Although I had seen the sign many times before, both in it’s original format or changed for resistance art, I never really knew what the sign was from exactly. Finally looked it up, and read this article about the sign, its location, and designer. Does anyone know if these signs are still up on San Diego interstates?

PHOTOS (starting top left to bottom right:)

1) The original sign

2) I saw this sign when I was driving around in DC this week for the DREAM graduation. It was on a residential street, right in the heart of the capitol. It immediately struck me as resembling the “caution” sign–exact same family structure: man, woman, and little girl–but instead this family was some kind of polite bourgeois family that drivers needed to be warned was crossing the street in DC??

3) This is Banksy’s kite flying version. He put it up in California, around the time of the 2011 Oscars according to this article.

4) I really wish I could credit this version, I will keep looking for the original poster of this, but I had just found it on tumblr, really liked it, and saved it to my computer. If anyone knows who made it, let me know.  This is a Zapatista family, and it says “They won’t stop us, not here nor there.”

UPDATE: Remembered the blog i got it from: Abajo y a la izquierda. So could be made by the person who runs that blog, they didn’t credit anyone else. 

5) “Los Angeles painter Rosa M. Huerta-Williamson depicted them as a modern-day Jesus, Mary and Joseph in 1994 when she painted ‘La Sagrada Familia en Aztlan,’ which features the characters running beneath a flaming sacred heart and cross.

'What I was trying to do was indicate that this could be the sacred family and we wouldn’t recognize them,’ said Huerta-Williamson, who sold the painting to a Mexican-American professor and his wife. 'As long as these people don’t have faces, white Americans don’t have to think about the fact that they have feelings.’”

6) I found this here. It was also mentioned in the above article, and has been designed a couple different ways.

7) This one is from this article. It’s by Luis Genaro Garcia.

8) This photo is a cropped version of a photo from this photo set:   Photo: Yue Wu, The Chronicle / SF. It is from the West Coast DREAM Graduation that happened Saturday June 30th, 2012 in San Francisco. Cap is from the Orange County Dream Team logo (Thanks whereismimente!) See more of this design on their website!

9) Lalo Alcaraz !!