This is seriously important to me guys

That post about how Sora and Vector aren’t alike made me think

because there are a few similarities, yes. But in all honesty, the differences are so much more important, and obvious.

Sora is not Vector 2.0. He probably never will be.

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1x20 / 5x12 - What happens when Paige tells Emily about her dates.

This may be a long shot but...

Hey guys, I dropped my wallet on the bus on NOVEMBER 14th. When I went to the bank to get a new card later that day, they told me that someone had found it and was planning on returning it to a TD branch sometime soon. The thing is, my wallet was never returned to a TD branch. From what I can tell, the contents of my wallet have been essentially untouched. I have called every TD branch in the area to ask if someone had turned it in, but no dice, so desperate measures, oui?

If anyone in MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO found a BEIGE, GUCCI WALLET on the 44 SOUTH bus route on the morning of THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14th, please let me know and please return it. I boarded the bus at 7:36am and it was reported found at around 9:00am. I know someone has it, but please please please please find the time to return it. There is absolutely nothing of value in the wallet, but it contains some very important pieces of ID I need in terms of employment and travel.  I have a trip to the States planned for the first weekend of January, and I absolutely need my ID back by then to be able to cross the border.

If you go to University of Toronto Mississauga, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask your friends. Especially if you know someone who takes the 44S bus in to school.

Thank y’all if you’re able to help.


I need my followers to spread this question EVERYWHERE THEY CAN. A few years ago (not sure how many) I discovered a 8 bit music artist by the title of Nintendude. His music was AMAZING. I hold a special place in my heart for those songs becuase they bring back fond memories when i think about them. However, in recent years these songs have all but completely vanished from the internet. The only place I can find any trace of them is on Last FM, and I cannot even play them or contact the artist(s). So here is my mission for you guys. Spread the word, see if anyone, everyone can search for a place to retrieve these songs! I’ll list the ones I can remember (as far as names)

Giga Flare

Castle of Bone

The kalinoski effect

Burning Blade

Submarine Dive

Colonel Mustache

Race of Fury


Electric Forest

Jade Dynasty

White Chocobo Garden

If any of you can find these songs, the reward for it is actually the songs themselves. They are phenomenal and I cannot find a chiptune/8 bit tune I like better than these. If you locate them (a place where they can be downloaded or even a way to contact the artists) PLEASE send me the link through my submit box! So REBLOG THIS EVERYWHERE! PLEASE! I’m actually quite desperate to find these songs again TT^TT

I know that myself and a couple people on this website often struggle with self-care or just simply forget to take care of themselves, so here are a couple reminders:

  • Have you eaten a proper meal today? At least one? If not go make yourself at least a small snack to eat.
  • How much water have you drunk today? If you haven’t had any go pour yourself a glass and try to at least sip on it throughout the day.
  • When was the last time you took a shower? Are you making sure to clean yourself at least every two days? If you have not been making sure that you are at least a little clean go take a shower. Or a bath. Relax and try to enjoy yourself.
  • Is there medication you should be taking right now? Go take it if you haven’t already.
  • Is anything burdening you? Such as a negative thought? Get it out of your system. Write it down, shout at a wall if you have to. Just get it out and don’t let it bring you down.
  • Are you getting enough sleep? At least a couple of hours a night? If not go take a nap if you can. If you can’t take a nap right now make a point to sleep longer tonight.

I just want to make sure all of you are being healthy, goodness knows I forget to do these things sometimes.

Take care of yourselves (✿◡‿◡)

To all you young girls out there

That are on that “I don’t have female friends cause girls are drama aka I’d rather hang out with boys because blah blah blah”


Please don’t deprive yourself of female friendships. Please don’t deprive yourself of close female companionships. You’re missing out on so much. I pity the woman who does this and doesn’t see the importance of having friends of the same gender.

I remember my first semesters of college, I was befriended by a handful of older women (oldest was maybe 45) and they taught me so much at 18 and 19 years of age.

They taught me so much that was missing that wasn’t taught at home: Like how and WHY you should watch your drink at bars, why you should go with your girl friends to the bathroom at shows and events, choosing public places vs intimate places like (someone’s apartment) for dates, simple gestures to make in public to friends when cornered by guys that made you uncomfortable, simple self defense techniques, etc

Looking back at everything I learned from them I’ve made it out of some seriously scary situations without really knowing the type of danger I was in.



so for a school project, i’m starting a magazine that i’m calling “blithe”. this magazine will be a platform for women and girls to express themselves through art, writing, photography etc. i’m really really passionate and excited about this but i need your help if you guys are interested. i’m currently accepting submissions of any type of work under the theme “perspective” to be featured in the march issue of the magazine. submissions can be as specific or as broad to the topic as you want. feel free to submit anything you think will fit such as art, recipes, d.i.y.’s, human interest stories, playlists, creative writing, anything at all as long as it goes along with the theme. you can submit these ideas directly to me through my submit box or using the tag #blithemag. all persons who submit and who have their work used will be appropriately credited and (hopefully!!) be sent a copy of the magazine when it’s done. this is really really important to me so even if you can’t submit, please reblog to spread the word around. if anyone has any questions, just ask! thank you guys so much!!!

I feel really weird. The last time I had this feeling was for my own graduation. It’s the end of an era.

And I know some of you in this fandom are going to drift away and move on but I just want you all to know that I love you all very much and each and every one of you in this fandom is important to me.

The show was good, sure. But what made is special is all of you guys. From the fangirling to the freakouts, we’ve been through all this together and it’s meant a lot to me.

Thank you guys for everything. #GleeToMe is fandom.

Hey guys I think its very important that we address something, if we win or lose in the poll anons are going to be flooding in sending hate, bragging, being nasty whatever 

And  lovelycaptainswan and captainswansource are going to get the most, mostly because they are well known for this poll. And they don’t deserve it for trying to help their ship win. 

The haters know what they are doing and how it can hurt some let that sit in their conscience. 

If you get hate send them this link  seriously do it if they get that so many times it’ll become a rick roll and just imagine their faces when the video starts im being dead serious okay? Like fight nastiness with humor, humor always wins!

here’s the link again if you need a laugh or something. Let’s stick together shipmates

(its frogs for anyone scared about screamers.)


Guys, there is a couple of accounts who have been sending ‘asks’ requesting you to check out a certain game link on their blogs. I actually was warned by some of my mutuals that it was a virus, and while scanning their url, a bunch of virus alerts came up, one of which said that the virus could delete your whole hard drive, and another was requesting access to my camera!!!  
These accounts actually spam you with messages like this and follow you, hoping you’ll fall for it. And after posting their message on my blog, I got spammed with 4 more messages looking like this. 

the blogs that have sent me this messages are:  edwardchartrand, a-tjredmond-me and glenjrichter. So be careful, and block these blogs and any other that tries and sends you suspicious messages with suspicious links, please!

Harry Potter AU where Draco fights along side the good guys in the last book and then maintains a rocky friendship with the golden trio after the war and just becomes OBSESSED with science.

Like he’s never really read about science before because his parents didn’t think it was important but he borrows a book from Hermione and realizes there’s a really big topic that he knows nothing about and feels the need to rectify that.

Draco grabbing Harry’s arm very seriously in the hallway at work, “You were raised by muggles, discuss string theory with me.”

Draco pulling Hermione aside at a party, “But how could an electron possibly be in two places at once?”

Draco trying to reconcile the laws of magic that he grew up taking for granted with the laws of physics he is just beginning to understand.

Give me reluctantly good at the last moment science nerd Draco Malfoy.

Does Bryan Fuller know how much I appreciate him? Like, is he aware of what a precious, smiling darling-face he is? Like, you guys, Bryan Fuller is made of sweetness & light & glee about gory fictional deaths and cannibalism, and he’s just so important to me. What a doll, seriously. I need him to know that he’s a lovely human being & that I’m grateful for his existence. This is a very important message. nbchannibal, can I recruit you for carrier-pigeon duty?

anonymous asked:

What do you think about the Race Together campaign?

Two social justice-related posts within 24 hours… what is my blog becoming? lol

But seriously… I think that understanding racial justice and what white privilege means requires more than just writing words on a cup and the conversations that need to happen perhaps shouldn’t be led by rich white guys.

During my undergrad, I took a course on Intergroup Dialogue. It was incredibly informational and influential but it taught me a very important lesson: white people get REALLY jumpy when forced to face their privilege. In the interest of disclosure, I am white. But, I also have a thorough understanding of how that affects my daily life and how I have received privilege even though I do not ask for it. I understand what micro-aggressions are and can spot internalized racism and internalized dominance and I actively check myself and others whenever I see it. But there were people in my class who got so angry when we spoke about white privilege, cis privilege, and all of the other privileges there are. And the people who taught the class were incredible, but it didn’t stop the privileged individuals from immediately becoming defensive, which is the moment a discussion about race goes sour.

The measure seems to be aimed at “creating empathy, compassion and understanding” but I think those words are in the wrong order. The sociology-minded person in me is hopeful that maybe something positive will come out of this, but I’m just not sure that it’s enough. 


seriously from the bottom of my heart i really appreciate you all who see the injustice toward people of color and stand beside us despite the flack you might and probably do receive. it is taxing and heavy to hear all of this horrible stuff going on and its uncomfortable to talk about but it is necessary and important and wow i love you guys so much. you give me hope. something easily lost in all of the worlds problems.
-tiffany majette

guys really important!

there is an antifeminist douchebag running a blog called reblogdontreblog where they basically reblog posts tagged as “dont reblog” or “do not reblog”

i would seriously reccomend you use a different tag such as “please do not reblog this from me” or “guys dont reblog this please” so they cant find it because this just happened to me and it’s very stressful

It still seems unreal to me, getting this new job. I’ve beenwhere I’m at now for a third of my life. The four people I work with are like family to me. I spend more time with them than I have with anyone. We’re a great team. None of us take things seriously and we try hard to make things easier for everyone else, well most of us do.

I enjoy spending time with these people, not the job necessarily, but we have a lot of fun busting each other’s balls on a daily basis. It makes the days tolerable. I’d take a bullet for any of them. As I told by boss when I gave my notice Thursday, they are like family to me.

My new job has a lot of down time and days I’ll be off but getting paid, so I told my boss that I’d be happy to help, when I can, with the transition to life there without me. Same thing with my friend, who’s now my boss, at my part-time job, I told her I’d still cover some shifts when I’m home. The extra money won’t hurt, either. Plus, I’ve gotten so close to the ladies I work with there, I’d hate to leave them and the fun we have on those slow, boring nights.

It’s weird thinking this way, but with what has happened this last month with putting my cat down, actually makes this change a lot easier. Carlos is still anti-social & skittish around my roommate & his kids, but he likes the youngest one. Oscar would never have stood for this much change. Maybe he knew something was coming up, maybe it was a sign. I’ll pay my roommate and his sons extra to give Carlos attention and food, allowing them access to my TV and video games, so maybe Carlos will get used to them and make things easier.

As I’ve spent last night and most of this afternoon going through my boxes trying to find my birth certificate and social security card (no luck on either), I’ve come across so many amazing things I’ve kept from my life: Old photos of friends and ex-girlfriends, school papers, stupid collectible things I can’t bring myself to throw away.  One of the things I came across was a speeding ticket of my old roommate’s. He’s the one who died in a motorcycle accident but I’m still close with his family. He’s also the one that came home the night his cousin died and we listened to three songs, including “Given to Fly” and drank beer for hours without talking much, which led me to my obsession with that song. My current job and co-worker is his cousin who helped get me the job. His cousin’s older brother is the one who helped me get my new job. My current roommate, his “girlfriend”, and I are going to my old roommate’s sister’s birthday party tonight. I framed the ticket to give to her.

“He still gives his love, he just gives all away. The love he receives is the love that is saved.”