The girl I love

now that graduation is just around the corner (2 exams left i still can’t believe it) i can say i’m proud of myself for surviving high school with crohn’s disease and i even got a great gpa although i missed so many school days

So. Girl Genius neurodivergency parallels.

  • Jaegers developing special interests
  • Hats as jaeger comfort items
  • Heterodyning as stimming
  • Also Agatha’s tendency to make little clanks = stimming
  • Sparks hyperfocusing on their work
  • Sparks hyperfocusing on their work to the point that they forget to focus on everything else
  • Sparks being obtuse about social cues and emotions like “fear” and “protesting against human experimentation”
  • “I got distracted and added three extra features into this tea kettle, including a death ray, but I don’t remember why”
  • “The Madness Place” essentially being a dangerous mindset surrounding the all encompassing special interest, I.E. science
  • Sparks in the madness place roping other sparks into the madness place
  • Locketed Agatha is essentially suffering from massive executive dysfunction
  • Extremely chaotic thought process that only makes sense to other sparks but which will, upon presentation of notes, become clear and obvious to non-sparks as well
  • Forget and misplace things easily, like tools and human-eating constructs

And the best part is that these are all canon