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Is the new gameoverse gonna continue where you left off from the last episode? Or will it be like a complete redo with new story and characters?

It’s a complete reboot and has nothing in common with the original series I did back when I was a wee lad.  Only thing similar is the personalities of Gobbles and Flappers, but their origin stories are quite different.  When I made the first one I knew nothing about writing episodic content (I was like 19/20, I think?).  As far as episodes go it’s coming along great.  I’m writing the first season with Arin and we’re starting with breakdowns/overviews of each episode before going into any draft scripts.  Means there’s lots of great foreshadowing and thought put into the direction of the story, but it’s still very much a comedy.  As of posting this I believe we’re up to the overview for episode 6.   Really happy with the direction of this so far.  Probably going to be some time before people will have something to watch though!

Harry Potter Inspired: Magic for a Gryffindor

Hello everyone! So, in continuation with my Harry Potter inspired magic series, I decided to make some little posts detailing ideas for magic for members of each of the four Hogwarts houses. These posts will include some general info about the house, for those who don’t know much about them, as well as magical info! I’ll be taking the correspondences and symbols of the houses and relating them to modern witchcraft, and I’ll also be listing off some magical ideas that would be fun for a member of that house. Today, I’m gonna talk a bit about Gryffindor. Enjoy!


“You might belong in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart. Their daring, nerve and chivalry set Gryffindors apart.”

-The Sorting Hat

General house info:

House values: Bravery, chivalry, honor, justice, strength of will, courage, daring, nerve, courtesy

Notable members: Harry Potter (and his parents), Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Minerva McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore

Founder: Godric Gryffindor

Magical info:

Colors: Gryffindor’s colors are Crimson/Scarlet and Gold. In modern witchcraft, Crimson and Scarlet are associated with energy, vitality, lust, strength and creativity. In some traditions, they are also associated with anger or even hate. You can use Crimson/Scarlet for spellwork relating to any of the above correspondences, and you can also use them in curses. Gold is associated with the Sun, in particular, as well as truth, success and purity. In many Wiccan and Pagan religions, gold represents the God. Gold is primarily used for spiritual, religious, or ceremonial magic, but it can also be used in magic relating to wealth or prosperity.

Animal: Gryffindor’s animal is the Lion. The Lion is often used in magic and spell work relating to protection. Have you ever seen a statue or two statues of lions sitting outside of a building/museum etc.? This is a commonplace sighting, and it relates to the idea that the lion is a protector of the building. You can also use lion symbolism in spellwork relating to strength, boldness, or bravery.

Element: Gryffindor is often associated with the element of fire. The books don’t say anything specifically about the houses being connected to elements, but the fan-base has roughly associated each house with an element. Fire is the element of passion and strength. It is both a destroyer and a creator. Fire is often used in magical workings that include banishing, purification, strength, protection, and passion.

Herbs to help the Gryffindor: Bay, thyme, and dill for courage, strength and protection. Alyssum to keep anger and arrogance in check.

Crystals for the Gryffindor: Bloodstone for courage and inner strength. Carnelian to ward off fear and rage. Red jade for find the balance between courage and rashness. Snowflake obsidian for hope and courage when all seems lost.

Magic for the Gryffindor: In the books, it is seen that many Gryffindors show talent in transfiguration. While transfiguration as it is in the books is not exactly possible in the real world, Gryffindors may show talent for forms of magic that involve changing or altering an existing thing. For example, glamour magic or magic that changes negativity/obstacles into positivity/opportunities or vice/versa could be an area where a Gryffindor shines :) A Gryffindor may enjoy incorporating the above colors, animals, elements, herbs, and crystals into their spellwork.

I hope you enjoyed! Keep in mind that no two Gryffindors are alike, so not all Gryffindors will benefit from all of the magical information above. I just thought that it would be fun for witches who are fans of Harry Potter to incorporate a bit of their Hogwarts house into their real-life magic :) 

-Livi (A proud Ravenclaw)

Psst: some of the information about the house symbolism, values and members is appreciatively sourced from here.

Psssst x2: Not sure what your Hogwarts house is? Check out this Sorting Hat quiz:   I’ve yet to find a really, really good Sorting Hat quiz, but this one is pretty good.

L… ast episode of Stardust Crusaders next week and I legit wanna cry?? When I started getting into JoJo last year I had like a two seasons to run through until I was able to just sit around and wait for the Egypt arc to begin this year. Part 3 is such a fun ride and I’m just upset that it’s ending now. I know it might not be the ‘best’ part, but I’m super fond of it. I love the premise, I love the villains (the Egypt losers in particular), I love how it wraps up a lot of things from Phantom Blood…

It’s also the most iconic and I remember like over 10+ years ago seeing an ad in a magazine for the OVA and thinking it looked so cool and had a fun title but it was rated 16+ so I was too baby to watch it. YmY

I guess things wouldn’t be quite as bad if we knew for sure whether or not Diamond is Unbreakable will be adapted or not? I’m still not finished reading it but I love it a lot… I want this… please… I wanna see “I got a boner” animated…

I-I guess in the meantime I’ll ease my pain with taking more screenshots from raw episodes because I wanna revisit my fav jerks. QmQ

Gosh though my side blog has become a legit mess with me obsessing over the JoJos and my fav disgusting characters. RIP me.

I have a bone to pick today.

Not gonna lie, kinda mad at some very inconsiderate Creampuffs for causing Ellen (anamatics​) to shut down.

You all need to learn some respect. You don’t have to agree with her all the time, but just remember that she’s part of an amazing team that’s worked their asses off to bring you quality entertainment – quality entertainment that you all continually take for granted.

My small handful of interactions with her have been beyond pleasant and absolutely lovely because she is, in fact, a very lovely and kind person, and the level of patience she’s demonstrated with this fandom as of late is saintly.

So thank you, Ellen, for responding to my questions and sometimes silly comments. I appreciate the time you take out of your very busy and hectic schedule to talk to me when I know you have more important and pressing things to do with your time. You’re a doll. <3

As for the rest of you, I think you need to take this time to rethink the way you approach people. When has it ever been okay to harass someone for any reason whatsoever? Doing so from behind a screen doesn’t make you cool or tough. That makes you a coward.

Rather than attacking Ellen or anyone else a part of this amazing Web series, how about voicing your opinions in a more dignified and controlled manner? There’s a world of a difference between friendly debate and harassment, and in the last 24 hours, you all have crossed a major boundary that has been proven to destroy fandoms and spoil the fun for everyone involved, including those people like me who are always very supportive.

Ellen, I look forward to your return once you’ve had a chance to cool down and get out of your head a little bit. You deserve a break from the madness.

So remember that scene from Toy Story 2? Yeah, my work environment is like that, just add a dash of Salvador Dali and you get the picture.

I’m usually small enough I don’t have to worry about ducking, however. But during yesterday’s post-lunch rush hour, that caught up with me, and I wasn’t looking where I was going when I went face first at full tilt into a steel support beam.

The ER doc said I didn’t have a concussion or worse, although it hurt like hell. Still does a little this morning. I’m gonna snuggle with an ice pack and continue obsessively listen to the audiobook version of Pierce Brown’s Red Rising series for today, I think.

Thank you, everyone, for your well wishes. :D

Written today

“Loophole” - Dean imagine edited/reposted. When the reader kills the demon who held her Crossroads contract, she’s visited on the set date by a new recruit and his trusty Hellhound. Fluff, if anything.



MINIONS IT IS SO LATE. I’m going to get right to the basics. Join a Barrack! (Seriously, it’s gonna help you so much. You should totally do it.) All information and instructions will be posted on the “Barracks” page, so if you’d like me to notify you when your favourite character or series (think “At First Sight”) is written for, consider joining! The “The Story Continues…” page has been updated to include the newest series, so head on over if you’d like titles, summaries, genres and lists of installments at your disposal. For a compilation of links sorted by character, genre, and listed in chronological order, check out the “Masterlist” page as well as the most recent Mobile Masterlist for all your reading needs. May you have the sweetest of sweet dreams and the loveliest of mornings. Over and out.

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I'm almost done with part 1 of the dog series n they were so happy n there was so much fluff n then mikey with school n the money n then the dog n now he's gone n doesn't remember anything n this hurts. But I feel like its gonna get worse

that means you’re at part 2 rn right?? OMG I STOPPED HALFWAY I HAVE YET TO CONTINUE WHERE I LEFT OFF IT’S BEEN EXACTLY A WEEK SINCE I STOPPED BUT YEAH I’LL FIND THE COURAGE TO CONTINUE IT. i’m not gonna say anything bc you most probably already know that shit gets miserable. their happiness didn’t last. couldn’t last. and it hurts


How this reboot is going to go, translated from AIM rants to my friend.

I’m pretty sure how these writers are operating is just “the universes collided so we’re doing whatever we want until the higher ups make us trim the fat in two years.” 

It’s basically how the New 52 went. Comics were given five or six issues to not suck, then they were cancelled and replaced. And if a series did well the same team of writer/artists was put on something else. Only they’re skipping that part because already we have the Ultimates, Old Man Logan, and alternate universe Hawkeyes all existing within if not the same continuity, then the same series of ongoings. 

And it just screams bloat bloat bloat, because instead of bloating us with events, which they still might, they’re literally launching sixty comics at once if not more. 

Call me a pessimist but they’re gonna give out under their own weight and rather than fix it through SAY GOOD CHARACTERIZATION AND SMALL TWEAKS they’re gonna cull 20% of the solos over their first/second giant crossover event.

Only now it’s not only gonna be a crossover between teams, but between universes and suddenly we’ll be back where we were after AvX with so many conflicting levels of continuity and relationships that nothing can fix it but another reboot.

Continuation to [x]


A coffee was definetly not what the other needed right now.
The quick movements and his behaviour was somehow weird, but the blond would just keep silent for now and observe the rune mage. He crossed his arms, a serious expression was present, but he wouldn’t be that cold– a short kiss was placed on the other’s lips, before he withdrew again, raising a brow at the other.

            “Don’t think ya need a coffee. Maybe y’should calm down. ‘nd rest.“

He didn’t let go of Laxus for quite a while, just  g a z i n g  at the blond as if there was something on his face he tried to decipher. It was only when he blinked that his mien altered, seemingly woken by the short kiss and words that resonated a sole hearbeat later. Huh?

                              …I need black coffee.

With round eyes, he almost started to gaze at Laxus again but instead just obstinately grabbed one of the slayer’s hands and wanted to drag him with him to the bar as he began to walk into the opposite direction.

I love Marhawa Desire Volume 4!

Volume 4 of the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga is now my favourite volume in the series!

Gonna share some pages with you and some may not be in chronological order as I’m grouping them by characters. I guess you can say it’s a continuation of this post.

Warning: This post has a lot of images. If you use any of my images, please credit me. I spent time taking these pictures and uploading them.

The BSAA has its own ammo boxes.

A rare moment where Piers gets frustrated.

Say it with me, Merah Biji is an awesome badass!

Guess the person who did the translation didn’t get the memo that “Nivens” should be “Nivans”. I love this flashback a lot.

Captain Redfield appears to be on board the SS Bijivans. =P

What’s Resident Evil without a secret escape chopper?

Piers has Merah’s back. ;)

It took an X amount of games for a character to finally talk about ricochet?

Chris has encountered the C-virus gas before RE6 and escapes transformation… by covering his nose. How effective?

I found this response to be quite funny (and) appropriate for all the tentacle porn in the RE tumblr tag.

Hey Carla.

It’s a two-step syringe eh? Nice safety mechanism I guess…

I can’t wait for Volume 5 even though I am aware of a rather big spoiler.

  • Netflix Bryan:Hey there. Nice to meet you. How may I help today?
  • You:I am here to suggest a program addition to Netflix
  • Netflix Bryan:Sure thing. I can definitely take your program suggestions.
  • Netflix Bryan:What program suggestions can I submit to the content team for ya?
  • You:I am very sure you have heard this a million times today but I am suggesting that Netflix picks up Hannibal.
  • You:I think it would be a fabulous decision for them to pick up the show and continue on the seasons. It has a huge cult following and the show itself is just stunning
  • Netflix Bryan:I totally feel you there. That would be awesome for netflix to pick up the series and keep it going. It was sad to hear that it was cancelled.
  • Netflix Bryan:What I'm gonna do is send this awesome suggestion over to the content team for us that way they can work on what we can do to make that great show available again.
  • You:Yes I was personally devastated because I love the books and the movie series. The show would be a great addition and I know that Netflix would do the show justice.
  • You:From what Netflix has done with Hemlock Grove and Sense8, I know Hannibal would be right up that alley and be huge for them. I think they know a hit when they see it and they just want to make sure that the fans want it (which we all do very much)
  • Netflix Bryan:I totally agree I think Netfix would be able to do amazing things with that series. The other original series that have been made are awesome. I've got that awesome content suggestion sent over to our content team for us so they can work on the options they have to get that available for us.
  • You:Thank you so much. I know you will probably hear this suggestion alot today from other people trying to save the show so please don't get annoyed, we all are just trying to save something we love.
  • Netflix Bryan:You're very welcome. Yeah we have definitely got a lot of suggestions about keeping the show going. it's not annoying one bit. I love taking feedback and suggestions.
  • Netflix Bryan:Are there any other questions or concerns I may assist with?
  • You:Nope thank you and thank the entirety of netflix and your content team for taking the time to hear us!

Title: Michiko And… Cleaning Day
Series: Yowamushi Pedal
Pairing: Tadotoumaki
Characters: The above ot3 characters + their adorable daughter OC I made
Notes: Written kinda late for the 6th day prompt for yp rarepair week, “family”. I told myself I wasn’t gonna write tadotoumaki for this week but seeing this prompt, I had to write a continuation for this kidfic series I started. Transfeminine Maki and Toudou who use she/her pronouns
Warnings: Brief food mention,

Keep reading

like. i get it. star and marco are the two main characters of a series and they are a boy and a girl. i get it theyre gonna get together, like, last episode. its inevitable. but until then leave me be and let me continue my just friends fantasy

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PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS GOING TO BE ANOTHER BOOK AFTER "PLEASE REMAIN CALM" I AM LITERALLY LOSING IT RIGHT NOW. Is there gonna be a second book?!! And the lights in the windows!! I started crying

Haven’t those poor kids been through enough? ;)

Thank you so much. I can’t make any promises right now but I’m thrilled you want to see the This is Not a Test series continue. :)

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it gets pretty nasty in part three but I won't say anything else bc that would spoil it, just letting you know what you got yourself into ((you'll need good vibes I recommend child's play if ur into kid fics))

*dying whale noises* dude shit i can’t even deal with the thought of gerard trying to FREEZE HIMSELF TO DEATH IN HIS CAR. i can’t stop thinking about it. i stopped halfway through part 2 since a few days ago and i’m gonna continue on friday after school. AND YES THANK YOU PLS REC ME MORE RECOVERY FICS


Here’s a PSA that the season finale of A.D The Bible Continues is coming

The episode “Abomination” is coming that means (excuse for the sexual imagery)

  • Zealots have their weapons
  • The Disciples have Jesus
  • The Sandherin have their priest cool stuff

You know what is it

And it gonna be an exciting one and hold on to your horses as I give this episode a gif review finale to remember 

So I’m playing through the whole series in preparation for Fallout 4 and I just beat the first one. I kinda want to skip the second because from what I remember playing 1 and 2 when I was younger, I didn’t like the second at all.

But I’m still gonna play it.