I feel like I shouldn’t ship Master/Rani because the Rani has better things to do with her time than the Master.

On the other hand, the idea of the Master following the Rani around posturing and “I am going to seduce you with my masculine wiles” while the Rani’s like “I’ve seen your masculinity and it’s none too wiley” and then kicking him to the curb. You know, a bit like one of those wretched romantic comedies, only it ends with the woman getting precisely all the attentions she was interesting in getting from the man and then feeding him to a dinosaur.

I feel like it really shouldn’t be funny and I should feel bad for laughing at it. I should also sleep more.


October 13: What’s your favourite Doctor Who-themed youtube video?

Usually I prefer multi-era videos, but this is amazing. The  way they captured that vintage animation style, the audio editing, the selection of villains, everything in this is amazing. Even if you don’t watch Doctor Who, you should watch this video at least once. It has the Doctor and the Master fencing on Tokyo Tower.

This looks like the season summary of a glorious spin-off starring the third Doctor, the Brigadier and every villain you could ask for. Including two Masters. The very idea of two Masters, particularly those two Masters, going off on each other in the way the Doctor does whenever he meets himself, would make this my favourite video even without the amazing animation.

The only complaint I have is the character design of the one-shot companion, but I think that’s a reference to heroines in that era of animation.

Imagine the Master trying his luck at being one of the many villains who attempted to convince Adric that they were really the right side (with varying success) and spending a few seasons with a bumbling teenage sidekick. The Master concludes that he doesn’t understand why the Doctor keeps doing just that but they seem to be the key to the Doctor defeating him repeatedly, so he keeps Adric around.

Why is it that when the Master was stalking fivey, putting on disguises and basically living “Nope! Chuck Telsa!” twenty-four/seven (or eighty-six/three, or twelve/fourteen, or however time is measured on today’s planet) that he never disguised himself as a grumpy, orphaned teenager and waited to get adopted?

It seems to me that he must have tried at least once but it never showed up in an episode. Unless we count Kamelion.

okay but like I already love Three/Delgado!Master a whole lot and I haven’t even finished the Mind of Evil yet?? 

like the whole dynamic of these utterly gentlemen rivals who sit across from each other in comfy chairs and talk so politely and casually, even though one of them is a master hypnotist planning on killing hundreds more people and the other is a master of alien karate who runs around wearing an opera cape

it’s moments like this where I just fall in love with the show all over again and know that I definitely picked the right thing to be my one true thing, you know?