For those of you who have been with Venture Bros. since the ultra-beginning you may remember the pilot episode airing way back on a chilly (I assume) February night back in 2003. Of course that night was February 15th, which makes the pilot episode (and by extension, the series) ten years old today. After season one was greenlit there was still over a year before the first canonical episode aired (sound familiar?) but the pilot is of course where it all began. Ten years is a pretty damned long time, and even though the wait between new seasons can sometimes boarder on excruciating it’s important to be thankful for something that has had so much staying power. From Adult Swim for nurturing it to Jackson and Doc and the rest of the crew for toiling over it for a large portion of their lives, to you for watching it, buying DVDs and (hopefully) telling your friends. Venture Bros. couldn’t have lasted this long without everything going so very right, and that’s been a pretty cool thing to see these last ten years.

The Great Venture Re-watch 2011: The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay

It seems like the obvious thing to do here would be to recreate this in a chat post, but I realized that then I couldn’t upload photos as I liked, and there were a few formatting issues. Also, these are not the best screencaptures, but eh. So here you go; installment no. 1 of The Great Venture Re-watch, featuring withapassion and yours truly: The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay. (no.2, Dia de los Dangerous, coming soon! Like, later tonight.)

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It’s almost difficult to believe that The Venture Bros. has been on the air for over ten years given that we’ve only seen four seasons of the show thus far (with a fifth shortly on the way). If you look at the evolution of the series you can see something that evolved from what was nearly a pure Jonny Quest parody into a world of super heroes, …

What makes Capt AwesomeSauce feel better when he’s hurting? 

Why… a Venture brothers marathon of course :D and thanks to Soulbots, I’ve been watching the Pilot episode!

If you’ve never seen a VB ep, do NOT start with this one, but if you’re a fan of the show, man, you have to go back and watch it. It’s such a campy and cheesy groundwork for the show that I love more than any other.

Oh how far they’ve all come, and yet, the basics are still there! Bloodthirsty stoic brock listening to Zep and pissing on mummies, Doc’s Oooo ray, Hank and Dean (check out Hanks ears!)… just.. gotta watch it and laugh, laugh, and laugh. 

The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay

In the original pilot for The Venture Bros. some of the monarchs men get trapped in a fake meteor (trojan horse attempt) on the Venture compound and the Ventures ignore it. In season 2 there is a deleted scene where Dean finds the meteor. Dr. Venture  says “Oh yeah, I forgot to take the back to the lab.” He then tells Dean to just clean around it. Dean finds the door and opens it. He then finds all the corpses inside and pukes. I kind of wish they had kept the scene in.