Alexandre Dumas

(French-Afro-Caribbean Creole (Haitian)/ French) [French]

Known as: Famous Writer, Playwright and Correspondent (Novels: The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Man In The Iron Mask, Twenty Years After)

More Information: Alexandre Dumas’ Wikipedia page, Project Gutenberg: Collected Works of Alexandre Dumas, Alexandre Dumas Society

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Small interpretation of the roles of the silent MCs in the Persona series and why these characters were chosen to be silent:

In Persona the MC/Boy with Earring is merely just a supporter for Maki who the story actually is about. This is especially emphasized in the ending and with Maki’s appearance in P2 since it shows how she overcame her problems also thanks to the MC. His decision making in the game and protector role could be interpreted to be influenced by his Persona Seimen Kongou.

In Tsumi Tatsuya’s Shadow points out that Tatsuya is main stream, always does what other people tell him to do etc.thus you making decisions for him is actually kinda ironic. It also turns out that Tatsuya was never the leader of the original Masked Circle, it was actually Jun. Both Jun and Maya are actually way better leader types than Tatsuya in the game and technically the game is about Maya (due to the Oracle of Maia) and even more about Jun than about Tatsuya.

In Batsu Tatsuya now has a voice. Maya is now silent and the switch of their roles basically was when they met each other at the station. Maya is silent due to the dualism between Tsumi and Batsu and due the dualism between her and Tatsuya. Batsu is actually about Tatsuya due to him influencing every plot point and showing him maturing. Maya is actually supposed to be in the dark at first and what is going on. It’s also Tatsuya who has to retell what happened on the Other Side thus there is no way they could have left Tatsuya silent. Interestingly Ginji Sasaki at his mini cult also steals Maya’s motto. Maya’s personality is still the same, however the voice was given to Tatsuya this time.

It’s kinda remarkable how Tsumi which is about teens centers on the adult (Maya) while Batsu which is about adults centers on a teen on the verge of adulthood (Tatsuya).

Persona 3 and Persona 4 both follow the Fool’s Journey from Tarot. They are definitely self insert games since the MC are the center of the stories, the new guys etc. You are also immediately the team leader basically.

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Previous nonny here :3!! How about an AU in which one of them isn't a superhero and/or a Natasha Stark AU and/or a Rumiko and Tony au. Plenty of choice :D (your writing makes me happy btw)

  1. Steve Rogers meets Iron Man when a water main bursts and the subway car he’s on nearly floods. Steve is pinned against the wall by the rush of water and is the last one pulled out of the car. Iron Man pulls him out and gets him to safety, then stays with him while the medics check him out. He even takes his mask off which ends up being a terrible idea because his eyes are such an amazing shade of blue that it makes Steve’s breath catch and the medics think he’s choking.
  2. Their first date gets interrupted by aliens. The second date by some kind of corporate takeover attempt and the third one ends when Tony collapses halfway through the first course because he had been hiding a pretty serious  head injury.
  3. Pepper meets Steve for the first time when she walks into Tony’s hospital room just in time to hear the tail end of a spectacular lecture on how Tony needed to be more responsible and take better care of himself. Then Steve leaned down and kissed him and said, so softly she had to strain to hear it “I just got you, I can’t lose you yet.”
  4. Pepper pretty much liked Steve from the start
  5. Tony declares that Steve’s superhero name should be Captain Tightbutt. He offers to tell everyone what Steve’s powers are but no one takes him up on it except Bucky.
  6. Bucky pretty much likes Tony from the start.
  7. Steve ends up joining SHIELD so he can be on the front lines with Tony.
  8. Maria Hill calls him Captain Tightbutt on his first day and the name sticks for years.
  9. Nick Fury had to rewrite the fraternization rules for them after the third time someone caught them having “thank god you aren’t dead” sex in a supply room. Tony points out that he’s not technically an agent of SHIELD, he’s just a consultant, and consultants can have sex with anyone they want, even Coulson. Steve objects to this line of thinking pretty strongly and they end up having a fifteen minute long conversation about their sex lives while Nick Fury bangs his head against his desk and Steve tries not to laugh.
  10. They get married on the helicarrier while Tony’s bleeding out and a half dozen technicians are frantically trying to cut his ruined armor away so the medics can do their job. Tony’s got blood on his lips when he asks Nick to marry them - “you’re the captain, right? I want to marry him if it’s the last thing I do on this earth.”
  11. It turns out Nick Fury does not have the power to marry his employees, but he didn’t think Stark would live long enough to care about the details. Tony pouts all through his convalescence that they would have let him die single.
  12. Steve ends up dragging a real priest into Tony’s hospital room just to shut him  up. It works out pretty well. 
Marvel’s Daredevil: The Man Without Fear


On the newest incarnation of the lesser known character to the mainstream public, the fans & the critic response has been delightful thanks to the introduction of more heores on tv, than ever.

Marvel’s Daredevil has swung over the fence this first season, that it’s been renew for another due in 2016, later on this year will arrive A.K.A. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage followed by Iron Fist next year, all these heroes eventually will be united on the mini series The Defenders.

If you think that Daredevil was about a masked blind man with enhanced senses, you’re wrong, is about crime & legal stuff with a dash of graphic novel.

Daredevil created in 1964 by the great minds of Stan Lee and Bill Everett, the way that it has been trated in comics was a solid front runner of his own issues, but not as Strong as Spidey or Wolverine, but the jump from the pages of a comic to a script, came back in the 80′s on the T.V. Movie “The Trial of the Incredible Hulk” with a less than memorable screen time, where they took the “Man Without Fear” costume introduced by the recreation fo the Character thanks to Frank Miller, and the flop of film in 2003 starred by Ben Affleck, that “wasn’t feeling the part quite right”.

Matt Murdock as a teenager saves an ederly Citizen from an accident with chemicals that made him blind but enhanced his other senses, he recalls to “feel” substances, changes in the climate, preassue in the air and a “fire like vision”.

Recently passed the bar exam, (according to Franklin “Foggy” Nelson, 9 hours) they officially open Nelson & Murdock, their law firm, just to deliver justice on day while “the man in black” does it over nights.

The female cast is flawless with Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page, Rosario Dawson in Claire Temple and Ayelet Zurer as Vanessa Marianna, they are the boneback of some of the most exiting the romantic archs and violent ones, (You may want to thank Nextflix for the brutality).

Visually Daredevil is presented in a noir-esque, raw and cold neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen swamped with crime and dirty alleys, as a homage to the gangster genre; It has a rough start with flashbacks to the origins of the heroe, to introduce as fast as the action-packed sequences.

Under the graphic novel canon, “the man in the black suit” that Frank Miller gave us in the 80’s, brings not only the costume but also sets the tone of the whole season pitching a dark approach with an organic way that presents the problems of the “real conception of a complex character such as this one”. It is not the first time a Brit steps into the mantle of a superhero like Charlie Cox (you just have to make a little trip to memory lane with Christian Bale/Batman in TDK trilogy of Nolan and the Man of Steel that Henry Cavill portrais in the mind of Zack Synder and even mor recently the reprise of Kal El in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice) where he make us believe he’s a regular newyorker.

One of the key characters and our main antagonist, is Vincent D’Onofrio, portraying in a new way the one and only Wilson Fisk (we saw D’Onofrio recently in The Judge with Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall) his incarnation of Wilson Fisk is a very natural and emotional one, telling us in glimpses his origins, his first steps as a “employer” (he is refered to) in the group he’s part of trying to increase his inffluence with some enforcements, way to different what we’ve seen in the comics the myth, the legend, The Kingpin.

The rest of the cast, Vondie Curtis-Hall in the journalist/friend role of Ben Urich, Bob Gunton is the accountant Leland Owlsey and Tobey Leonard Moore is the personal assistant of Mr. Fisk, they assemeble the main cast for the season of the attorney by day, vigilante by night of Hell’s Kitchen finest.

I can recall and give two thumbs up (in the way of Roger Egbert used to do it, R.I.P.) the management of Marvel’s Daredevil involvement with the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) because it is set after the events takes place in The Avengers (2012), the disaster that NY suffered now is being capitalized by the companies that Fisk and his group are involved, with some other neighborhood issues, but don’t panic, Daredevil is here to bail you out and kick some butts and crack some bones!

To sum up, the binge watching season format, that Netflix successfully gives us, is brilliant! To the point in which you’re dabating if you see the whole or in bits and pieces, and the darker tone (Sorry Arrow you are no longer the baddest kid in the block) giving it a new dynamic in the violence and the freedom that Marvel gives, and we all have to thank to Nextfilx, keep up the good work. I ranked Marvel’s Daredevil with 4 ½ out of 5 stars.