These are the things I think about when life is hard. He did it. I can

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Idk why, but I want Juvia to be angry to Gray, he left her for a mission and she was very sad. So, I hope she will not come back immediatly to him. She was alone all her childhood, and she is now, because of him. Maybe, he didn't think about it, but, she shouldn't forgot this. I hope I'm not the only one who think it. :)

I can explain why: because Gray did a very inconsiderate thing. I thinkt just taking a quick glance at the ft/gruvia tags will show you that you are most certainly not alone in the matter ^_^

Juvia’s philosophy somewhat tells you that if you have love in your life then you can never truly be alone. It’s a hard concept to grasp, but she believes it wholeheartedly, so I don’t think she experiences the same feelings she was when she was a child with no hope whatsoever… And that’s why she was ready to greet Gray with open arms, when she mistook Natsu for him…

As much as I love drama, I don’t see Juvia getting mad at Gray…

I am kinda hoping that someone  will try and take a protective role instead of Juvia: e.g. Gajeel could tell Gray to piss off for what he did, or.. 

If Wendy ever realises that another very powerful healer is literally in walking distance away from Juvia ( Chelia) maybe Lyon will tag along and tell off Gray..

But most likely, Gray’s gonna show up, say he’s sorry and he didn’t want her to be in danger, and Juvia will not only forgive him, but she’ll also be deeply touched by the fact that Gray tried to protect her. 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! ^_^

Royal Yogs au :)))

Alright so you guys wanna see a MEDIEVAL AU YOGS FAN FIC??? WELL YOURE GETTIN ONE!!

Summary: Nanosounds, 17 year old queen of the kingdom Areasa, and Lalna, the hand to the queen, runs into some trouble with a certain mischievous trio terrorising innocent citizens. This is only part 1 so ya know theres no real action but idk i think its quite nicce.

Ships: Theres gonna be Nanocoffee but none quite yet ;)

Words : 883

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So I was just thinking about life and all, the past year, and the year before that. Especially when junior year’s coming to a close and I can literally taste senior year on the tip of my tongue. As I’m reflecting on my h.s. experiences, my ex inevitably pops into my mind. I mean, a year of dating sounds “long” but in retrospect, it wasn’t at all. I guess it didn’t seem long because of the supposed insignificance of it all, because I didn’t fall as hard I put it out to be. I guess I did love him at a point. Love is a really flexible and loose thing, when you think about it, depending on the person. Well, I was just thinking about how I don’t regret it, not at all. Not because he was “amazing”, but because he really taught me a lot of lessons about myself, love, relationships. My point is, he’s really bitter about me. I’m not complaining about it or anything nor does it bother me. I’m just curious and sort of fascinated by the effort he puts into this apparent hate/dislike he has towards me. To me, it’s easier to be at least polite rather than ignoring or openly being hostile. To be honest, I was never bitter at all. I just wanted to live life normally after, and the breakup was (apparently) mutual. Idk I guess I’m just confused as to why he is/was so bitter.


I suddenly thought about you. Never once it cross my mind, I’ll be writing about you like this. Remember, the other time when you jokingly said I should write about you, I guess it’s happening.
There are so many things I’m grateful about when it comes to you. I can’t think of any bad times we’ve spent together. There were only laughters and more laughters. 

At first, I couldn’t understand your indecisive moments or how you are always irresponsible. I didn’t know life was being so hard on you, I’m sorry. I guess, there is a reason behind every ‘why is she/he acting this way’.
When I think about you and the person you are, I’m proud of you for being able to get through all this.

When we first knew each other, it was so hard for you to tell me things even when you did, you will always tell me ‘keep it to yourself’ or ‘don’t tell anyone’. Who would have thought, really, who would have thought. Fragile, that’s the word that suits you best.
Despite all that, oh god, you’re so precious and so full of consideration when it comes to the people around you. I know, I noticed it my friend. That time,when you told me to stop being insecure about my weight and telling others it’s rude to make fun of it. You’ve no idea of grateful I was. I know, how much you care about your friends and how much you are willing to help them though you always said you won’t do it. 

I’ve seen your eyes light up when you talk about your grandparents and your dream. I know, how much it matters to you. 
You are more than just a mere friend to me, you’re like a brother. I want to give you all the affection in the world. That’s what you really need. 

My dear friend, I hope that one day you will be as happy as what you appear to be and stop being bitter towards certain things in your life.
I hope you’d be able to find someone that understand your pains.
I hope you’d be able to share your pains without feeling ashamed.
I hope you will learn that you’re not alone and you’re love by everyone.
I hope you will not be afraid of commitments anymore. 
I hope you will stop pushing people away too.
Hang in there till everything it’s over alright. I’ll always pray for you.


• I woke up yesterday morning and was like Nooo and laid in bed for a bit but then I got up and got ready and it was rainy and I got all wet before I even got to school just walking out to my truck and I was like ugh.
• In comp we just watched The Running Man again and it’s good. I like it even though the special effects are just awful. 😂

• In art we just sat in the cafeteria because it’s right by the classroom beside all the officers are working on decorations in there and it was crowded. • In study hall I ran home really fast and came right back because Im not supposed to leave campus but I wasn’t about to eat school lunch and I took Emmas lunch to her and talked to her teacher for a really long time. • In choir I listened to the competition people’s recording and talked to my beautiful best friend while my teacher just kind of rambled. • In nutrition and wellness I worked on my project for a little bit because tough girl wasn’t here and then I listened to the presentation of the lady and drunk driving and stuff. • Lunch was really fun and we laughed a lot and I kept in seeing my former friends glancing over at me and it made me mad because I hate it when people stare. • In biology we did nothing again and it was amazing and I talked to my beautiful best friend. • In basketball I talked to Mallory and she complained to me about college and dorm room stress and parents and I was like yeah I got all that. • Then I got home and went to the place and talked to the girl a bunch and she’s Brenda’s cousin actually and she said that that family is really ugh and I was like yeah they are. We talked about Patrick maybe being gay too because she’s also cousins with them. Then I went home and showered and everything and got ready for bed and talked to my beautiful best friend. 😊

I don’t want to rant on here but I seriously can’t take it anymore. I just can’t handle how crappy people have been to me lately. I have so much going on and it’s too much for me to handle. I don’t understand why I’m being treated this way, it’s just tearing me apart. I’m trying so hard to be better emotionally and socially because I know I have a lot of problems but when things go wrong I beat myself up about it. I did it when my date stopped talking to me and ditched me. I keep doing it when I can’t seem to hold a conversation to save my life and again when my own brother rubs it in my face that he thinks he’s so much better than me and that I have too many issues. I know it’s not all me but it must be otherwise things would get better. And I know my brother is just being an ass hole but it really hurts to the point where I sit in my room and cry because I know it’s true that I have a lot of issues. And lately I’ve been having horrible thoughts and I’m trying my best but I don’t have anyone here. Not to listen to me. I just want to feel better but it’s getting really difficult.

obsessively cleaned and organized today but it felt very good. feels like i have a better grip on things but i worry it is all for naught. that’s the ultimate worry, the worry that can easily dip me back into feeling depressing. is anything i do worth it? i feel like i have evidence that says of course, but then it’s so hard to remember it when life seems far away and dismal like now. 

still hurting over seeing Bill again. all those insecurities stirred up anew. was i not good enough? does he hate me? did my neediness disgust him? does he think of me at all?

i wonder about my loneliness and how much longer it will last and if it is teaching me anything important. it seems i haven’t made much progress in being assertive with men. i let G walk all over me. let him order me to take my lipstick off like a little child being scolded. then he barely even tried to get me off. and recording me like that. made me so uncomfortable. still feel really uncomfortable thinking about him having a video recording of me touching his dick. it’s so sick and i’m stupid for not saying anything. i can’t let that keep happening.

i have no interest being with a man unless i feel secure in his genuine interest in me as a person, not just as a sexual tool for release.

the bitterness and anger are still intact and seeing Bill makes them pulse stronger. the text from him too. makes me feel sick. no one is accountable for their carelessness.

i just want someone to admire me. i think i am admirable. someone should work to impress me and to be with me. i don’t want to lay out all my options for someone else to decide if i’m worth it. i don’t want to have to convince anyone anymore.

and then the added stress of my job. am i going to get a raise? how am i going to save more money? i thought i’d be making more with JRo. I appreciate her and enjoy her antics but at the same time she intimidates me and I am bracing myself for an oncoming scolding. her expectations seem hard to fulfill. I wish I could just work a really easy job on the weekends, or get the raise. I hope the universe is still watching out for me.

not that anyone cares

took me some long sleepless tumblr filled nights to get over the fact that someone i gave my heart to betrayed me. i mean crying every night because i was confused as to why someone who i cared deeply for would hurt me so intensely BUT GOD…after i got over that and wanting to seriously go gay this beautiful chocolate man came to me & when i say i gave him a hard fucking time i really did but one day he asked me about my ex and i told him everything every single detail i could think of when i was finished he just looked at me and pulled me towards him and just held me….kissed me on my forehead and then on my lips this was the most passionate kiss of my life i was breathless and horny as fuck after a couple minutes of making out he politely said “fuck that nigga” but best believe im not rushing anything we’re taking things slow because i wanna make sure he can handle my craziness and all my love and affection