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(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Here, I have a gift of appreciation for  followers.  I have recolored newsea’s hair! and thank you all for being supportive and  helped me continue to try to work harder for mods :3 I originally wanted to make some pokemon object deco mesh  as a gift but I couldn’t do that myself xD I still need some help and practice!    (~ ̄▽ ̄)~  Wish me luck! But anyway back on topic. Once more :3 Thank you all so much for all the support! 

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                                                      —- ❤ Credits ❤ —-

      All Custom Contents in this photo are rightfully owned by their own original creators.

Original hair: Newsea


Emma Roberts sim, inspired from the Scream Queens “Chanel Bubblegum” Teaser

Hairstyle by maygamestudio

Pose by delis-sims

Lipstick by jsboutique

Top by simista

Skirt by belles-simblr

Bubblegum by jennisims

Lashes by vampire_aninyosaloh

Eyeshadow by darkosims3

thank you all for the beautiful cc items! xx

- Emma Roberts sim (noccversion) can be found in my gallery -


Help Titus find someone

Trying to go for a swim to get his mind off of his depression, Titus gets into the pool.  After only a few moments the face (pic 1) surfaces.  He desperately wants to find someone to share his life with.  This big beautiful home is just an empty void without someone there with him. 

Titus pulls himself out of the pool and stares into the water catching his reflection and he needs to bury his face in his hands with sadness.

He goes back into the house where he prepares to call the sadness hotline (my god that’s actually sad).

He finally falls asleep.  (He looks cold)


Constance Jablonski sim

Model requested by justthatdodie (hope you like her)

Pose and shorts by inabadromance

Top by rioriosims

Lipstick by jsboutique

Lashes by vampire_aninyosaloh

Hairstyle by darkosims3

thank you all for those beautiful cc items! xx

(ps:to cc creators, please let me know if u want me to add your names in the hashtag section, cause I’m new here)

Body birthmarks! Made by genensims and then made a skinblend by mayberries for ts2, who helped me a lot and I thank her so much. This is my first ts4 cc ever, so if you see any issues, you can tell me.

Credits: mayberries for her face birthmarks colors wich I tried to copy but failed. Genensims for the birthmark.

TOU: You can recolor, but give credits. Don’t reupload this anywhere, not even in paysites. Also, don’t claim as yours.



Low Back Halter Tops
So these are nothing special but I made them for personal use and thought I may as well share them. I like how they look with high waisted skirts and shorts. Sorry about my crappy screenshots, I know they don’t show off the back all that well.
As usual, feedback is very welcome! Do tag me if you use them for anything so I can reblog the pics :)
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