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How do you feel about coffee? (Pierre asks the important questions)

Ask my character “How do you feel about ______?”

"When I first tried tea I thought to myself ‘this is it. This is the worst it is ever going to get.’

"I was young and naive. I know better now. I know that there exists a drink made not of boiled grass but ground dirt, drank for the express purpose of keeping oneself awake.

"It is vile. I will never get this taste out of my mouth.”

when people say hermione is not atheist :/

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Why is it embarrassing that they are hanging with Chad Kroeger? I really don't know a whole lot about Nickelback 🙊

nickelbaccckkk *shuts my mouth and tries very very hard to not be a music elitist asshole*

while i’m on the subject of talking about myself in a positive light

one thing i really admire about myself is my ability to not give up or quit. no matter how many times i get knocked back or end up back at square one, or tell myself i’m done and i am not going to try anymore, i end up getting back up and taking another step forward.


29 states. 7 union territories.
over 1.2 billion people
24 official languages. 1600+ other languages.
1000s of cultures and customs.
1 country.
Happy Indian Republic Day to all my fellow Indians. Jai Hind!