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Pierce the Veil
Sleeping with Sirens
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Bring me the Horizon
The Amity Affliction
All time Low
My chemical Romance
You me at Six
Black Veil Brides
Real Friends
Memphis May Fire
Neck Deep
Johnnie Guilbert

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If your asking for them to make captain America true to his time period, like the agents on the Agent Carter show, then no one would like captain America, like tumblr lives and breathes that man. If they made him true, tumblr would eat him alive.

Yeah I know, I don’t expect him to be a racist sexist douche, but they should really ditch the whole “man out of time” narrative then because Steve is more out of time in his own time than he is in the present.

hey! hey humanists

a woman hurting your feelings by saying she prefers 6ft+ men is NOT equivalent to being murdered for refusing to date you, or for having thrown acid in your face by your ‘husband’


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I’m just a weird combination of band shirts, messy hair, mismatched socks, and procrastination

Here’s an idea.
Support trans women without shitting on trans men.
Oh wow what an amazing concept! Incredible!