Hopefully this can bring some perspective as to how out…sized I was in my division. The lady in 1st was who I lost to. Turns out she not only coached by a top notch alliance black belt, she’s his girlfriend. He has actually been a friend of mine for years! I recognized his voice when he was coaching her.
It was crazy.
But she got her blue belt on the podium and was wonderful to talk to. She said I was the toughest person she had faced!!! I was shocked, but glad at the same time haha.
I think I’ll compete again.
As nervous as I was, it was fun!!
My mom came (and almost passed out because it was too much for her, poor thing!) my best friend Hannah was there along with my coach, and boyfriend, not to mention all my teammates!!!
I’m glad I did it. I’m proud of myself. This was a HUGE fear of mine and I conquered it.
I am actually thinking of doing another tournament in October!! But this time I’m staying in my weight class…screw that moving up bs!!! #bjj #ibjjf #dallasopen #BJJ

So you guys know that Benedict read Sherlock, right?

(Written by John Taylor, but still) 

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