others ^_^ 

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That video is so precious though. Like Sophia is so shy and she's trying to hide, but Paddy wouldn't let her. Liam calling her Smithers is the cutest thing. Then he's being all cute laughing at her cause he can see she's trying to run away. The whole thing is cute.

It really was! 

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okay so there have been a lot of evidence and suggestions that when kaneki was missing and under the name "eyepatch" that hide didn't eat much and grew thinner and it was p bad, anway say hide and kaneki reunite and since kaneki got really buff when hide sees him shirtless and gets really self conscious but when kaneki realizes this he wraps his arms around his now this frame and whispers in his ear telling him how precious and perfect hide is to him (bUT HEDOEST NO ITHIS FALT HIDE IS LIK THT

OMG IM GOING TO SCREAM this is heart breaking but so cute at the same time hgchshc this reminds me of that fanart of Hide being self-conscious because Kaneki is so much more muscular than him! I love that one so much omg.. thank you for this, anon ^.^

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So I just watched a Peta/Maks video on youtube to Echosmith's "Bright". Those two are cute as fuck together, damn it! I will ship maksyl to the grave but it's so cute how Peta and Maks make each other so happy. #it hurt to say that🙈

That video was so cute! It’s more than fine to think they’re cute and still ship maksyl. Like i think meryl and maks are cute together, but i’ve accepted the fact thet they’re not together and i also think maks and peta are cute together. If you liked that video, watch this one  too because it’s precious