One time on Easter this stray dog came by my aunts house and I pet her and she was pretty nice and not dirty so I picked her up and carried her around and she fell asleep on me but my mom wouldn’t let me take her home so I just left her there but then the dog never left my aunts house so she was forced to take her in and her name is Sunday and she loves me so much she always comes and lays on my lap

New Buffalo, Michigan

On a beautiful day last October I drove up with my girlfriend to have lunch at The Stray Dog. Passed this on our way out of town, couldn’t help but snap a picture before hitting the road.


New Buffalo is my go-to mini getaway spot. Where I like to spend my time on warm lazy summer days. [Or any weekend of the year warm enough to go..] Lunch on the roof deck of my favorite restaurant before a short walk to the beach. A walk back past the local shops then on to dessert at Oink’s Ice Cream. The trip never changes much. But I like it that way. It’s perfect. Spending a nice leisurely day with my favorite people. I look forward to these days all year.

wet asphalt reflecting shining cars. It’s May how come it’s raining? I emptied my room and threw everything you gave me away. (you did the same with me) rain all over my lashes and all over everything. I am scared of lightnings so I walk fast. I wanna be as unpredictable as a thunderstorm in May. the rain is ruining all the flowers. (can I be gone with this thunderstorm?) a kiss to all the stray cats and dogs. A kiss to all the animals without an home

Police looking for the POS that did this

A stray dog found with her muzzle taped shut is in guarded condition and the Charleston Animal Society is asking for help in finding who is responsible. CAS officials said Caitlyn, a 15-month-old Chocolate Staffie Mix, was a well-known and friendly stray dog in the Chicora Cherokee neighborhood.

She was discovered on a resident’s doorstep with her muzzle taped shut with electrical tape, her tongue caught between her teeth. Officials said they think the dog was stuck in that painful condition for 36-48 hours.

“Caitlyn is in a lot of pain, her condition is critical, and her prognosis is guarded,” said Charleston Animal Society Senior Director of Veterinary Care, Dr. Lucy Fuller, DVM

A large part of her tongue may need to be removed surgically if the tissue dies from the lack of blood flow. She may be severely disfigured, or the large amount of dead tissue may cause life-threatening complications.”

“This is the most malicious case of animal abuse I have seen in my entire career,” said Charleston Animal Society Director of Anti-Cruelty & Outreach Aldwin Roman, “to leave this dog in pain, unable to eat or drink and to now leave her in the position where her life is at stake because she may lose her tongue is heartbreaking.”

CAS officials said the North Charleston Animal Control is investigating the case.

  The Charleston Animal Society is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

If convicted of ill treatment of an animal, the suspects could face up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

To help the Animal Society save Caitlyn and others like her, please give to Toby’s Fund for medical care at

Cruelty to people makes possible the existence of violence towards animals in any kind of way.


In 1957, Laika, a stray dog from Moscow, became the first animal launched into orbit, paving the way for human space flight, which cost her her life. No provisions were made for her return, and she died after a few hours due to overheating. The Soviet government originally kept that secret and claimed she was euthanised due to oxygen depletion.

Finally, on 11 April, 2008, a monument to Laika, showing her on top of a rocket, was built near the military research facility in Moscow.


An NGO makes a video to show how the lives of stray dogs are.

The video was edited by World For All Animal Care & Adoptions, an NGO based in Mumbai (India),to make it look like that and, of course, any dog or any other animal wasn’t harmed in its implementation, the result is really shocking.