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Somewhere down the line all the wiring went faulty. / I’m scared shitless of failure and I’m staring out at where I wanna be. / I just want to sell out my funeral / I just want to be enough for everyone." (I Just Want to Sell Out My Funeral, The Wonder Years)

The Greatest Generation is a fucking incredible album. It’s the album I’ve recommended to literally every single person who has asked for music recs in the past three months. It’s like almost a concept album, in that it has a delicate thematic through-line and paints a picture, but every song stands alone perfectly too. It tells two different stories at the same time: the one that goes along with the concept and the feelings that linger from it. It’s lovely, it hurts, it’s impressive, it’s well produced and written and everything. It’s great. If you like pop punk, you need to listen to this album. I haven’t even made it to listen to anything else by The Wonder Years because I have been SO STUCK on this one. This whole album found me at a really good time when I just needed something to understand how it felt to be kind of floating and uncertain and it’s been a great friend to me.

I Just Want to Sell Out My Funeral is the last song on the album and it echoes the songs that come before it and that’s one of my favorite things. It’s a hopeful end to a really emotional album and it’s just… UGH. Listen to it and pay really close attention to the midpoint of the song, where it switches into using lyrics from the other songs, because that transition is golden. 

Other Notable Tracks: There There,  Dismantling Summer, Raindance in Traffic

A little bloody, but my newest tattoo. Yesterday marks the first day I’ve been sober in over 4 years. I stopped taking all narcotics, and depression meds I was on and I can’t begin to describe how hard that was. You never know you have an addiction until you have to go without your vise, and how horribly your body reacts. So, I got this tattoo to mark the day I’m making changes in my life to better my future. All of the support is amazing, and it’s Really keeping me on track. I love you people! (Lyrics by @twyband)