The Mahaffey Theater

Just before I left the hotel, I heard some shocking news on the television…apparently there’s a sinkhole outside Legoland. They spoke about this for 12 and a half minutes, absolutely outraged…Try living in Syria…Maya Angelou, she’s not even settled in her grave yet, and on the news, they’re worried about Legoland. Is that weird?
—  Morrissey, May 30, 2014, Mahaffey Theater, St. Petersburg

In advance of the upcoming Morrissey show (still hasn’t been cancelled by the way), The Mahaffey sent out some suggested items to remember.

The prohibited items made me laugh. Not sure if those are specific to The Mahaffey or Morrissey.

My initial plans for the show may have involved canned beer, drugs, silly string and a wallet chain. I guess I’ll make exceptions for Morrissey.


Drinking: water.