• Definition of Feminism:Women's rights
  • Feminists:Feminism helps men too!1!!1
  • Men:Okay, I'd like to make a post acknowledging men's issues in-
  • Feminists:WOW seriously?!?!? Men's issues?!?!! You're such an MRA go shave your neck beard or buy a fedora, misogynist scum!!!1!
  • Men:I thought you said feminism helps men?
  • Feminists:It does :)
  • Feminists:*shut down men's help shelters for abuse and domestic violence*
  • Feminists:*make a man who was raped get charged with rape himself*
  • Feminists:*ignore the fact Elliot Rogers had severe mental issues and killed men as well as women, while calling him a misogynist and hating anyone who uses the not all men tag*
  • Feminists:*doxx and send death threats to men who call out their movement*
  • Feminists:Feminism helps men too :)
I want a second opinion...

I am a homosexual man.
I am totally for dating any man I have attraction to.
That includes TRANS men.
(Trans men are, in fact, men. Try to keep up.)

Now I come to my point.
I won’t date Trans women.
I don’t have any problems with Trans women. I think the few I know are some of the nicest people.
But I’m not attracted to women. I’m just not. I don’t date cis women either. women aren’t my thing.

According to my friends and the internet,
That makes me transphobic.
Yes, you heard it here first, folks.
I am apparently transphobic scum because I don’t have any attraction to women.

What do my followers think? Especially if you are Trans I would love to hear from you. I will not attack you for your input. That’s not my way. Trans people have the only right to determine what is transphobic. Nobody else.
I just really don’t see a logical reason and I’d like to be educated if I’m wrong.

Thank you for your input and for reading this nightmare of a text post.

I was flipping through the latest issue of Men’s Health (with Vin Diesel on the cover) and made an “mmmm” sound. Mike thought it was Vin. It was pizza.

anonymous asked:

"But like don't make everything about women!!!1!11" *makes everything about men" yeah you're not sexist at all bud

>makes everything about men

There’s a difference between taking issues that primarily affect men and saying that they *really* affect women, and simply showing how the same issue affects men.


like if they had just said “we wanted to tell a story about men. simple as that.” I woulda been like okay. that’s still pretty iffy and I’m not quite cool with it but at least you’re being up front about your approach. I’ll be off to the side shrugging and moving on with my life

but no they had to justify it with “women would change the dynamic they have” and “this way the party is more relatable” which pretty much means they’re of the opinion that:

  • women inherently behave differently than men
  • women and men can’t be friends in the same way men can be friends with each other
  • there can’t be male and female characters without a romance subplot (which brings up heteronormativity issues)
  • men are “default” people so they’re inherently more relatable
  • female gamers don’t exist! they are A Myth and do not need to be catered to!

really not happy with square right now tbh


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I’m just a weird combination of band shirts, messy hair, mismatched socks, and procrastination

Here’s an idea.
Support trans women without shitting on trans men.
Oh wow what an amazing concept! Incredible!