The Room Upstairs

I am a product of long corridors, empty sunlit rooms, upstairs indoor silences, attics explored in solitude, distant noises of gurgling cisterns and pipes, and the noise of wind under the tiles. Also, of endless books.
—  C.S. Lewis

IMAGINE : Pietro and you are living together and Clint asked you to babysit his kids for a week.


Clint had called you in the morning to ask if you could babysit the kids for a week. You and Pietro had said yes, after all, you were in holiday.
Clint brought the kids to your house, informing you that his Baby, Nathaniel was teething. After diner, you decided to watch a movie with the kids. Nathaniel was already asleep in a cosy room upstairs.
It was a little bit late to watch TV but you and Pietro liked Clint’s children so much you wanted to have a good time with them.
You were about to play the movie when Nathaniel started to cry. The younger daughter mumbled :
“Oh no …”
You crossed your fingers.
“Maybe he’s going to stop in a few minutes …” You replied.
You all waited in silence but he wasn’t stopping at all. Pietro rolled his eyes and got up, using his speed to move to the room where Nathaniel was crying. In a few minutes, the baby stopped to cry and you pressed play.
“Uncle Pietro rocks !” whispered one of the little girls.
You laughed as you were staring at the TV with them but noticed Pietro wasn’t coming back. You frowned and left the living room to see what was going on.
You slowly pushed open the door and you leant against the wall. Pietro was holding the baby, rocking him slowly. You smiled and bit your lip. He would never stop surprising you.
You stood here, observing the scene as Pietro started to talk quietly to the little boy.
“It’s time to sleep okay ?.. Mom and Dad are coming back soon, I promise.” He whispered.
It was more distracting and cute than any movie on this planet. Pietro was so sweet and careful, Nathaniel seemed totally relaxed in his arms.
Pietro started to sing softly in his mother tongue. It sounded like a lullaby and with the words you could understand, you knew it was about a mother telling her child she would love him wherever she would be. Your heart clenched as you remembered Pietro’s parents had died when he was a kid. Thinking about the sorrow of a little orphan Pietro missing his mother, a tear rolled down your cheek.
You never wanted to have children. The big belly, the nausea and all those things … Because you always thought you couldn’t bear that situation and also, you could never trust a guy enough to take care of you and a baby.
But at that moment, you realized that Pietro would be the only one for whom you would carry a child.
He turned and raised his head, he looked surprised to see you.
“Is the movie so bad ?” He whispered with a smile.
You woke up from your slumber, shocked by your own thoughts. You shook your head as he laid Nathaniel in the cradle carefully before covering him with a blanket.
“Oh … No … I was just wondering if everything was fine.” You stuttered.
Pietro looked at the sleeping baby, then nodded.
“Yup. You’re okay ?” He frowned and wrapped an arm around you, wiping the tear from your cheek with his thumb.
You gazed at him and his fingers slid on your cheek while he put his other hand on your back to stroke it gently.
“I think I’m just tired …” You smiled and snuggled in his arms. “I love you.” You said quietly.
He smiled before giving you a sweet and passionate kiss.
“I love you too baby, more than everything.” He replied softly against your lips, making you blush.
He took your face in his hands and you stared at his loving blue eyes. You had never felt so good and at that moment, the only thing you wanted was to cherish this man for the rest of your life and give him the affection he deserved and he had never had.
“Let’s go watch that terrible movie …” He smirked and gave a tender kiss on your forehead as he grabbed your hand to go back to the living room.


I still need a scene in which Thomas tells Jimmy the story behind his blighty and Jimmy caresses his wounded hand. And kisses it. (Preferably in the kitchen yard or in Thomas’s room instead of the upstairs corridors though)

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Yeps! 6degrees rules! I have an uncle that travelled in the US besides Donald Sutherland! Can’t think of it without remembering that Donald worked with Stockard, also his son Kiefer… and that both worked with the Sheen family! lol Crazy world!

That’s awesome! You know someone who knows someone who knows Stockard! Hahaha :D

One of my favorites is that Stockard was in a fistfight with Martin Sheen’s (real life) daughter Renée Estevez in ‘The Room Upstairs’, who also played Jed Bartlet’s secretary in 'The West Wing’. I love the idea of the First Lady beating up her husband’s secretary. Or his daughter.

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S receives a message from an incoming ship: "Hey, S, it's Lyndi. I'm about 10 minutes out from arrival. You've got a room set up for Oli's appointment, right?"

“Yeah, I set up the upstairs room that I think is supposed to be the sick bay. I’ll be at the airlock to great you.” S says before closing the transmission.



A weekend in Vegas was hardly Brinn’s idea of a good time, but when friends have birthdays and offer you a paid flight and hotel room just to spend the time with you, saying no would just be hurtful. The empath couldn’t bear the disappointment as much as she couldn’t bear the crowded casino floor or the way her brain was constantly reminding her that, in this dress, the entirety of her legs were bare for the world to see. Call her a recluse, call it cliche, but quietly she yearned for her empty hotel room just upstairs, a mug of tea and that one pair of sweatpants waiting in her suitcase.

It was closing on midnight now and her two friends, including the birthday girl, hovered by the blackjack table, not playing, but having a blast just watching a couple of older, more seasoned gamblers go at it. Brinn clung to their joy and tried to ignore the influx of emotion coming from the other patrons, every once in a while flinching at a sharp stab of utter devastation as someone lost every cent in their pocket. The woman teetered on her aching feet slightly, feeling exhausted, brow damp with sweat despite the air conditioning, but was careful not to let any of her irritation effect the others; they were having such a good time.

“I’m gonna go get a drink.” Brinn mentioned quietly once it was apparent her friends showed no signs of retiring anytime soon. They didn’t seem to notice, but she drifted away anyway, anxiously dodging human bodies on the way to the bar in the back. It was just as crowded as the floor, but there were some seats open and soon she sat, legs neatly crossed, sipping ice water with her face buried in one hand. This was not her scene; this was not her comfort zone. But with just one day left after tonight, she promised herself she would endure.