poseidon || greek god of the sea

"For his sake Poseidon, shaker of the earth, although he does not kill Odysseus, yet drives him back from the land of his fathers. But come, let all of us who are here work out his homecoming and see to it that he returns. Poseidon shall put away his anger; for all alone and against the will of the other immortal gods united he can accomplish nothing.”

laughing forever at the fact that plato wrote this:

“the notion that Patroclus was the beloved one is a foolish error into which Aeschylus has fallen, for Achilles was surely the fairer of the two, fairer also than all the other heroes; and, as Homer informs us, he was still beardless, and younger far”

which is pretty much just saying

"Aeschylus is so dumb. obviously patroclus topped and achilles was the bottom because he’s prettier"

Important thing to consider: When they say Odysseus was a “Greek hero” isn’t it possible that was a mistranslation of “Greek gyro”? —same pronunciation and all.

I mean, at no point in the Odyssey do they explicitly state Odysseus is not a sandwich. I prefer to interpret the story as one of a great sandwich traversing the seas on a journey home to his wife and half-sandwich son.

Mysterious 150-year-old writing in rare copy of Homer's 'Odyssey' identified


An Italian computer engineer has solved a 150-year-old literary mystery found in a rare edition of Homer’s Odyssey at the University of Chicago Library.

The case of the mystery marginalia began when the University received a donation of Homer’s works from collector M.C. Lang in 2007. The collection included a 1504 Venetian edition of the Odyssey containing handwritten annotations in an unknown script. The annotations were thought to date back to the mid-19th century, but nothing else was known about them.

In hopes of cracking the code, the Library’s Special Collections Research Center called on linguists, classicists and amateur sleuths, publicizing a $1,000 prize offered by Lang to the first person to identify the script, provide evidence to support the conclusion and execute a translation of selected portions of the marginalia. Read more.

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