jet star has to go away for a few days and is concerned that poison isn’t at all responsible enough to hold the fort and take care of kobra whilst he’s gone - so he makes poison a helpful diagram before he leaves. what could possibly go wrong?

Because this blog exists for a year now, I will do my first blog of the month!


  • mbf me
  • reblog to entry (you can like to bookmark if you want)
  • I will announce the winner at the first of April (and no it’s not a joke ;))
  • Anyone can enter, I don’t care if you are already following me or not
  • This has to get at least 50 notes or it didn’t happen…


  • I will draw you (if you want), based on your blog and what you tell me about yourself (I will contact you if you win), because I really like drawing 
  • Tag me in selfies/art/anything and I will check it out + reblog
  • You’ll get my friendship and a follow (if I’m not already following you)
  • You’ll get a promo from me 

Good luck everyone!