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Okay, I made these as stand alone recolors for those that want them that way :)

If you have the my override file called “SingleMissionRecolors_SaudadeSims_11-24-14.package” in your mods folder just delete it and put the new stand alone file in there instead.

Download stand-alone recolors files from: 

my dropbox 

my google drive

Base Game Overrides of “The Single Mission Bed” by SaudadeSims

Some of you guys asked if I could upload the recolors of this bed that I shared a day or two ago. Thanks to the lovely and talented melbrewer, I figured out how to package my recolors so that I could put them up for you guys to grab. 

There are 16 in game original colors of this bed. I have replaced all 16 textures with my own recolors.

If you download this file only my recolors will show up, the original base game ones won’t. If you decide you don’t like mine, however, you can just delete the package and your originals will show back up. You place this .package file in your mods folder just like any other cc file.

All 16 recolors are included in one package file. I play tested them and they seem to work well, but please let me know if you have any issues. 

Here’s a link to the file on my google drive : click here

If you want to make your own recolors, I posted a step by step tutorial here: click here for tutorial

Have fun and enjoy!

TOU: Don’t claim as your own and don’t reupload.


Finally got one to work! Yay :)

Here are my “Under the Sea” shower/tub overrides as as stand-alone recolors:

my dropbox

my google drive

If you want these as stand-alones, take out the file called “Saudade_Sims_UndertheSea_Overrides_Plain. package”

I mean, nothing would bad would happen if you didn’t take it out, you’d just have two copies of the same recolors :)

Everything else is the same as before.

Under the Sea shower/tub Overrides (Plain)

I really wanted to put some cool patterns on this shower curtain, but no matter what I tried (thanks for the tips, melbrewer367) the patterns came out very pixelated when you zoomed in close to the curtain. So instead, I made some plain recolors :) 

I also changed the tub to be white with silver and I made the upper bracketing silver, too. The only one that’s different is the tub with the bright pink curtain, it has a black tub.

There are 11 recolors in the file that replace all the Maxis recolors of this object. If you decide you don’t like mine, you can just delete the file and the Maxis ones will show back up.

As of right now we can’t clone base game objects, so I can’t make these as stand alone recolors yet. Sorry.

You can download from my dropbox here

Or from my google drive here

TOU: Don’t claim as your own and don’t reupload, please.

The Sims 4 planetary unisex sleeve tattoo.

Download here

*Do not re-upload our content onto other websites without consent, or any site in order to make a profit.*


Recolors/Overrides of The Mod Pod Double Bed by SaudadeSims

Someone asked for some recolors of one of the modern beds, so here they are :)

These are base game overrides, so they will take the place of the current Mod Pod Double Bed textures. We aren’t able to make recolors of base game objects without them being overrides yet. 

I have a tutorial here that shows you how to make your own.

There are 14 recolors in one package file. As always, if you decide you don’t like them or don’t want them anymore just delete the package and the original textures will show back up.

Unrar and place in your Mods folder.

You can download at my dropbox here

Or at my google drive here

I hope you enjoy!


Created by:Trecicy

Origin ID:Trecicy

Download:tray zip

Site:Sims Yorozuya Sims4 Download

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Asian bedroom:Click to download

Autumn Outdoor:Click to download

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Croxton Living:Click to download

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Kids room ‘Baby sheep:Click to download

Kinlet Living:Click to download

Kitchen Clutter:Click to download

Kitchen Dark Chocolate:Click to download

kiwisims4_Shoji+screen:Click to download

Living Acacia:Click to download

Livingroom Munich:Click to download

Traditional Timber Wall:Click to download

Outdoor Project:Click to download

PB Printer Livingroom:Click to download

Plants, plants, plants:Click to download

Pot Ceiling Lamp Set:Click to download

Provence dining room:Click to download

Provence living room:Click to download

Sara New Hallway:Click to download

Sea Foam:Click to download

Shabby Bargain Shabby Chic Bedroom:Click to download

Shabby Chic Used Living Room:Click to download

Source Set:Click to download            

Full Floral tattoo to celebrate my ‘almost’ 100 followers!

I was saving this for my 100 followers gift but since i’m at 98 i thought why not release it now! :>

Anyway this tattoo is available for YAM and features 2 full sleeves as well as upper torso and back tattoo.

Has a custom CAS image and can be found in the Tattoo category.

as usual please ask for permission before editing or redistributing! 

Happy Simming and thank you to my followers! <3



Okay! Nautical for luckybeeblog :) Teen male stuff for melbrewer367 :) and a try at at least one bohemian for ninaki13th :)

These are default overrides, so if you download the package only my textures will show up, not the EA/Maxis ones. If you want the original bed textures back just delete the override package. 

There are 9 texture overrides in one package file. 

You can download at my dropbox here

or at my google drive here

TOU: Don’t claim as your own and don’t upload to paysites. That’s all :)

*Made with images and textures found on the net, all I did was edit them. Credit goes to the original creators whose stuff I found on google.

I would love it if you tagged me if you use my retextures, I love to see what people do with them!