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Hiya friends!

I know many people are confused and irritated about all of the stuff on Tumblr today regarding “internet slowlanes” and net neutrality. What is it? Why do I have to look at that spinning circle of death?  

Above is probably the best breakdown of the issue I’ve seen. 

Take a second and watch. Take another second and contact your representatives. This shit is very real and very scary. 

Knowledge is power.

The internet is power.

Don’t let them take your power away.

A Study in Starlight, a Foxmouth mixtape
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"Our loyalties are to the species and to the planet. 
Our obligation to survive and flourish is owed
not just to ourselves but also to that cosmos ancient
and vast from which we spring.

We are one species.
We are star stuff harvesting starlight.”

—Carl Sagan

  1. Love Isn’t Made — XXYXX
  2. Partners in Crime, Pt. Two — The Internet
  3. Don’t Be Jelly — Blu & Exile
  4. Forbidden Fruit (feat. Kendrick Lamar) — J. Cole
  5. Devil in a New Dress Kanye West
  6. Okay (feat. Angel Haze) — Paris Jones
  7. Demons —  A$AP Rocky
  8. Child’s Play (feat. Chance the Rapper) SZA
  9. The Morning The Weeknd
  10. Closure  Ab-Soul
  11. My Cloud — Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx
  12. Au Cinéma — Lianne La Havas
  13. II. Shadows — Childish Gambino
  14. All I Do — Majid Jordan
  15. without u — Lil Spook
  16. Paralysed —  SOHN
  17. Mine  Beyoncé
  18. Feel Something — Holy Other
  19. Petrichor  Keaton Henson
  20. Along — Oneohtrix Point Never

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