But, enough of the preamble. Now, to the amble.

Today is the day. There is only one thing for today, and that is the destruction of the hated StrexCorp, and freeing our town of Night Vale. We will work no longer. We will worship a Smiling God no longer. We have failed before, we have failed so many times at so many tasks, but at this, we will not fail.

I hope.

I mean, I really, really, hope that we will not fail.

In any case, we will be devoting all of today’s broadcast to the revolution with no interruptions.


Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 49 - Old Oak Doors Part A


"He’s a Kaiju groupie. He loves them.”
"Shut up, Hermann, I don’t love them.."

I finally got around sewing plush versions of Hermann and Newt. I love both of them so much and I was pretty excited to sew these. Both their coats are detachable and I really like swapping them.

More pics and plushies are up on my The Plushmaker page on facebook. I’ll probably upload more detail shots later.