At the end of Ultron, when Nat asks Fury if he knew what would happen when he sent her to get Bruce the first time around, all I could picture was Director Nicholas ‘Matchmaker’ Fury sitting in his office, unnecessarily trying to set up his employees. “Hmmmm…. if Steve liked Peggy so much… I should just set him up with her niece! Perfect, Fury, you’ve really outdone yourself this time.” 


Seriously, I don’t know how this keeps happening. Every time I decide to watch something on a whim, I find either Jim Carter or Phyllis Logan. Phyllis as Mrs. Austen is the best thing ever!!!

[S]he seized the scrap of paper…locked it up with the chain, as the dearest part of the gift. It was the only thing approaching to a letter which she had ever received from him; she might never receive another; it was impossible that she ever should receive another so perfectly gratifying in the occasion and the style. Two lines more prized had never fallen from the pen of the most distinguished author—never more completely blessed the researches of the fondest biographer. The enthusiasm of a woman’s love is even beyond the biographer’s.
—  Jane Austen. Mansfield Park, Vol. 2, Ch. 9. Epigraph from The Real Jane Austen: A Life in Things by Paula Byrne

So… I finally took the plunge.

A few of my followers know that I used to write Jane Austen fanfic before getting my head lost in the MCU. And due to expiration of copyright, Austen fanfic can be sold in the public domain. This is, hopefully,my first step to becoming a professional author.

Therefore, I have one favour to ask of my followers on Tumblr and readers of my fic.

Please would you reblog this post for me? And if you have a minute to spare, please would you go to the Amazon page and leave a review that says you enjoy my writing? 

I don’t expect you to buy the book - though if you do I’d be deeply grateful. One minute of your time to help me promote it and realise my dream of becoming a Real Live Author (and actually getting paid to write) would make a huge difference, though.

Thank you, in advance, for that one minute.

ozhawk AKA Catherine Bilson

The real Jane Austen, I think, was tougher and bolder than Byrne allows; she dared to defy the Prince Regent’s patronising librarian, who offered her irrelevant professional advice along with a nastily devious invitation to stay alone at his London residence. Defending novels in Northanger Abbey, Austen declared that this was the literary form in which “the greatest powers of the mind” were exhibited, and her own achievement justifies that brazen claim. The novel is the book of consciousness and conscience, documenting the daily trials that, as Byrne says, “make us human”. The stories Austen tells are always about prejudice overcome and proud, premature conclusions bruisingly revised. As she pointed out in a letter, we change every pore of our skin every seven years, so our thoughts and feelings surely alter at the same rate. Her books accordingly grow with us, and as we read and reread them they nudge us towards self-knowledge and the comprehension of others (as well as catering to our catty resentment of their existence); there is no better guide to the perils of society and the errors of judgment we make in exploring it.

downtonluvr asked:

what show or movie is that from that you used the kid gifs for the downstairs gif set? I know I've seen one of those before but I can't place it.

The Alfred and Anna ones are from the music video of Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron. The other four are from the BBC documentary, The Real Jane Austen. :)

Just re-watched the 2008 “Sense and Sensibility” and am once again ruined for real life by Jane Austen. I do not just mean so far as romantic prospects, but also for the beauty of the world around me and my lack of constant dramatic soundtrack. 

Oh, Marianne, I will ALWAYS regret you.

I got tagged by of-pasta-and-potatoes and sorry about the late, Reh! I was busy finding another tv show to get addicted oaeieoaeieuue

things I like

one song: Run - Hozier

two movies: Pride and Prejudice and Amélie.

three t.v. shows: Vikings, Orange is the new black and Friends.

four people (real, fictional, whatever): Jane Austen, Andrey Tautou, Johnny Depp and Frida Kahlo.

five foods: Spaghetti with tomato sauce, Fettuccine Carbonara, pizza, broccoli and melon. 

six people to tag: I don’t have six people to tag but feel free to do it! <3 

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