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s being perceived as weak when they show emotion, having to be "masculine" all the time, almost never getting child custody, not being acknowledged when raped/assaulted by women etc. True feminists acknowledge that both genders have problems. However, women do have more problems that affect daily life such as the wage gap (which absolutely exists despite what antifeminists will try to tell you) which is why it is called feminism and focuses more on women's issues than men'(continued in next ask)

Then maybe feminists shouldn’t attack groups that focus on men.

Women waiting to get food coupons from the World for Food Program in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. Photo by @malinfezehai. What struck me most when visiting various IDP camps in 2007 was the absence of men. The issues that women face are very rarely addressed, like the loss of husbands and the increased responsibility to care for the children and family members. #idp #srilanka #ICPTakeTen #womeninphoto

If you got mad at my post calling out people who were making fun of men with body positivity issues, you’re a selfish asshole. It’s not okay to make a post meant to help men into something “funny”. It’s not okay to get mad because I didn’t mention women. I didn’t comment on a post meant for women saying “what about us?”, but that’s what you’re doing, going to my post meant for my gender and saying I’m a bad person for not mentioning you. Go fuck yourself.

ok, thank you everyone for sharing your opinions

there are some cases when you do need talk about men’s issues (especially wrt race and eating disorders etc)

however posts just saying ‘boys are amazing’ aren’t doing that

they are just celebrating an oppressor class and telling them what they already hear every day

this is the last I’ll be saying on the matter for a bit xx


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