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DUDE!! SUPERHERO IS MY FAVORITE SONG THAT'S NOT ON ITUNES TOO!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Like, Superhero, Unpredictable, and Wherever You Are are probably my top three, with everything else closely following. Wow. You are kinda drop dead gorgeous. I think you would be pretty fucking great with Calum. He'd be all like "Female bassist? HELL YES!!" You guys could just sit and jam to music, or just chill. Also, you are pretty opposite feature/look wise, so you'd off set each other aesthetically.

i literally just took a picture of this and sent it to my band bc it made me so happy ok like you have no idea you are perfect holy fuck i love you

i also read your bio and we are v v similar like i totally feel you on the eye color and i’m 5’9” and im scared of mice and birds and i love patrick stump and green day ok ily


(or me ya know)

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We are Drift compatible.


Ariel & Eric (The Little Mermaid)


little light lead us through the night
and if we die burn down the forest
chariots, carry us
distances we don’t care to walk

140627 special stage: mamamoo ft ravi 

❤ 생일 축하해요 오세훈! ♡   Happy Birthday Oh Sehun! 

…Born on April 12th, 1994 a beautiful angel came into this world. 
It was you, Oh Sehun.
I remember the moment you took my breath away. It was just that one single click that turned my whole world upside down. And there I was, drowning in your presence, drowning deeper with every move you made. Everything happened so fast, so unexpected, and yet losing myself in you in that moment felt like an eternity. Love at first sight, they call it. Maybe it’s nothing but a surreal, romantic idea but I really believe I experienced it to an extent that you caught me in your spell the second I set my eyes on you. I thought I would get over you in a week or two; Little did I know. 
And suddenly you become the world to me.
I really can’t express how much happiness it gave me watching you growing up, getting to know you bit by bit over the last few months. You worked so hard to achieve the dream you’re living today. You give up sleep and rest to travel half the globe just to make us fans happy with your breathtaking performances and restrained fanservice. Today you’re turning 19/20 and it hits me. Well, I doubt you’ve become a wise and sage adult over night. Yet now, I see you as a confident, young man.
I can’t put into words how proud I am of you and I could never hate you for any choices that you make, never stop loving you for the life you live and if you fall in love, have a girlfriend or change your ways, I will still care about you. I will be happy for you and support you no matter what, I promise. As long as you’re happy, I am- simply because I don’t need anything else but your happiness. It upsets me when I see people carelessly talking bad about you and the thought of you getting hurt breaks me. But then again, I know I don’t have to worry because you have so many great, loyal and generous fans that will support and stick to you even in the darkest hours of your life. Through you, I’ve met so, so many wonderful people that I’d never have had the chance to meet if you weren’t there. Therefore, I’d like to thank you. You’re not only talented but also intimidatingly good looking, however, it’s your outstanding personality that really won me over. One minute you’re just too cute to handle, and the other minute you make a virgin blush and bite her bottom lip. It’s the tiny, unimportant things that make me fall in love with you over and over again. The way you gently brush your fringe out of your eyes, when you randomly start dancing out of nowhere. You still get nervous when it’s your turn to talk in interviews and you would always practice your lines numerous times, making sure not to mess up. Whenever you feel awkward you touch your nose, and the way you literally gave 120% at the MBC Idol Olympics made me not regretting staying up all night to watch the slow ass 240p stream. I remember how your hair went up like a Christmas tree when you were running- y
ou looked adorable if you asked me.
Also, your smile. Whenever I come home from a long day of work and feel like utter shit I just need to look at your face, smiling. I love your smile. When you smile with your eye-smile it’s like you’re holding back time, everything just seems so right and perfect. It’s so genuine and has the power to turn every frown upside down, well, at least mine does every time you smile. I know you aren’t a big smiler, but God, your smile is the most beautiful thing in the world, it’s my favorite. Sometimes, I wish you knew that you’ve affected my life to such a great degree, because you’ve given me so much and you have absolutely no idea. If I was ever given the chance to meet you face to face I would gladly take this opportunity to hand you this letter and thank you for having the most beautiful eyes, laugh and smile, for being you- for being a part of my life. I know I can’t be with you but I know I can be there for you, supporting you and showing the whole world what a wonderful person you are. Unaware of how far it will take me, I’ve been here since the very first steps of this journey and I feel nothing but privileged and fortunate to walk through the rest of it, I really do. 
Happy Birthday, my prince. I wish you every happiness and success that life can possibly provide for you, simply because you don’t deserve anything but the very best.
I’m so thankful for every smile you’ve placed on face. Please smile a lot today because today is all about you :) -Hamy


I got a year to live, Sam. I’d like to make the most of it.

AU where all the kids get summer jobs at the same river as white water rafting guides omfg 

eren and jean constantly racing to get their groups down the river first while marco and bert shout about safety, which goes unheard. armin, the most informative guide telling facts about the river no one cares about. ymir and annie trying to tip each others rafts over. sasha and connie get stuck in rocks a lot. mikasa constantly to the rescue to help everyone when they get stuck. mikasa. hurry please. please hurry. reiner’s coming and i don’t like that look on his face he’s going to shove us all in the water.


happy birthday logie bear (◡‿◡✿)

Brithday card for my ultimate bias Lee Kiseop (◕‿◕✿)