I’M SO PROUD OF NATHAN OMG! He’s been through so much, he’s gone through so much shit but he’s come out of it and turned it into something amazing. I feel like a proud mother (even though he’s older) and I’m so excited for his future. He’s going to slay with this new album. His vocals are on point, he really is one of the most talented singers I’ve heard. MTYEK is perfect, such an amazing song, and like I said; his vocals are on point. I can’t wait until his whole album comes out because I know it’s going to be amazing. I hope everyone takes the time to listen to More Than You’ll Ever Know (you can download it for free from his twitter or Facebook).


Nathan Sykes: More Than You’ll Ever Know

More Than You'll Ever Know - Nathan Sykes
Smart choice on Nathan part, this song is completely different than anything the wanted has done, except I Found You which was clearly a Nathan Sykes song. Although this isn’t his official first single for his first solo album, it was something to tie us hardcore fans over until spring.

The song had a mix of Bruno Mars and surprisingly enough Nick Jonas, with a Motown feel. The song is catchy and Sykes’s vocals are so on point, I think he’ll pull a crowd like Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and even Miguel. Since I am aware Nathan is a big fan of all these guys and he worked with some of the most talented producers in the R&B business. After hearing this track, I think the album is going to live up to the reviews we’ve gotten this year. 

I’m excited for spring to come so we can hear Nathan first single nonstop on the radio and buy it off itunes.

Nathan Sykes For Solo Career

Nathan Sykes is releasing his first solo track ‘More Than You’ll Ever Know’. The 21 year old signer was a member of “The Wanted” and he will release the single this spring. Sykes shared his exciting news on Twitter, he said: “My first single will be out in Spring but as you’ve all been so amazingly patient I didn’t want you to wait until then …” 

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