11 Surprisingly Dark Childhood Movies

Have you ever re-watched one of your favorite childhood movies, only to be met with a feeling akin to, “WTF, was this movie always so dark?” Either we’re tougher as kids than society gives us credit for, or the sadness just sort of goes over our heads. It’s probably a little bit of each.


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Hey guys! I can’t believe I made it to 1000 of you. When I started this blog, I didn’t have Historia as a true muse and it was a risk to switch from Hanji to this timid little blonde who grew into so much more because of some of the most amazing people on this site. I can’t thank you enough for sticking with me through unannounced hiatuses, stupid fights, and a few love sick trips.

But now that I’m done being a total sap, HERE ARE PEOPLE I LOVE;

inlesbianswithistoria; Is it really a surprise Andy is on here? Without him, Historia wouldn’t have had the massive reforming that created the muse I love and work with today. He puts up with my silly headcanons, and helped create an entire legacy for our two muses that I couldn’t have done without him. Putting aside him as a person, Ymir is a fantastically written muse, unlike anyone else I’ve seen play her. As both his roleplaying partner and friend, I love him from the bottom of my heart<3

bloodstainedhandsbertl; Laura :D I think everyone has a few people they follow that write so perfectly for their muse that they blur the line between canon and headcanon. She was one of the first people I followed as Historia and I have never regretted getting to know her or Bertl. From sending cute little headcanons to rather drunk games of CAH, my stay on the tumblr would not be as much fun without you!

eatthebread; Like the two above, Mela was in the first 25 people I followed on this blog that I love to pieces. Her and Mikasa brighten up my dash daily and the relationship/friendship that Historia and Mikasa have is one of the funniest/cutest things ever! Mela’s Mikasa isn’t just constantly serious and dragging around, but has a personality and is human. It’s so refreshing and Mikasa is so sweet<3

bulgingbraun; Kit! The first time Historia and Reiner interacted was so hilarious that I knew I had to follow her immediately. Since the launch of AoCP, I’ve gotten to know Kit rather well outside of the RP community and it has been a wonderful experience! She’s funny, witty, hardworking, and so creative. She’s been a life savor many times in the last few months and such a staple on my dash that I don’t know how I hadn’t followed her sooner.

Well, with those little blurbs, the next part are people that I admire or that I interact with from time to time that I really need to do more often because I love you all so much<3 Both art blogs, writers, and roleplayers are on this list!

aercis                           aizeos                      askthebertl
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orchidtippedarrows     deciipere                  fortitudxinxus

Woo! Long list! I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, but this is just a small list of the people I loved off the top of my head. Thank you guys for your amazing support and lighting up my dash like you do<3

Finding out that Australians call chickens “chooks” was so annoying to me that I am going to start doing it, in the hopes of one day wielding such power over others

My life may suck most of the time, but if nothing else, at least I chart the following progression:

  • March 2014 - saw Carrie Brownstein in NYC, wondered if I’d ever actually live in Portland
  • May 2015 - saw post-hiatus Sleater-Kinney perform “Light Rail Coyote” live in Portland

i have done nothing all day but write fic and watch fanvids, and somehow this has left me mentally exhausted. amazing