Emily’s Army Release ‘Avenue’ Lyric Video + Announce New Album

Up and coming pop punk rockers, Emily’s Army, will release their second full-length album Lost At Seventeen on June 11th via Rise Records. You can check out the lyric video above to hear their brand new song ‘Avenue’ and preorder the album HERE.


New Video: Warped Tour Pit Report (Day 1)

More Warped Tour stuff: setlistsmerch

Rise Against To Release 10th Anniversary Edition of RPM

Chicago’s Rise Against are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their breakthrough album, Revolutions Per Minute, with a reissue dubbed RPM10. This edition features 10 bonus tracks of demos along with the originally recorded album and expanded packaging.

RMP10 will be released via Fat Wreck Chords on May 28th. More details HERE.


The last day of Warped Tour 2013 was tough! I checked out the acoustic basement and Juliet Simms. Oh, Sleeper was amazing - make sure to check out their new EP which was created with money raised through indiegogo! I also watched one of my favorite bands, Tonight Alive. Blessthefall embodied the phrase ‘stage dives and high fives’ during their last set.

It was pretty emotional as everyone said their goodbyes and ran around exchanging phone numbers. Being back home is a strange feeling. I met a ton of amazing people and had the best summer ever. Thank you so much Kevin, Lisa, Julie, Kate, Allison, 4fini, and all of production for the opportunity… and thanks to everyone who watched and had my back this summer. Love you guys! (This is the short version of my sappy rant!)



Tattoo artist known as Mistah Metro tattooed his pit bull apparently at the vets office (no proof of this) after surgery. All social media accounts have been taken down, but all evidence has been saved. ASPCA and PETA have been contacted, but I ask that everyone reports him so we can get something moving on this guy.

Here is what we have:

Mistah Metro works at the tattoo shop: Red Legged Devils 229 Flatbush Ave.(btw. Bergen & Dean) Brooklyn, NY 11217. (718) 576 3813

His website.

Please note that reporting should only be done to authorities, DO NOT REPORT PAGES/WEBSITES AS THEY WILL BE TAKEN DOWN. 




I also have recorded the video on my phone, which has been sent out as well. 

PLEASE REBLOG. PLEASE REPORT TO NYC ASPCA. If you live in NYC please call 311 to report. 


Video Announcement From AFI

It appears AFI have returned with this video teasing a possible self-titled album A Fire Inside for September 2013. Watch above.


A HUGE thank you to everyone of you for the best summer ever. I had an amazing time being your Monster Energy Pit Reporter. I want to say thanks to everyone who watched the videos and were in the videos! Thanks to everyone at 4fini, Kevin, and the wonderful production crew for everything!

Now that I wrote a speech that would have been interrupted by music already, here’s a video filled with bands, sponsors and crew who also wanted to say thank you! 

I’ll be seeing you guys in the pit :)

Vans Warped Tour Monster Energy Pit Reporter FAQ's

So you want to be the next Monster Energy Drink Pit Reporter? Here’s some info + FAQ’s!

How do I apply?


Send a 60-second video on why you think you should be the next Pit Reporter to  All applications must be received by Midnight on February 5, 2013.


ROUND 2 (Finalists will be notified by February 15th)

After reviewing applicants, the Vans Warped Tour team will narrow down the entries to a select number of finalists.  Finalists will be asked to make a second video about themselves that will be used as  an introduction to the Warped community.  This video will be used as the final evaluation in the selection process.

Applicant Criteria

-You MUST be at least 18 years old

-You MUST be a US citizen

-You MUST be available to travel between June 13-August 6

-You MUST have a valid US passport by the start of tour

-You SHOULD be comfortable all aspects of new media and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Do I need to submit a resume?

No, the video will be your first-impression with the Vans Warped Tour team, but identifying your experience and skills that would make you the best Pit Reporter would be good to include in your email. Also, you should include your contact information.

Do I need to submit photos?

No, again, the video is most important in this application process.  A link to a portfolio would probably be a good idea— again, to show your skills, but again, NOT required this year.

Do I need to submit an essay?

No, not required, but you should reiterate why you’re the perfect Pit Reporter in your email— kind of like a cover letter.

What should I do for my video?

Be you! This is your FIRST impression and you’re going to want to leave a lasting one.  Be creative, be personable, and really sell yourself on being the BEST Pit Reporter that Warped has ever seen!

But… I’m shy… what should I do?

If there’s ever a time to break free of shyness, this would be it. You can do anything you put your mind to, so be confident! Showcase your talents! You deserve this!

What was your initial video?

The video is all about you… so I made a rap video after listening to the Hollywood Undead record for about 5 hours straight… You can watch my video here:

Will pimping my audition video help my chances?

The number of views on your video has absolutely nothing to do with the application process.  It’s always great to have support from your friends via views/comments, but when it comes right down to it, your video is meant to impress the Vans Warped Tour team.

Does the Pit Reporter get paid? How much?

Yes. The Pit Reporter is a paid job with the Vans Warped Tour.

Do I need to present a social security card, birth certificate, etc. when applying?

Not at the time of your application, but you will have to provide the standard information when filling out a W-9 employment form.

Can I be under 21 and still be picked, I mean, people drink right?

If you’re under 21, you can still be chosen (minimum age is 18), but you will NOT be drinking. Laws are laws.

Do I need a fancy, expensive camera for this?

In reality, no.  You’ll be given a Kodak Playsport HD camera and GoPro Hero 2 to use for the summer.  That will help you make your video blogs, but feel free to bring your own gear.

Is it a disadvantage that I don’t have a photography portfolio online?

The video this year is key.  Having a portfolio can only help showcase your skills with videography and photography.  YouTube offers free video hosting, and or are great photography hosting sites that have free options.

Do I need a laptop?

You will have to bring your own laptop and video editing software, after all you will be traveling daily.

How do I get internet on tour?

You will most likely be given a wireless network card to use for the summer.  It’s not the best, but it gets the job done… eventually.  If not, you’ll probably be asked to use Production’s internet on site.

Do I have to drive myself from show to show all summer?

No! You will be safe and sound in a bunk on a Production tour bus— though you will more than likely be a top bunk (heyyyy rookie!)

How do I shower on tour?

As part of the Production team, you’ll be given access to special showers at venues.  You’ll still probably have to wait, but it tends to be faster then the general showers.  If a venue doesn’t have showers on site (aka you’re in a parking lot) you’ll be shuttled to a hotel room.

What video editing software do you recommend?

Honestly, iMovie is so quick and simple, it’s the best way to go.  If you have the skills, Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut X are good options.  You won’t need After Affects.

Do I need to know After Effects to be chosen?

No, the Warped Team has someone else create your Pit Blog intro/outros aka bumpers.

Does someone edit your videos for you?

No, it is your job/responsibility to edit videos and photos daily.

Do you have to record one day and upload the same night? Is there a deadline?

Generally you’re videos and blogs should be uploaded by 11AM the next show day.  Things happen, but it’s always good to get your editing done in the evening, after the show. Don’t procrastinate— you really don’t have time to.

I hear being the Pit Reporter is a great job if you’re looking for love, is that true?

How do you get to interview bands?

You’ll work with the lovely Bethany in press who will help you coordinate with band’s publicists and managers to schedule interviews.

Does anyone help you with your videos?

Nope. It’s all you!  You are filming yourself and you are filming the show.  You are your own camera man!

Do you get to party, like party party?

Remember, you’re an employee of the Vans Warped Tour… but to each their own.

Will I be on Warped Roadies?

I have no idea if there will be Season 2.

What’s your advice for the next Pit Reporter?

Well… FUSE will never let me live this quote down, ‘don’t touch the band boys.’  But really, be yourself, be fearless, be the best Pit Reporter you can be, and have fun— it’s a once-in-a-lifetime summer! (:

I think that covers everything… if not, feel free to hit up my ASK BOX and I will add to this!

Good luck everyone!


Say you’re the perfect match for the Pit Reporter gig, and they’re about to pick you, but you have a service animal, can they not pick you because of it?

I’m sure the Vans Warped Tour team would at least see what would be logistically possible in order to accommodate… but that bridge would have to be crossed if/when the situation presented itself.

My video is longer than 60 seconds, is that okay?

Please be mindful the Vans Warped Tour team will be reviewing 200 videos, 60 seconds keep your audition straight and to the point.  You really only need a minute to make a first impression.


Music Monday: Vans Warped Tour Edition

Since 1995, Vans Warped Tour has made its way across the country with a bevy of bands in tow. From Descendents to Enter Shikari to Big Chocolate, this summer music staple has become legendary. These blogs will show you why Warped has proclaimed itself as the “best day ever” for thousands of loyal fans.

The official blog of Vans Warped Tour, giving you all the information you need to get the most out of your day.

Delivering daily video updates is this year’s Warped Pit Reporter, Amanda Kim. She’s got a first-hand look behind the scenes of the tour.

Post-hardcore from Australia - truly bringing you the thunder from down under.

Catchy pop-rock from Arizona - sure to leave you tapping along to the beat.

Indie-pop from Brooklyn - this year’s breakout solo act may be writing about heartbreak, but her positive vibe is infectious.



This could be you on the side of the stage this summer on #vanswarpedtour if you’re wearing your #warped custom tee and get spotted at the show. Such as we did last summer, if you wear your new custom Warped shirt to your show and are spotted by the Pit Reporter, you could go onstage to see your favorite band perform. Two new styles and colors in at and remember as well to share your shots #igotmywarpedtee