The Haughton family

@Drake swearing all over Aaliyah's new song - Enough Said.

Not a good look Drizzy, Dont mess up the Angels sound name history & image.

Don’t take me wrong your a dope rapper but some things you got to just leave alone.

If you had worked with Timbo on this project he wouldn’t of approved you going in like that. Jay - Z wouldn’t of even of done that.

Timbo and Missy don’t own any of Aaliyah’s unreleased music. Aaliyah’s estate / the Haughton family have approved Drake using her old unused vocals for this project.


Just placed my framed picture of Aaliyah, Tim & Missy in my living room just under a framed picture of New York. When I’ll be in Paris, my appartment will definitly be full of Aaliyah and New York!!!! I’m just planning to order a bigger version of the picture cause this is my favorite of the supafriends team!
I tweeted it to Rashad and he loved it, I’m just so glad we are able to communicate with him on Twitter! We are able to know if him and Diane are doing good and we are able to express them our full love and support! That’s so great! I think Aaliyah would have loved Twitter :)