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lmao what's going on with Louis' grandad it's so silly fighting with kids on Twitter like this omg

I think he was attempting to defend some girl who was getting hate and of course you know how that goes. They turned their hate on him. At least one of the perpetrators is now suspended and another regularly tweets hate to Naughty Boy. So it’s the usual: worst fans in the world. I lost brain cells reading those tweets.

Now that he clapped back at them, they’re screaming about just being minors and threatening to go to the police (LOLZ). Madness. Minors need to respect their elders. Dumbass kids make me feel 80 years old. Get off my lawn! These people are so obnoxious, one of them apologized to LOUIS for insulting his grandfather. Like are you really trying to get Louis to notice you over this shit?? The mind boggles. 

I’m not even gonna say he should ignore them because awful 1D fans are constantly tweeting him some seriously horrible things. There’s no reason for that to be happening and everybody has a limit. 

i just feel sad that, me, a 14 year old boy with autism who’d never hurt a fucking fly or wish harm upon anyone is actively wishing for death because of his home enviroment and parents is fucked up , the fact that there are so many kids like me, kids who are younger than me by shittons in some cases, wishing for the same thing for the same reasons is fucked up. what’s wrong with people that makes them want to actively hate their own children… if you don’t want your kid or know that your enviroment just won’t be right for them to grow up in, put them up for adoption or something, then they can live with a family that’ll actually love/want them/can take care of them. don’t keep them with you just so you can have a punching bag.

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Just a small critique of your work, feel free to disregard. The comic book depictions of black people in your recent work feels racist - as in, like, the bright red lips remind me very much of the racist gollywog dolls. I just really don't see why these black people have painted lips when there's no reason for them to. The other characters have no defined lips which is another thing that made me think it as odd.

Hey Ano, thank you for your concern. 

Actually I’ve been asking myseflf this question when coulouring the lips this very red. I’m aware of the comparison you make with old fashioned comics.

I’m very sorry if that offended you, but I made this choice solely on a graphic purpose. I just felt flashy pink elements just enhence the presence of those characters in this muddy stormy grayish ambiance. If you compare with white people in those same drawings they’re abnormally pink too. They’re actually pink like pigs. But again I just made this choice on a graphic purpose, not to offend anybody.

Anyway thank you again for your concern.

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I don't know if you really give advice because I see you don't give free readings. But I wanted to ask you: Are there some easy things that I can do to help keep my energy clear of some outside negative influences? I am an empath and a medium, among other things I think, and I don't know how to deal with either one. I feel like I am constantly ambushed with all this outside energy that drains me and makes me sick, even if I don't leave the house. In fact, I have some major medical issues.

So, this ask is pretty old, but I get asked about this pretty regularly so I’m going to answer it and tag it so I can use it as a resource post later.

I personally am not an empath - the only time I very clearly feel another’s feelings as if they were my own is if I am in session with someone and that energy needs to be addressed and worked through & that person needs help doing it. Otherwise I am clairsentient, which means I feel other energy around me but it doesn’t necessarily feel like MY energy, if that makes sense. I am, however, extremely intuitive, extremely receptive to energy, and also a medium - so I definitely relate. On top of that I have some medical issues that are also affected by my energy and the spiritual work I do.

First thing’s first, you need to know how to ground and center your energy. I don’t have a handy pre-written post on this (right now) but you can find instructions on how to do this anywhere. NOTE: this alone will not solve all of your problems, this just gives you the tools to sort through the energy. Centering yourself is the first step to separating from icky, undesirable energy. Grounding out stuff that isn’t yours is a good technique to know. I have had ‘professionals’ tell me I need to ground more but the only way I could ground more is if I literally grounded all day. A good way to force your energy to ground is to deal with salt. Take a bath with epsom salt, or soak your feet, OR you can always just run your hands through salt (one of my favorites).

Next, you need to do some sort of protection. Personally, I have all of my empath clients learn the Zip Up technique from Donna Eden (video). It is a simple gesture that utilizes the energy meridians in your body to naturally separate your own energy from external energy. It’s so simple you can teach children to do it! Do this every day, every time you are feeling like other energy is throwing you off. This is so easy and effective I rarely do anything else.

Last and most important is the maintenance. Every empath will need to maintain their energy in different ways, so this is a little trickier. But it’s absolutely necessary to develop your own routine. You may need to adjust your diet - some empaths are so deeply sensitive to foods that it really fucks with them, and sometimes they subconsciously eat stuff that isn’t a vibrational match for their body, thus causing their sensitivity to dull. Find out what’s a vibrational match for YOU by paying attention to what you eat. (For some people it’s stuff like gluten or meat that’s bad, for others it might be dairy or sugar.) You also should do some sort of daily meditation or energy clearing, like Reiki or just plain visualization. Carrying crystals CAN help, but be aware they can sometimes get overloaded with energy and break, so try not to use black tourmaline too much and instead go for something like selenite or citrine. Personally I do cleansings in the shower (while I shower, so it’s a twofer), while I drive by blaring bass-heavy music, and I also regularly have one of my Reiki students give me Reiki. It’s made a HUGE difference in my energy as well as the medical issues I’ve had.

Okay - I think that’s it for semi-brief advice. I hope this helps! Good luck!


said: yes know what you mean, we have no idea what any of that ceruleans meme stuff is and we’ve seen all of classic who. Most of the classic who fandom memes go over our heads tbh. We always feel rather left out when it comes to stuff like that.

touchdownpossum said: PREACH IT OMG

That sort of meme always comes across to me like a clique of 12-year-olds just discovered this really obscure thing that makes them feel superior to everyone else - it’s very insular and exclusive. A bit like all those folk who feel really clever because they refer to the young Doctor as Theta, because that one episode gave it as his college nickname and then a couple of obscure novels decided to play with the idea (for much the same reason)

I suppose that’s the kind of ‘uber-fan’ mentality (’knowing and embracing this really obscure thing makes me a better fan than you!’) that gave rise to a lot of the worst stuff from the wilderness years, when the monkeys truly were running the asylum, but claiming it as true classic Who rather than acknowledging it as strictly EU fringe misrepresents both the show and the wider fandom. In fact, it often directly contradicts both the show and common sense

Plus, it’s not funny, just really childish

I know I’m going to get attacked for this, but I don’t care.

The things I see about Fifth Harmony are pretty awful to me. The way their music and music videos are portrayed. The way they dance during show, the things they wear…

Now HEAR ME OUT. LISTEN. I’m just upset because I feel like it’s the INDUSTRY that is sexualizing these young girls and MAKING them do it, just for sales purpose. That’s what’s upsetting to me. If they choose to do those thing themselves and are 100% comfortable and okay with it, then I support them as females. Their choice completely. But I really feel like it’s the industry doing it and it makes me uncomfortable seeing these 17, 18, 19, and 21 year olds doing this, if they’re being forced to do it. They’re young still and some people are creepy.

This has nothing to do with what they personally choose to wear/do/say. This has EVERYTHING to do with the music industry sexualizing young females.

Grief is a funny thing.

An old grad school friend has recently learned of her mother’s unexpected cancer diagnosis - in her lungs and most likely in her brain. It is not good at all. She has taken to obsessive posting on Facebook - updates on her mom’s condition, old pictures, random little notes “to” her, pleas for progress, any pretty little graphic about moms. Statuses clearly directly at family who she does not feel are helping in the ways they should.

It has really gotten to the point of me feeling uncomfortable - too much sharing, too public, too distraught, too much calling out of other people. But you know what? That’s grief. And if this is helping her in some way, then go for it. Who the hell cares how it makes me feel seeing her posts?

My grief (my mom also received a very out of the blue diagnosis of a cancerous brain tumor and died 13 months later - much to the shock of the doctors who gave her “days” - in 2012) was different. I didn’t want the world to know. I didn’t know how to respond to people’s gestures of sympathy - thanks but she’s still dying. I couldn’t handle more pity looks. Sure I had support, but I found it in a very different way and used it in a very different way. But that was just me and my grief. This is hers.

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I feel guilty because I never had my bar mitzvah because I'm trans. It makes me feel like I'm not a "real Jew" and that I missed out on a lot. People keep telling me I can have my bar mitzvah at any age, but I'd feel awkward having it at 17 yrs old??? Idk

I never had a bat mitzvah (not for the same reason as you). The only thing we missed out on was the money.

I’m kidding, but I wouldn’t stress about it or feel guilty about it! (Non-Jews always make rude comments about that, so I stopped disclosing that information.) But if you want to have a bar mitzvah I would say go for it! Who cares what age you are, it’s no one else’s business.

Doughnuts are so good. I want a doughnut. I think Steven Universe is making me feel this way. I wanna go to the Big Donut and punch Lars in the gut then sweep Sadie off her feet and carry her off into the sunset



Okay so I get a lot of messages saying things like “I feel like there’s something wrong with me” and “I’m really scared” and “Person XYZ isn’t accepting of me” and it makes me ANGRY and SAD because you’re all PERFECT and LOVELY and deserve SO MUCH BETTER.

But like I’m just a person behind a phone screen and I know that typing things out tends to take away the significance of what is being said. It’s kinda like being complimented by a robot, yknow?

So I have a thick ass old sketchbook that is falling apart so I want to put it to use rather than just throw it away, and while I was brainstorming posts, I was like HEY WHAT IF MY FOLLOWERS TOLD ME SOMETHING THEY REALLY NEEDED TO HEAR FROM SOMEONE AND I WROTE IT OUT REALLY NICELY ON PAPER FROM MY SKETCHBOOK AND POSTED A PICTURE OF ME HOLDING IT SO IT WOULDN’T BE LIKE A ROBOT GIVING AWAY COMPLIMENTS!

An old internet friend of mine did that for me once and it just helped me so much more than getting typed out messages from her so yeah I thought this would be a cool idea.



Here’s the plan: We’re gonna catch this perp, you’re gonna remember how much you love your job, you’re gonna skip that interview, and that’s a Peralta guarantee.

Things that make me feel old:
  • Wannabe by Spice Girls came out 16 years ago
  • Friends has been off the air for 8 years
  • The OC premiered almost 10 years ago
  • I’ve been driving for 4 years
  • Britney Spears married Kevin Federline 8 years ago
  • Heath Ledger has been dead for 4 years
  • The first iPod came out almost 11 years ago
  • I can’t remember the last time I’ve even seen a floppy disk
  • The entire American Pie soundtrack
  • I’ve had a Facebook account for 5 years

I could go on but these lists are annoying anyway.

So it’s that time in my life. People I used to know in high school or who I’m still acquaintances with are getting engaged or married or pregnant. It seems every few days I log into Facebook an engagement ring photo is staring at me with 100 “likes”.

And then it happened. A friend of mine got engaged and I’m actually close enough with her to be invited to her wedding! It shall be the first in a string that will span decades I’m sure; and I’m totally cool with that, I love weddings. But 21/22 seems way too young for marriage. Then again that’s coming from someone who never goes out on dates and feels no desire to marry. Some of these old friends I would have predicted would marry young. It seems to be the people who were in back to back long relationships in high school or those who jumped around all the time, continuously dating, never single and always looking for love.

engaged: kristen, marissa, natalie, nicole, emily, kendall, katie and scott

married: alex and jessica, travis, musette, anne, olivia, stephanie, kelly, kelsey

pregnant: jessica, lexie, stephanie

Also, a good friend I know through ballet just got divorced and my best friend has been dating her future husband for over a year now.

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Aww, you disabled the links and the about all because of me....? I feel so special. Only weak people allow the assholes of the world to have any impact their lives. No matter how small. I bet you cross the street to avoid people too, huh? LOL. As long as I know I'm affecting you, I'll continue to harASS. Making cowards feel uncomfortable is the only fun thing to do on Tumblr.

Wait what
I’m so confused
The only reason I don’t have proper links/about me is because I spent like a ridiculous amount of time coding/designing it on my old blog and I’m really bad about writing about me’s so when I had to restart my blog I lost all that coding and I’m lazy and didn’t think anyone really read it
So don’t think you’ve impacted my life buddy, like who are you even, you sound like a passive aggressive socially incompetent loser who spends way too much time eating greasy food and stalking people’s blogs