They're just the sweetest


we were part of something ours 

and ours alone

omg but guys imagine jackie having a really good time talking to troye for hours during dinner then tyler approaches her later on alone and says “i thought you didn’t like him because he’s too young for me?” and she turns to him and grins and says “people can change their minds can’t they?”

and tyler just smiles really really really wide because she approves


Sara hug, San Jose (2013)


Matt Bomer & Liv Tyler as Ted & Jessica in Space Station 76


121226 Changmin and Kyuhyun spotted together at a fish market today

Patience, heart of my heart. Soon we will be immortals, living in legends, for they will sing and write about us long after our bones turn to dust, dust to earth, and mountains grow from them.

Our story is worth that much. 

i am genuinely concerned at some of my siblings lack of ability/caring to think about anything beyond its surface presentation