This is a little silly to be bothered by, but… Ariel from The Little Mermaid DID NOT “CHANGE FOR A MAN”. Have you watched the movie? She was obsessed with humans most of her life, she always wanted to be human. Eric was nothing but a catalyst and a weird “means to an end” in Ursula’s eyes. Plus then her dad went and destroyed all her stuff, so she felt a little extra “not that attached” to the sea. She didn’t spend her life happy to be a mermaid, no interest at all in humans, etc etc, then see Eric and go “WELP, need to be human now so we can bang”… did she find him attractive? Did she get a strong crush and slip up telling her dad she loved him? Well sure but that’s pretty common teenage behavior. The humanity of it was something she’d always wanted, Eric or no Eric.

anonymous asked:

Do you think the pop-up ship book that Will was holding had anything to do with Killian's dad the next half of the season?


sue3b said:

Did you get anything good from the pop-up book that Will Scarlett was playing with at the Library? I couldn’t make out a title or words. You? More foreshadowing however towards (what I tend to believe as well) your Davy Jones theory. I squealed when I saw that ship “pop-up”. Noticed a lighthouse on the page too. Symbolic perhaps?

rock-and-compass said:

What did you make of the pop-up book that Will found in the Library? I must admit that to me, it was one of the most intriguing parts of the episode what with the ships and it being exactly the same size and shape as Henry’s book. A companion text perhaps?

The pop-up book with the ship!!!

— annytecture

ripplestitchskein said:

Do you think there is any significance to the book Will pulled off the shelf in the library? It was a pop up book with ships and it looks to be a similar style to Henry’s book. It seemed like they focused in it longer than they would a throw away prop book.

butmyheartisalonelyhunter said:

Hi! :D yes the armillery sphere it’s just in the shop, I noticed it’s in every scene of Killian like they really wanted us to see that, It’s in every frame, almost but there’s no sight of the sphere during Emma and Rumple scene though. And did you see the book Will found? It’s just like Henry’s one but on this one there’s ships in it and a ship on its cover too! And like OUAT’s book is about Emma, the one with the ship could be just about Killian!? :D OMG I’m having fun with this stuff :D


gingerknaub said:

So ive had a thought.. youve seen the BTS pictures of Urusla correct? Well I remember we saw Urusla in s2 she doesnt look like that lady.. but she does look a heck of like Calypso! Could Urusla n Calypso be the same person?

Anonymous said:

What do you make of the spoilers that Ursula will be appearing? Do you think she’d have anything to do with the Davy Jones storyline?

Great minds think alike! :-D You guys are AWESOME in having picked up on the importance of the book! Go you! :-D


Okay! Morning/Evening/All-day brainstorming session! Go!

So, I combined all the ship pop-up book questions with two of the Ursula questions I received, because I get the feeling that I’m definitely going to wander into that territory should I start spitballing about the ship pop-up book, so I figured I should just tack them on so we can have a great big braindump right here.

Alright! So what do we got?

Let’s do a fact dump first:

We’ve got Will emphasizing that the magic in Storybrooke started in the library. We’ve got him and Robin searching for clues to the storybook author in the library. We’ve got Will finding the pop-up ship book which, as three of you have pointed out, looks very similar, down to the size, shape and cover, to Henry’s storybook about Emma. We’ve got Robin going on and on about how they’re probably not going to find what they are looking for there, alongside Will discovering that book, of course (I’ll get back to this shortly). We’ve got the pop-up itself, which was a picture of a lighthouse on land, with a tall ship heading away from the shore. We’ve got Will being a drunk and a thief. We’ve got Will being thrown in jail and then escaping. We’ve got Will looking for his knapsack that he buried in the sand, along with a map. We’ve got Will pissing Killian off, and them going head-to-head. We’ve got Davy Jones. We’ve got Ursula, the goddess of the sea, who, as gingerknaub pointed out, looks a heckuva lot like Calypso from POTC. We’ve got Davy Jones’ actual locker, HERE, complete with heart-shaped lock and rounded key.

You know… If I was a total numbskull, I would think the writers are actually doing the Pirates of the Caribbean storyline with regards to Killian’s backstory.


I’m going to pretend I’m a total numbskull, and I’m going to latch on to that idea. :-D

But first, the book! So I can’t possibly be the only person who finds it interesting that Robin was in that library with Will, looking for a book that would help Regina, and he comes up with an entirely irrelevant book, while it’s Will who pulls out a book that bears all the resemblance to Henry’s storybook and more, and he merely brushes it aside seconds later. I think that book was the book that Robin was looking for, but he was so focused on helping Regina that he missed it. So that fact, in itself, is intriguing. It’s like the book isn’t there to help Regina. It’s not meant for her. It’s not her story, yet she thinks it is. She wants to make it so that the book focuses on her, yet the book seems to have other ideas.

Case in point, a book that appears to be a companion text to Henry’s storybook appears to Will and not Robin. Now, I find this incredibly interesting! Because Henry’s storybook didn’t first appear to Henry when he needed it most, it appeared to Snow. Snow, who would eventually help and support Henry later on in his quest to get Emma to stay and believe. Now what could this possibly mean for Will?

Well… if we take Henry out of the equation for just a second… the storybook seems to be a group of stories that tell the tale leading up to Emma’s existence and the existence of the Dark Curse and Storybrooke. They were stories about her parents, their friends, and the villains in their story, what happened, and how everything came to be as it was. This storybook first appeared to Snow, who was a very important player in this story, and it was her who helped push Emma along in her journey to belief and accepting her past.

Now… if we assume that the book that Will found is a companion piece to Emma’s storybook, only this one is about Killian, then what would we have now? Well, then, we’d have a group of stories that tell the tale leading up to Killian’s existence and the existence of… something else. I don’t think the Dark Curse and Storybrooke is connected to Killian’s story, but the existence of something else definitely is. Well… wait, hold on, maybe not. We know from a S1 episode that Rumplestiltskin didn’t invent the Dark Curse. He merely succeeded in creating it. He had heard from the Blue Fairy that such a curse existed, so there’s additional story left to be told in this case. Killian’s story could possibly be connected to the existence of the curse to begin with, and it may just contain the key to the breaking of the whole curse altogether, enabling everyone to travel back to the land from whence they came—the Enchanted Forest.

So the key to breaking the Dark Curse altogether could exist in Killian’s backstory, and this ship pop-up book could be the key to unraveling that mysterious backstory of his. The book may contain stories about his parents (one of them possibly being Davy Jones, the other one possibly being Calypso), their friends, and the villains in their story (one of them possibly being Ursula), what happened, and how everything came to be as it was. It’s interesting that the book first appeared to Will, because it implies that he, like Snow, will be a very important player in the following story, and help push Killian along in his journey of belief and accepting his past. And who knows, maybe Will was also an important player in Killian’s story itself. This whole storyline has the potential to be unbelievably juicy.

Speaking of…

Putting my numbskull cap back on, the Pirates of the Caribbean!

So who are the main protagonists in Pirates of the Caribbean? Well… we’ve got Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, and Jack Sparrow. Now isn’t that interesting? We just happen to have a Killian Jones, an Emma Swan, and a Will Scarlett. So who’s who?

Well, generally, Killian and Emma are the main couple, so… Killian Jones = Will Turner, Emma Swan = Elizabeth Swann, which leaves Will Scarlett = Jack Sparrow.

So far, this fits. Will Scarlett, like Jack Sparrow, comes moseying into town a drunk, looking for things to steal, and keeps getting himself into scrapes. One of these scrapes is with Killian Jones, and they end up in a fight with Will on the losing end. It’s shortly after this that he finds himself in jail. Jack Sparrow shares much of the same story—he comes moseying into town a drunk, looking to steal a ship, he gets into a fight with Will Turner, finds himself on the losing end, and it’s shortly after this that he finds himself in jail.

Now the similarities between Will Turner and Killian Jones are uncanny. Will Turner was a boy who was practically abandoned by his father as a child, yet his father still kept in contact enough to send him a piece of his cursed pirate gold, and Will grew up with the impression that he was a good, honorable man. He was mostly raised by his mother, and when she died, he moved to the Caribbean in search of his father. The ship that he was on gets caught in a pirate attack, and he gets rescued by the ship Elizabeth Swann is sailing on. Will is the only survivor of the attack. That’s where they meet. Will later gets taken in at Port Royal and apprenticed to a blacksmith, where he grows into a young man—steadfast, loyal, dutiful, and in love with the governor’s daughter, Elizabeth Swann. He’s gung-ho about fighting pirates, and later on, after he reluctantly teams up with Jack Sparrow, and Jack tells him that his father was a pirate, Will is angered by the implication, refusing to believe that pirates could be good men as well.

Killian Jones, as far as we know, grew up knowing his father until one day, when he was a boy, his father promised him an adventure, and then abandoned him in the dark of night, severing all contact. Killian, from that point on, grew up with his brother, who raised him to become an honorable young man—steadfast, loyal, dutiful. The brothers grew up hating their father, of course, convinced that he was a dishonorable man. Thus, this is a reversal of Will’s mindset in POTC. Instead of growing up thinking their father was an honorable man and then finding out he was a pirate, the Jones brothers would grow up thinking that their father was a pirate, and Killian would probably later find that he was also an honorable man. Or something to that effect. After life takes his brother from him, and Killian strays down the path of piracy and dishonor, he reluctantly teams up with Cora, and infiltrates a camp in the Enchanted Forest, posing as a blacksmith for at least a month (implying that he has quite a bit of training with regards to that trade). Cora attacks the encampment, slaughtering everyone there. Emma Swan shows up with her group, looking to rescue anyone they can, and Killian pretends to be a survivor of the slaughter. That’s where they meet. Many more adventures pass between Killian Jones and Emma Swan, just as many more years passed between Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, and eventually, Killian remembers how gung-ho he was about being a hero, and steadily finds himself falling in love with the prince’s daughter. Now… going by all the above parallels, do you think it would be too much to assume that Will Scarlett could possibly team up with a reluctant Killian in the near future, and even confront Killian with the possibility that he knows his father, and that his father is indeed a good, honorable man? And that Killian would have a hard time believing it? That wouldn’t be too much of a jump, would it?

You know, as I was reading back through those last two paragraphs just now, two things struck me—one, I can draw several scene-by-scene, one-to-one parallels between Will and Elizabeth’s meeting in POTC, and Killian and Emma’s meeting in 2.05. MULTIPLE one-to-one parallels! In fact, considering I’ve compared that scene to both Sleeping Beauty and Peter Pan already, and have analyzed it to death, I can safely say that that exact meeting scene between Emma and Killian was mean to directly parallel the meeting scene between Elizabeth and Will in POTC. There is absolutely no other story that fits that scene as perfectly as Pirates of the Caribbean. Hell! I’m going to make a GIF set of it soon just to prove my point. It is ridiculously one-to-one. This makes me excited! :-D

The second thing that really struck me, reading back on those comparison paragraphs, is this—the pirate attack in POTC corresponded with Cora’s attack in OUAT. An attack by pirates corresponded to an attack by magic. And then all I was able to recall after that was Killian’s throwaway line to Elsa in 4.03, about running from magic, when given the chance. This parallels very closely with Will Turner’s insistence that he does not have pirate blood in his veins. So maybe it isn’t so much the “good, honorable man” vs. “dirty, filthy pirate” stuff that’s going on here, but more of the “I’m normal” vs. “I’m magical” stuff. Do you know what I mean?

So, in other words, just as Will Turner spent the entire movie denying he had pirate blood in his veins, Killian Jones spent his life denying he had magical blood in his veins. Thus…

Pirate Blood (POTC) = Magical Blood (OUAT)

Which is yet ANOTHER piece of evidence that Killian is magical, and his father is the Sorcerer.

So just as Jack Sparrow spent his time trying to convince Will Turner that his father was a pirate and a good man, Will Scarlett will (probably) spend his time trying to convince Killian Jones that his father is a sorcerer and a good man. Because throughout Killian’s experience, Sorcerers are evil, just as throughout Will Turner’s experience, pirates are evil. Will Turner had to “square” with the pirate blood in his veins, just as Killian Jones is going to have the “square” with the magical blood in his veins.

Oh my god, EVERYTHING is starting to make sense! Lol! :-D :-D :-D

So the writers are doing Pirates of the Caribbean in 4B. Sweet mother of baby Jesus, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! My expectations have just skyrocketed. They had better not screw this up, because I love that movie more than I love food! And I had better see Lee Arenberg around a helluva lot more because that would just be stupidly disrespectful to him, IMO.

There is SO MUCH SHIT to draw on with regards to that franchise. The main thing I can think of, of course, would be Davy Jones. The dude is obviously Killian’s father, which leaves room for a mother. Now, if the writers even remotely cared about making the audience give a damn about Killian’s mother, they would draw from the exact same franchise, and the only person Davy Jones had an affair with in POTC is Calypso. Davy Jones and Calypso loved each other like the sky loved blue, like fish loved water, like a heart loved to beat. Yet she was fickle, and he was temperamental. Thus, while she was passionate and he, devoted, and their love, true, their union was never meant to last. Unless… Davy Jones joined her in the sea. Which would explain Killian’s abandonment. Okay! Stop! I’m getting ahead of myself.

At the very end of my last POST, I explained how 4A and 4B could possibly be connected through the storm at sea from the start of 4.01, which killed Elsa and Anna’s parents by sinking their ship. I explained that the storm at sea could possibly be connected to either one of two entities from the Disney world. These two entities were the only ones I could think of who could generate a storm as powerful as the one we saw—Calypso from Pirates of the Caribbean, or Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Now… either one of these ladies could have been responsible for the death of Anna and Elsa’s parents, OR both of these ladies are the exact same person, and Calypso/Ursula is responsible for the death of Anna and Elsa’s parents. This theory is based on the fact that the ending of The Little Mermaid and the ending of POTC: At World’s End had both Ursula and Calypso growing to the size of a giant sea urchin, before quickly stirring up a maelstrom at sea and causing all sorts of havoc and mayhem. So the parallels between them are strong.

Now… what could it possibly mean if Calypso and Ursula were the exact same person? Well, then, it would mean that Killian’s mother is actually one of the villains for 4B! Maybe… We’ll see how this plays out. But what’s interesting to note is that every single incarnation of Calypso, from The Odyssey to the Pirates of the Caribbean characterize Calypso as a very fickle, childlike lady, who’s very temperamental, but who is extremely devoted to her man (sometimes to the point of obsession). Remember how I said Adam and Eddy’s motto was “character trumps mythology”? This baseline characterization is exactly what you should expect from Calypso’s character, should she appear on the show. Thus, during 4B, if Ursula’s character begins exhibiting signs of these three traits (fickle and childlike, temperamental, and devoted to the point of obsession), then dollars to doughnuts, you’re probably looking at Calypso. You’re probably looking at the woman who gave birth to Killian Jones. And oh boy, would she and Davy Jones have some shit to sort out!

So anyway, tying this all back to the pop-up book… in summary, as some of you have pointed out above, the book that Will Scarlett found in the library is the exact same shape and size as Henry’s book about Emma’s history, has the exact same design, has pop-ups instead of pictures, and has a big ol’ silhouette of a ship in front rather than “Once Upon a Time”. Because of its multiple similarities to the Once Upon a Time book about Emma, we can conclude that the ship pop-up book is likely a companion piece to Emma’s book, but it would likely center around Killian. It would tell the story of his parents, their friends, the villains in their story, what happened to them, and largely chronicle all the happenings that led up to Killian’s existence and the present-day. Killian’s own life (backstory and present), and that of his parents, would probably parallel closely with those of the characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, down to his parents’ passionate, all-consuming love affair (which probably means he’s a True Love baby), and his own journey to acceptance of his heritage (his magical heritage). The book appearing to Will Scarlett implies that he will play a vital role in Killian’s acceptance of his magical heritage, and may even have played a vital role within the pages of Killian’s own story. And POSSIBLY hidden within the pages of that story is a tale pertaining to the existence of the Dark Curse, and the key to breaking it altogether.

Okay? So, that’s what I’ve got. This brainstorming session was fun! :-D Btw, feel free to send in your own brainstorming ideas as well. If I get multiple asks about the same topic, I’ll group them together, and we can all have a say in what comes out during these theorizing sessions. The tail end of 4A and all of 4B are looking mighty, mighty promising!!! I’m excited!!! :-)

Thanks so much for all the asks! And I hope all of you out there who are traveling for the holiday have a safe trip, a happy arrival, and a fun, grace-filled Thanksgiving! :-)

And to my non-American friends, I wish you a good, happy, productive rest-of-the-week-and-weekend. :-D