Pokemon Fan summaries.

Well, the summaries said that there is a break on July 2nd. However, TV Tokyo list the Performance (and MIllefeui) episode airing on July 2nd.

In this case, given how magazine works, I consider July 2nd the date of said episode, and that the break may be on July 9th.

And something you are  never heard on Serebii

And about July 16th? I will say one thing: Pokemon is having regular  TV Ratings (specially for his past). But specially the Diancie movie had bad DVD sales (6000 is bad even if DVD of children anime aren’t very popular in Japan). The airing of a  movie costs a 2-hour slot and Tv Tokyo could decide to not air a movie special that day. Let’s see if they air the movie on July 16th.

Also, for purposes of Serebii, there’s nothing that indicates what will air on July 16th.

What’s the price of Fast Fashion?

Cooperative Chetna Organic - cotton pickers in field. Photo by Vipul Kulkarni

While clothing prices hit rock bottom with a T-shirt costing as little as $2, the human and environmental costs are sky rocketing in the multi-trillion dollar fashion industry.

As a new film, True Cost, about the human and environmental costs created by the fashion industry is released, the Fairtrade Foundation in the UK put together a report, warning that we need to change the way we view fashion and reconnect with all the many people who work to bring us our clothes, starting with the cotton farmers. They are the ones who pay the real price.

Over 60% of the world’s cotton is produced by an estimated 100 million smallholder farmers. Of these, 90% are in developing countries and grow cotton on less than 12 acres of land and are some of the poorest in the world. Up to 300 million people work in the cotton sector when family labor, farm labor and workers in ancillary services such as transportation, ginning, baling and storage are taken into account.

For farmers, the challenges range from the impact of poor prices for seed cotton, climate change, through to competition from highly subsidized producers in the US and China and poor terms of trade.

Subindu Garkhel, Cotton Manager at the Fairtrade Foundation based in London, said: “It’s tragic that one of the unseen impacts of fashion today is that cotton is failing to provide a living income for millions of small-scale farmers. Fashion for a bargain – that’s what everyone wants. But a bargain comes at a price. The fact that prices continue to fall should be a wake-up call for shoppers: farmers and workers are paying the price of our fashion bargains. Unless consumers and business are prepared to pay the true cost of our clothes, poverty will continue.”

Safia Minney, CEO of Fair Trade fashion label People Tree, who features in True Cost says: “I hope True Cost inspires and motivates people to care about each other and our precious earth. I believe the secrets of sustainability and well-being in society lie with the farmers and workers – with the people – not in the ivory towers of big corporations and the establishment who are dangerously out of touch. Good business and economic practice can pull people out of poverty and innovate and generate new environmental production methods and supply chains. Fairtrade and sustainable fashion can empower the poor, bring about social and environmental justice and transform our economy and well-being in society. Fast fashion as we know it must stop!”

Fairtrade cotton was launched to put the spotlight on these farmers who are often left invisible, neglected and poor at the end of a long and complex cotton supply chain. Through tools like the Fairtrade Minimum Price and an additional Fairtrade Premium and stronger, more democratic organizations, Fairtrade has sought to provide these farmers with an alternative route to trade and higher, more stable incomes.

In addition to a limited theatrical release worldwide on May 29th, True Cost will be available to purchase on iTunes, Amazon, VHX, DVD and Blu Ray. For more information, please visit True Cost Movie.

Fairtrade America has partnered with Dhana Inc to sponsor a screening of True Cost in Mill Valley, CA on June 7th. For information and how to buy tickets, click here.

i cannot find my stim toy. its just one of those hand exerciser thing that you squeeze together it cost like 2 bucks at sears but i cant find i

  • Artist: Dave Allsop
  • Card Name: Beast Within
  • Card Number: no 57
  • Card Text: Destroy target permanent. Its controller puts a 3/3 green Beast creature token onto the battlefield.
  • Community Rating: 4 to 4.99
  • Converted Mana Cost: 3
  • Expansion: Planechase 2012 Edition
  • Flavor Text: “Kill the weak so they can’t drag the strong down to their level. This is true compassion.” —Benzir, archdruid of Temple Might
  • Mana Cost: [2][Green]
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Types: Instant

huandamonia asked:

Can you give an example of when you were really off on costing a card? Possibly one that shocked you?

When I originally costed buyback I thought of it like a cantrip in that you get a card. I didn’t understand the value of getting the se card back rather than a random card. As such, all buyback costs were 2. You could cast Whispers of the Muse and buy it back for 2U. Yeah, it only took one playtest to see we were off - by a lot!


this lipstick cost 2.19 at walgreens and i’ve never felt less goth.

its called…pagan…something or other and it’s by fergie from the movie death proof for wet & wild

The Hidden Cost of Jails Is Higher Than You Think

“For example,” Vera reports, “in addition to the $1.1 billion spent by the City of New York Department of Correction in 2014, other city agencies spent an additional $1.3 billion for jail employee benefits, health care and education programs for incarcerated people, and administration, bringing the total cost to $2.4 billion.”

these exams are draining

managed 28 yesterday, managed 30 today in an 8 hour period (of which at least 6 were full on working)

85 to go

I can be done by the end of the weekend if i keep this up


I think I need to make a few things clear with my store.

1) I refund extra costs on shipping (give me time to do the refund though, I get busy and sometimes forget). If I’ve undercharged you it’s my loss and I won’t ask for the whatever is extra. Also keep in mind the packaging I have available isn’t consistent (since I try to reuse). Sometimes I have boxes and sometimes I have to get creative. Also if I have to buy packaging that is part of your shipping (you may also request for me to buy a box or padded mailer/whatever, however if it uses more than what shipping you paid I request you may me half the difference [if it was a request] and I’ll let you know if that’s the case). Another thing is that with the way storenvy’s shipping rates are set up I have to make a general estimate for how all items in that category cost to ship.

2)If there is something wrong about the item you purchased let me know first, I know my store says no exchanges or returns, but if there’s something wrong that rule is void. I’m more than happy to work with you if there’s a problem. Don’t be afraid to talk to me. :)   If there is flaw that I missed let me know, I’m human and make mistakes. I try to keep them to a minimum but they do happen. I really do my best to make honest listings, so please let me know if there’s a mistake. I’ve had many positive experiences with online sellers and want to pass that on to you.

3) I don’t always ship immediately I’m usually pretty good about shipping out quickly but there can sometimes be a couple day delay. This is especially true during the school year and right after it ends.

4) Please use my discount code peaches10 for 20% off your purchase