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“So, how do kids even make blanket forts?” Clint asked curiously once you finished a story about you and a friend making one. “I mean, with a blanket obviously, but what can a kid even move around to put the blanket on?”

“You’re kidding, right?” you asked. “You never made a blanket fort?”

Clint shook his head and shrugged. “Nope,” he replied. “I generally got yelled at if I tried to play with something other than the couple toys I had.”

“Okay, we need to fix this,” you stated, standing up. “We’re making a pillow fort.”

“Really?” Clint asked, seeming a little confused.

“Yep,” you replied. “We’ll have to make it a bit bigger than normal childhood blanket forts. But first we need to pick a spot. Usually next to a large piece of furniture that will serve as one of the supports.”

“Back of the couch?” Clint suggested. The couch was in the middle of the room, so there was room behind it.

“Perfect!” you replied. “Easy to get the dining room chairs over. I’ll get the supports ready, and you grab probably two blankets. Generally anything heavier than a sheet but lighter than a comforter works well. Also, grab as many pillows as you can find.”

“Alright, I’ll do my best,” Clint said with a salute, before going over to the closet to find blankets.

You went over to the dining room and grabbed chairs, setting two facing away from the couch to be the opposite wall, and the other two facing away from each other on either end of the fort. You made sure there was enough room between the two chairs facing away from the couch for Clint’s broad shoulders.

Clint soon returned with the blankets and pillows. “And here we have the framework,” you stated, standing in the middle of your soon-to-be fort. “We have a doorway right here and four walls.”

“Wow, that was a lot easier than I was expecting,” Clint stated with an approving nod.

“Toss me the pillows,” you said. Clint tossed the pillows over to you, and you set them down on the floor, making sure that the whole floorspace in the fort is covered.

“And now the blankets?” Clint asked.

“Yep. You’re a quick learner!” you teased.

“Learning from the best here,” Clint stated with a grin.

Clint helped you drape both blankets over the framework you had set up. You had to get a book to weigh one blanket down on the chair because it kept falling, but it looked great.

“Fancy fort-makers add strings of lights, or multiple rooms, but this is a basic one,” you stated. “Let’s see how it looks from inside.”

“Ladies first,” Clint said, motioning to the doorway.

You crawled through the gap between the chairs you had designated as the doorway, turning around once you were fully inside so you could sit with your back to the couch. “Looks pretty good in here, too,” you commented with an approving nod.

Clint crawled in behind you. “Yeah, looks nice,” he said, crawling over next to you and sitting. “So, what do you do in a blanket fort?”

“Whatever you want,” you said, snuggling into Clint. “Nobody can see what we’re doing in here.”

“And this is a thing kids make?” Clint asked, sounding jokingly scandalized.

You laughed. “Kids usually play video games or read or play with dolls or whatever,” you explained. “But we’re big kids.”

Clint wrapped his arms around you and pulled you over in front of him as he moved to lay down on the pillows. “I want to sleep in here tonight. Can we do that?” he asked. “It’s comfy.”

“Yes, we can do that,” you replied with a smile.


matchbox n°3
   featuring two pups and a parent

as the first of these things I actually went materials-shopping for, we get to see some new fabrics here. my local fabric store has these two-dollar bagged bundles of scrap ribbon, lace, and tasselling, and they’re the greatest things ever for nice little odds and ends. 

the little book pictured with the parent dog (a bulldog maybe??) was also handmade by yours truly, and man. I used tissue paper for the pages, with cardboard for the covers. a larger needle punched the binding holes, and then I used my tiniest needle and slimmest thread to sew everything together. the binding was a soft fabric glued on after the fact, to hide the spine seam.

side note: that puppy with the pointed ears, I got that inner shape using the head of a sewing pin, rolling it a little, and then stretching out the ear

matchbox n°1: link
matchbox n°2: link

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Do you plan on adding any new types of sex toys? Like other than just plugs? Just curious

If people would be interested,we’d be more than happy to look into what you guys are after!! :)

Wagging About

Tony sensed that Tahira was probably working when he came back to a seemingly empty house. Just in the nick of time, he needed to finish his chores before it was too late. He needed to go out for his daily walk, and since she wasn’t there, he took matters into his own hands. Tony placed his house keys on a table nearest to the door before running off in the opposite direction. His room was a mess; toys and other play things thrown everywhere, clothes unwashed or folded un neatly. He dreaded cleaning, but even the most gruesome task would be complete with his Oliver and Company soundtrack. If only he could find it.


Why would Andy want you?! Look at you! You’re a Buzz Lightyear! Any other toy would give up his moving parts just to be you. You’ve got wings, you glow in the dark, you talk, your helmet does that whoosh thing! You are a cool toy! As a matter of fact, you’re too cool. I mean what chance does a toy like me have against a Buzz Lightyear action figure? All I can do is… ‘There’s a snake in my boots!’ Why would Andy ever want to play with me, when he’s got you?


May 2015 Book Photo Challenge

Day 17: Library/Book Store

Fully Booked Alabang Town Center | Philippines

This is the second largest bookstore in our country, next to their Bonifacio Global City branch. It has 4 towering floors that consists of a book café, a comic odyssey (complete with toys and other geeky merchandise), a stationary & craft area, and of course.. books.

This bookstore has become my favorite since it’s just 15 minutes drive away from our house. A far shorter distance from its main branch which is 2 hours away. Also, because it is well-updated on new releases.

It’s not actually allowed for customers to take photos inside the bookstore but since I am a regular there and I am familiar with almost all the book clerks, they gave me permission to take some shots.

That’s another thing I love about this bookshop.. their staff are very friendly, helpful, and accommodating.  

Anyway, these photos are my favorite part of the store:

  • Fully Booked building facade
  • Game of Thrones escalator mural
  • Young Adult and General Fiction section
  • Press Café
  • Comic Odyssey

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TARDIS storage

(featuring hand-knitted authentically colourful 1:6 scale Classic Who items by gingerlucy)

4th Doctor will now have THE scarf, and i’m slooooowly working at getting the parts for a 7th Doctor.

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Air Plants are back!!! I’ve finally gotten around to opening an Etsy Shop! For now there are air plant terrariums, but stay tuned as there are going to be canvases, cat toys, and other plants! If you have anything you want to see in the shop I’d love to hear your ideas! Until then, order yours!  

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Felix looked at the beach as he saw his sister hanging out with a group of girls as his friends patted him on the back. “So where’s the freshie?” Felix rolled his eyes as it was well known now that Felix was good friends with a resident on his floor. It wasn’t a big deal to him though as he sighed. “Be nice he’s bringing friends too.” He said as heard Lydia calling for him. Taking off his shirt he hung out with her in the water for a bit before he heard his name called out. “Your duckling is here!” Felix rolled his eyes knowing they were teasing and he got out of the water as he shook his head a bit still letting water drip down and wishing it was a bit hotter. “Hey.” He smiled as he hugged Simon contently as he smiled at the few people he brought and a girl was staring at him and he wondered why. 

Ecclesiastes 2

Pleasures Are Meaningless (Ecc 2:1-11)

In this passage, Solomon basically lists all his achievements. After acquiring and achieving all that, he said that in the end, it was all meaningless. Nothing was gained.

It’s crazy to see how much time and effort we put in our lives in order to feel content. It’s as if God’s grace is not enough for us. Why do we have to feel like we have to purchase more luxurious items, go to the best school, get a high paying job, drive a nice car, own a big house, etc??

There are countless research on how humans are meant to NEVER be satisfied. We always want more. We always want the new toy that’s out. We’re satisfied temporarily, but when we see that someone has something that we don’t have, we want to have that new shiny toy the other person has.

We’re chasing after the wind. Solomon couldn’t have said it any better.

Why can’t we just be content with the bare minimum? How heartbreaking would it be if you sacrificed a large portion of your paycheck to give your child everything he/she needed but your child wanted something better and newer? That’s what it’s like for us. We’re God’s children. He gave us His one and only son, yet we’re not satisfied with that. We want more. Just thinking about that breaks my heart. My heart hurts knowing that we hurt God when we try to pursue more when we have enough. His grace is sufficient.

Wisdom and Folly Are Meaningless (Ecc 2:12-16)

This passage basically says that whether you are wise or foolish, in the end, both are meaningless. Fate overtakes both.

Toil is Meaningless (Ecc 2:17-26)

If Solomon were alive, I’d give him mad props for being so real about how everything is meaningless. In this passage, he tells us that it’s so pointless for us to go through so much when all our hard work will be handed down to someone who hasn’t worked for it. He says that when a person does work to please God, God will give him wisdom, knowledge, and happiness! BUT, when a sinner does a task, all his hard work will be given to someone else who will please God. Sucks for that sinner.

We should stop working so hard if it’s to please us. It’s meaningless. But instead, if we’re going to work hard, it should be to please God! Then all our hard work will be meaningful.

ANI-AN! 2015 Winter - Mini Interview with Suzuki Tatsuhisa, voice of Ban from Nanatsu no Taizai

Q: What’s the atmosphere like in the recording studio?

Everyone gets along well - the studio is always overflowing with positive energy revolving around the Cap’n. It’s Master and Princess Elizabeth who are always the centre of conversations though. King, Diane and I chip in with comments here and there.

Q: How did you feel when you watched the finished product?

I was really honoured to have been a part of such a wonderful series. I really enjoy watching the end product, because it’s a polished jewel from the hearts of all the crew who worked on it.

Q: What was it like playing Ban?

The music note mark definitely makes the role of Ban very unique. I enjoyed being toyed with and toying with others.

Q: What are your feelings heading into the second half of the series?

I want to throw even more of myself into creating it along with the other cast and crew members.

Q: Please give us a message for your fans.

Well, just look forward to the new episodes every week ~ ♩ I’ll make sure you don’t regret it ~ ♩


Okay so he knew why everyone said Simon was captivating on stage. Felix had snuck into Simon’s acting class since it was the last of the day today and he figured they could go out for lunch. He was really good at what he did as Felix sort of understood why everyone was upset he didn’t go back to acting. He wasn’t even watching a full performance as he blinked when a girl was coming over to him. “Are you part of the class?” She asked curiously. “No. I’m just waiting for Simon to finish.” He smiled at her as she nodded her head. “Do you happen to know how to fix the theater lights.” In fact Felix did as he nodded his head and her eyes lit up. She was sort of like a mini Lydia in a way and he laughed a bit as he followed her to fix things. “So this doesn’t work but the computer stuff says it should.” She was leaning right next to him as he started to fix it. For being invisible he knew how to fix theater things simply because they often asked him for help at school when he went. He continued to fix it as she was right by him watching carefully at what he did and writing it down as he smiled at her. “It’s not too hard you think you got it?” She nodded her head as he looked back to see Simon was off the stage. The class seemed to be over and people were focusing on him and he felt more than awkward. He wasn’t wearing something wrong was he? Lydia said it looked good on him and Felicity said she’d bang him. He thought he looked good as he fixed his hair unconsciously.

Thinking of doing a “Pokemon Varieties” post because they look so awesome. But which to choose! I certainly don’t want to do one that’s already been done. Has anyone seen Flygon? That might be interesting. I’m open to suggestions too! What pokemon would you guys want to see as a variety post?

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Hi I am wondering if you can please go into more depth about object consistency in borderline personality disorder that you mentioned

Hey! Great question!

Object permanence/consistency is understanding that just because something isn’t “there” and can’t be seen, felt, heard, etc, in any way, that it still exists and is ‘there.’

-Ever notice that an infant or a young child cries when their mom/dad leave the room? Then suddenly, they’re back, and the infant/child is okay again?
-Or how they act surprised and confused during peek a boo to see that their mom or whoever/whatever is still there?
-Even a jack in the box can be used as an example. It’s hidden, then it’s not, and they’re confused/surprised.
-Perhaps you’ve noticed other examples? A toy out of reach/sight, etc? Maybe even separation struggles from starting school, going places, etc?

(Granted, I don’t like to compare things to “children/seeming childlike” but it’s important to realize that I’m using this as a description of certain development factors, a concept, as well as an example (hopefully) most people will be able to recognize. I’m not staying it is “childlike,” nor do I use that term as an insult anyway. Children are not insults).

This is something people have to develop. When they are young, people develop this object permanence through various ways, such as through experiencing touch, handling, seeing, and other senses, while they neurologically develop the understanding that objects/people are consistent.

A strong and common factor of borderline personality disorder is struggling with this object permanence/consistency.
It’s not like they may suddenly believe that someone, an object, or the presence of something, doesn’t ‘exist’ anymore as much as it may affect the perception, emotion, and triggers of someone with BPD.
Here’s a way to understand by looking at some symptoms and factors of BPD and connecting them to it:

BPD is a chronic mental disorder caused by emotional hypersensitivity + dysregulation. In BPD, neurobiological emotion and systematic reactions fire off rapidly, longer, easily, and with more intensity as they are hypersensitivity and do not regulate, balance out, or process well and the same as others.

In BPD, there are certain neuro factors that may affect the development of object permanence.
Two factors in BPD include:
-Less active and smaller in volume abnormalities in the limbic system which has functions linked to: emotional reactions, memory, decision making, motivation, behavior, learning and developmental ability, thought pattern, instincts, psychotic symptoms, seizures, and senses/the way the body perceives external stimuli.
-Reduced volume in frontal lobe which has functions linked to: decision making, communication responses, ability to comprehend consequences, emotional-based memories and triggers, and relations such as to people, events and situations.

I bolded the factors that clearly play a part in perception, memory, relation, etc.
Environmental/social factors can reinforce the development of BPD. Neglect/not being there, abuse, and reactions to a separation insecurity/anxiety, etc, can be another factor resulting in one having difficulty in it and could influence the development.

A part from those factors listed, specific symptoms may relate.
Dissociation, for example. Dissociation is very common in BPD. It is a complex term to describe a “lack of/disconnection from reality.” Dissociation happens when the nervous system/brain is too overwhelmed by intense, overwhelming, or immediate stimuli/reactions. It then, for lack of better wording here, shuts down to avoid any more emotions or reactions, to ‘protect’ the individual from experiencing anymore intensity or pain. It often happens in response to stress, immediate real or perceived threats, depression, or panic/anger
The dissociation reaction time may vary depending. If it is an immediate reaction, for instance, it can last seconds, to minutes, to hours. If it is a result of persistent depression/disturbance, someone may experience persistent dissociative symptoms.  
As parts of the system ‘shut down,’ it has a lot of affects on the individual functioning. Symptoms may include double vision, hearing/sight impairment, fatigue, a heavy, unreal, or floating feeling, feel ‘separated,’ feel ‘disconnected from reality, like in a dream,’ lack  awareness, have memory struggles, experience brief black outs, etc. All of these are a result of functions/senses and systems ‘shutting down’ so to speak.
This clearly influences the way someone with BPD may perceive their environment, people, and ‘be connected,’ etc. This also influences memory, consciousness, emotions, relations, and so on.

This leads me to explain the identity/sense of self based symptoms of BPD. This can sometimes be very much connected to dissociation at times, and vise versa.
Main symptoms of this include:  Dysphoria (Dissatisfaction, uselessness, worthlessness), excessive self-criticism, radical behavior and/or appearance changes, despising ones self, fluctuating between life aspects, no direction with goals, values, morals, and aspirations, etc.
Simply put, the way they perceive themselves, their worth, identity, life, etc, may be very affected and rapid, which can then clearly influence their perception and the way they can relate and connect to objects/people, in a broad sense.

Which then leads me to splitting. Splitting refers to a pattern of thinking in response to a BPD reaction. It is a defense mechanism and/or a result of improper development of the neurological/emotional development or a disturbance in it.
In this case, BPD and emotional disturbance or emotional trauma. It is a process that describes difficulty to separate certain reactions and emotions to situations, people, and even themselves. This results in “black and white thinking” “all or nothing thinking”  etc.
I explain what this is here and provide examples for more depth and understanding here (x).
Once someone has an understanding of this, it may be easy to see how this can also affect the thought process of an individual with BPD and their perception of objects, people, relations, etc, and the consistency of them/if they are ‘either there or they are not.’

FINALLY, another main symptom of BPD is the real or perceived “failure,” abandonment, rejection, and criticism based symptoms: Extreme reactions to such, such as lack/loss of autonomy, intense grief, despair, torment, humiliation, or reactions of other symptoms.
Object permanence is all based on whether something is “there” or not. This is strongly connected to this symptom.These intense reactions for whatever cause, may result in object permanence difficulty or vise versa.
They have a difficult time perceiving that they are “still there.” To them, it can be like a torment.

Based on everything I just said, here are some examples by putting different aspects together and how it can result/relate to object permanence struggles in a variety of ways as it can differ for everyone:
-Someone with BPD has a reaction (abandonment hypersensitivity) by panicking or worrying (emotional dysregulation) and by perceiving a worst possible outcome (splitting), and perceives that someone/the object is not returning or isn’t there because it isn’t in immediate reach (object permanence), and then dissociates because of the intensity. They then struggle with their sense of self and worth because of the ‘loss,’ which these two symptoms then make the object perception even more difficult.
-Persistent calls, communication, etc, for validation, reassurance, and connection, when separated, having a difficult time perceiving love care, or someone to ‘still be there’
-Someone with BPD dissociates and has difficulty connecting with their surroundings, loses touch with reality, then struggles with the object consistency of something/someone

And so on.

Overall, this is very complex, gets specific, and everything here can connect to each other.
But, here’s a way to understand by looking at the symptoms and factors of BPD perception, emotion, and triggers by connecting them to object permanence.
Understanding this way may also help one see how a personality disorder differs from mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and other disorders, as personality disorders occur on a daily affected baseline areas of one’s every day life- functioning, behavior, emotion, thought pattern, perception, and interaction, rather than in discrete episodes or something else.

I could go on, I almost did go into different types of memory, etc, but there is a lot here. Hope I helped :) and feel free to message/ask for any clarifications. Sometimes I’m wondering if I stated something clearly.