cause its my problem if i wanna pack up and run away
its my business if i feel the need to smoke and drink and sway
its my problem, its my problem if i feel the need to hide
and its my problem if i have no friends and feel i want to die
—  Marina And The Diamonds

"Ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear it for Peter O’Toole!" (x).

ED SULLIVAN: How about… you, as a visiting Irishman, for a visiting Irishman, singing me an Irish song?
PETER O’TOOLE: Well, i’m enchanted, but unfortunately, my voice is very hoarse… as you can hear. Why don’t you, as a visiting Irishman, sing us a song? [smiles]
ED SULLIVAN: Well, I— this sounds like a gag, but my—my voi— I have had a cold, but let’s have a go at it anyway, huh?

You know, i was taking a look back at Naka-choko to remember all the hand porn interaction between Will and Hannibal while cleaning Will’s hand wounds.. but then I realized that in the same episode, there were a few scenes where Will was punching an “imaginary” Hannibal, and now I’m stuck here, smiling to myself life a goofball, imagining how that scene went between Hugh and Mads because, technically, Hugh had to sit on top of him. Or maybe he didn’t sit per se but he was still on top of him. I mean, I can’t exactly imagine Hugh not smiling back at the dork during the process, especially with Mads’ bloody face smiling the entire time.

I don’t even know what I can do to help Monty in his situation, all I can do is send my thoughts and my prayers, and hope he gets well soon.

I really want him to get well soon.

This man is my idol. He is literally the guy I want to be when I get older.

The Harmony Soldiers

Greenhearth Society AU Night
Characters: Natharai Ebonrook & Dorien Mydral ( doriennmydral )
Random Topic: Magical Girls

Monstrous rabbit-like creatures shambled around the streets, screeching loudly as they attacked the fair townsfolk. Buildings were on fire, babies were crying, dogs and cats were living together!

Stormwind City was in peril!

“Genn!” Mayor Varian Wrynn blustered while tugging at his absurd and unnecessarily savage pony tail. “The town is doomed if we don’t do something! Call the Harmony Soldiers!”

With a long-suffering sigh and a furrowed brow, Genn Greymane wandered over towards the emergency telephone and began to dial the super secret number. “Right away, sir…” So this was what he was reduced to, hm? Wrynn’s secretary? And why couldn’t he call them? The telephone is right beside him!

Anyway… Town. People in danger. Yeah yeah…


A pair of figures vaulted across the rooftops of the imperiled city before taking a galant, if not slightly worried, stance.

“Golly,” Dorien exclaimed while looking at all the carnage taking place. “Look at all the rabbits.”

“Indeed…” Natharai harumphed as he furrowed his brow. “What villain could be so dastardly as to wreak such havoc on our fair city?”

“Simple, Nath. You just have to listen for the villain shouting his villainous monologue.”

As if on queue, a thundering laugh boomed from the triumphant spires of the Stormwind Cathedral. “FOOLS!” A sophisticated and haughty voice laughed as the mysterious antagonist gloated over the destruction wrought. A giant mechanical suit gripped onto the Cathedral’s light cross and it was piloted by… a rabbit? What more, the glass dome that was shielding the tiny rabbit’s head (which poked out of the huge suit of armor quite comically) had a top hat and a false mustache affixed to it.

“You fell for my dastardly plot! Thanks to Vandrysse’s delicious cupcakes and cookies, I was able to sneak in my nefarious formula into the goods you all happily bought at the Annual Stormwind Bake Sale. For orphans! Now, those hapless cretins are now my shambling minions and obey only my command as they bite and infect others to join my ever growing army.

Within the robotic suit’s mighty grasp was a very irate redhead who pounded her fists against the hand futilely. “Clovis, you fiend!” Vandrysse shouted indignantly. “How dare you use my sweets for evil! Or should I say, Doctor Von Bun!” Clovis only cackled in reply.

“Jeepers!” Dorien cried as he looked back to Natharai. “Vandy’s in a pinch, Nath! We gotta save her!”

“Inde—- Wait a minute.” Natharai frowned deeply as he quickly looked to Dorien. “Golly? Jeepers? Since when do you ever say any of those?”

“Iunno,” the redhead said with a shrug. “It just seemed right at the time. ANYWAY. We gotta transform and take down Doctor Von Bun!” Dorien promptly held a fist, which held a gaudy gold ring with a bright red heart emblazoned on the seal upon a finger.

Natharai, who had a ring of a similar make, only with a purple heart, held out it towards him in kind. Together, the pair took an unnecessarily dramatic and flamboyant pose while pressing the hearts together and shouted in unison…


In a dazzling display of colors and light, our heroes, nay, heroines, were lifted into the air as their inexplicably nude bodies took a different shape. Their legs became magically shaven, their arms were soon slender and delicate, and they had the mysterious power to somehow sprint and fight in high heels instilled within their very soul.

Meanwhile, while the nefarious rabbit was still conveniently cackling without a clue to what was happening, the valorous voice of one of the city’s saviors shouted “Stop right there, Doctor Von Bun!”

Perched upon a neighboring rooftop were two beautiful women dressed in outlandish and colorful bathing suit and mini-skirt combinations. As the two heroines made their grand entrance, the world became dark all save a spotlight that illuminated their righteous forms as a flurry of cherry blossoms swirled around them (despite the fact that Stormwind had no cherry trees whatsoever).

“How dare you tarnish the good name of Vandrysse’s baking with your vile wererabbit formula!” The redhead cried out with her fists clenched defiantly. The transformed Dorien was now a vision of tomboy-ish loveliness (drunken dwarven tattoo and all), her long red hair curled into perfect spirals and her face delicately accented with makeup. Her outfit was embellished with all sorts of ribbons, hearts, and roses – adding a cheerful and playful demeanor to play counterpart to her companion’s alter ego. “Cakes and pastries are meant to spread joy and love, not fear and, uh, fur! As a champion of romance and love, I, Harmony Soldier Romantic Rose, will defeat you!”

“These lagomorphic monstrosities are an abomination and a perversion of life. Can you not hear the sweet song of the world? Of the purity and harmony of all who dwell upon it?” Natharai, who was Dorien’s opposite in every way, was a sultry seductress bedecked in black, violet ribbons, and silver. Long jet-black hair tumbled down to her ankles and had a bust and hips that wouldn’t quit. “These things should not be and must be destroyed in order to restore the balance. It will be I, the Harmony Soldier of Knowledge and Life, Mystery Violet, who will help take you to task.”

“In the name of Azeroth,” the two shouted in unison while moving in tandem into another victorious pose. “We will punish you!”

The two magical girls pointed their heart rings at the villainous rabbit, their emblems glowing brightly with unspeakable power. “Harmony Soldierrrr~ Beautiful Cutie Petal Destructionnnn!” As soon as the chant was complete, bright beams of rainbow light burst forth towards the robotic suit and enveloped it in the shining glow of pure goodness.

Overcome with emotion, his tarnished bunny soul being cleansed to the core, the evil Doctor Von Bun cried out with enraptured tones. “LOVELLLLYYYYYYY~!” And then the suit exploded into glitter.

While freed of her oppressor, Vandrysse then plummetted down to the square below, shrieking in terror. “I’ll save you, Vandy!” Harmony Soldier Romantic Rose cried out before diving gallantly down to catch her. Landing safely in her arms, Vandrysse gasped and blushed while looking at her ginger savior.

“My hero,” Vandy cooed while planting a kiss upon Rose’s cheek. Because if it was one thing that magical girls seemed to do well is make people doubt their sexuality. Yet after a brief, but sobering thought, Vandrysse’s eyes widened as she looked to Romantic Rose with concern. “But… what happened to Clovis?”

“Fear not,” Mystery Violet murmured while emerging from a corner, holding a very plush and adorable rabbit in her arms. “With the purification of his soul, Clovis is now just a gentle rabbit once again.”

“But what about the mutated townsfolk,” Vandrysse replied as she carefully took Clovis into her arms. “What will happen to them?”

“Oh, you don’t need to worry about that,” Romantic Rose said gleefully. “Violet and I will just spray our love everywhere and they’ll turn back to normal.”

Mystery Violet only wrinkled her nose as she slowly looked to Rose. “…That sounds incredibly disgusting and messy.”

“Hey, that’s just how the cookie crumbles.”

“Oh, you…!” Vandrysse and Rose then shared a jolly laugh together, while Violet stared at them blankly because not even being the champion of peace and love could eradicate his loathing of puns.

Yet once again, the day is saved, all thanks to the Harmony Soldiers!

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“how did abigail hobbs get to minnesota to unbury nicholas boyle”

LOL always

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“how did abigail hobbs get to minnesota to unbury nicholas boyle”

I wonder that all the time. And how she got back. That fast.

this entire ep just took a break from reality. why yes this eighty year old man dug up ten bodies and constructed a giant human totem all by himself. like put it together on the ground and then lifted it into the air like he’s fucking atlas with corpses on his shoulders. 

my future partner is probably texting their bae right now about how they’re gonna be together forever. sike, see you in ten years bitch