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The eternally wonderful 

John Williams is The Man a cappella by Corey Vidal


Title: Flash

Pairing: Reader x Sam

Word count: 4,340

Theme song: Yayo by Lana Del Rey

Request: I got inspired to write this after I saw one of those AU posts. This one was based loosely off of: We have a mutual friend who needs us to model for her but neither of us realized how sexual this shoot was going to be.



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“What are you doing? Ring the doorbell.”

“I don’t know why I’m here with you,” Sam said, pressing the doorbell with a sigh.

“Because Dean’s face is still bruised to hell from the hunt and we haven’t seen Cas in over two weeks. Believe me, you weren’t my first choice for this,” you replied.


You turned to him, a retort on your lips, but it was cut short as the front door to the modest, sunshine-yellow house opened up.

“Aah! I can’t believe you’re really here!” Your old friend’s enthusiasm was contagious and you smiled widely back at her.

“As promised. Like I could come into town and not see you,” you laughed, letting her pull you into a hug. When she pulled away, eyeing Sam beside you, you stepped aside from between them.

“Clare, this is Sam. Sam, Clare,” you said flatly.

“Nice to meet you. I’ve heard a lot,” she said. Sam took her outstretched hand, a small grin blooming over his lips.

“Oh yeah?”

“Don’t look so smug. Not all of it is good,” she teased, holding the door open wider and ushering you both inside.

“Most of it isn’t good,” you muttered to him as you walked past.

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in my heart there is a dream…

i realized that i’ve never posted a wuxia!wakana so here is a rushed wakana cosplaying as michelle yeoh’s sister ko (butterfly and sword). sorry for the laziness m(_ _)m

i’d never want to wish sister ko’s fate on anybody though lol. but aren’t her costumes so pretty?

Ugali kong kapag narining ko na yung theme song ng Forevermore galing sa sala, ilo-lock ko na yung pinto ng kwarto ko tapos bubuksan yung t.v. Para hindi halatang nage-emote ako. HAHAHA


This is sooo good! This needs more views ;-;


AKB48 Nemousu TV Season 18 Episode 9

Mayuyu’s tweets on May 5th

(5/5/15 9.40am) “Good morning!

Looking forward to see you at today’s 2-shot event It’s Children’s Day so let’s take photos with some child-like poses”

(5/5/15 9.43am) “Wow! My first solo single in 2 years will be released! The theme song for drama "Tatakau! Shoten Girl” is a really awesome song. The melody and lyrics are wonderful too! Everyone, please listen to it! I look forward to your support

#DeaiNoTsuzuki #ShotenGirl"

(5/5/15 10.26am) “And!!!! Tonight!!!

"Tatakau! Shoten Girl” episode 4 will be aired! Please watch it!!!!!!!!!!!

Check it out at 10pm on Kansai TV and Fuji TV


(5/5/15 2.17pm) “"Mayuyu event decision meeting”

Reservations until May 5 (Monday) 4pm!


Sep 19 Solo songs you want me to sing at Fuchu-no-Mori Art Theatre


Sep 20 Plans for a DokkiDoki party (slated to be held in the Tokyo Metropolitan area)

We’re now taking your requests!“

(5/5/15 2.43pm) "Received a waffle from Izurina

I love waffles and Izurina”

(5/5/15 8.05pm) “2 hours left till episode 4 of "Tatakau! Shoten Girl”!!!!

You’ll feel good after watching it!!!

This time Aki-chan will also be full of enthusiasm!

Everyone please watch it!!

Check it out at 10pm on Kansai TV and Fuji TV!!


Credit AnfieldAkiba

anonymous asked:

are you excited that they may put Alison as a liar in the theme song? i heard rumors about it and I am excited if it's true!

I would say I’m excited, but I’m definitely interested in how it will turn out…

iamabagfullofcats asked:

I'm very much a musical sort of person, and songs that suit situations or characters in fiction I love tend to jump out at me and beat me over the head. Hurt by 2Cellos turned up in my playlist recently and connected itself to Duane. Granted, it's an instrumental cover of a bluegrass cover of a Nine Inch Nails song, but my curiosity remains. If not a Duane song, who would you think it connected to? Do you have a theme song for each of your characters?

You’re not a musical person, you’re a musical bag of cats!

Hurt’s occurred to me for Duane before, though the Johnny Cash version. He used to intentionally seek out Murkoph in RP, craving the release of a fight and the inevitable torture. So the man’s an emotional cutter, at least in that incarnation. Probably wouldn’t use it for Unsounded!Duane though, he’s a little more angry than angsty. Maybe.

I have a few theme songs… I’m very fond of Morphine Child by Savatage for Murkoph. I like Amsterdam by Coldplay for Duane. Things.


Let me share my life theme song with everyone


The Carnegie Ensemble’s Incredible 43 Cartoon Mashup

Saturday morning has never sounded so classy.