This page is so crazy I mean Armin just killed a human being and is internally and externally suffering to the point where he is literally vomiting and sweating and crying and as soon as he asked Mikasa that question right away he regretted that shit because how dare he make her feel sad so he started apologizing to her immediately to try and make HER feel better while I remind you he is the one who is physically and mentally in anguish.

So just try and tell me Mikasa & Armin don’t have the purest relationship in this series I fucking dare you.

me watching chris evans movies
  • chris evans character:is a lovable guy in a rom-com
  • me:chris evans is so hot
  • chris evans character:hacker guy with horrible pick up lines
  • me:chris evans is so hot
  • chris evans character:gets frozen for 70 years and wakes up with most of his friends dead
  • me:chris evans is so hot
  • chris evans character:tries to be a good lawyer but dies from drug overdose
  • me:chris evans is so hot
  • chris evans character:confesses to eating a fucking baby
  • me:chris evans is so hot

#SPN10 Countdown Challenge | 21 Days Left | S08E21 - The Great Escepist 

This is Dean, taking care of his little brother, who is past thirty and over six feet tall, but still his little brother, the one he will always take care of.  And Sam, rejecting him at first, but when his consciousness returns, he is letting Dean take care of him. 


Heeeere we go I finally did it o/ I know that ackersexual already made a similar post a couple months back (check it out here) but I wanted to make one too so here goes~ I tried to make it short but complete, though I’m afraid I might have put a bit too much text, and I apologize for the may be there faults, but to get to the point:

PLEASE READ UNTIL DEATH DO US PART!! It’s a brilliant and very very underated manga! It is scanlated by Kirei Cake, you can read it here, and has been licenced and published in several countries including an english release by Yen Press.


And breathe me   (Nostalgia Series)

For Pam (In remembrance of Ms Katz)


inspired by [x]


athos: (▰˘◡˘▰)


polly, pretty polly, would you take me unkind?
let me sit beside you and tell you my mind,
well, my mind is to marry and never to part,
my mind is to marry and never to part,
the first time I saw you, it wounded my heart.


Whale island is a place for fishermen to stay during extended outings. there aren’t a lot of native residents… so you’re my first friend who’s the same age
   ❝ my situation was similar… stuck in that house all day, spending all my time learning how to kill… you were my first friend
     ❝ do you have fun when we’re together?
        ❝ i guess, yeah
           ❝ then let’s stick together! we can travel around and see the world together!

characters I'd like to see in dragon age games
  • nearsighted archer that uses a tricked out monocle to aim
  • mage that lost a leg and fashioned a prosthetic to double as storage for lyrium potions and snacks
  • deaf/hard of hearing character that uses sign language
  • blind mage that uses magic like echolocation to see (I’ve actually seen headcanons for this and I like it a lot)
  • rogue that lost a hand in a fight and fashioned themselves a personalized punching knife for that hand

You’ve got a face for a smile, you know.

arrow meme [108/∞] olicity moments ➙ Felicity making Oliver smile pt. 2 (x)