Meryl Streep on xerox paper [8.5 x 11] 8 hrs. - pen and no.2 pencil

I’m clearly not done, not by a long shot but since I won’t be having any time to do this for a couple of months I thought I’d share my progress. I’ll post the end result eventually.


Tonight I started the outer part. I started in the visor, making sure to really get in the creases with the paper. Then, when I was satisfied that I had to let that dry before moving on, I went up and around the top and worked on the dent, which surprisingly came out nicely. Press n’ Seal was an awful choice for covering the bucket. It does not stick to it. AT ALL. I put scotch tape on before the paper to try to pull the flabby plastic-y flesh into shape. I called it the “Boba Face-lift.”
It’s going to be a long process of mâché, dry, mâché, dry, but the more patient I am, the more detailed it’ll be in the end.
This Padawan can be patient.