For emilson / From daunt
pairing: Derek/Scott

summary/comments:The carnival is in town and this evening it’s especially packed.  Scott loses track of his friends in the dense crowds and while searching for them runs into Derek.  They start off searching for their friends together but as the evening wears on they get distracted by each others company.”

I really hope you like it Emilson, I had a great time drawing it!



Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation with Comfort Serum in Soft Beige*

This was sent to me as part of BeautyHeaven’s Trial Team, but it is available from Priceline for $17.95.

The first thing you notice with this foundation is the smell - does vitamin E have a smell? Whatever is causing the smell, it’s lovely. I’m not exactly sure what ‘comfort serum’ means, and I alternate foundations too frequently to notice an overall improvement to my skin, but it definitely smells nice.

The foundation blends well, has a natural finish, has decent coverage but is also buildable. It lasts well all day, although I didn’t test it for a full 25 hours - there are few situations in which I’d need to wear foundation for that long! 

And for those of you who, like me, have a problem with foundation getting on your phone while taking a phone call, this is transfer proof! Amazing. I hope all other companies follow suit, because my phone is made of glass and doesn’t actually need makeup.

* = Product kindly provided for consideration, but all opinions are my own.


Here’s just a little drabble I wrote today.

Paige opened her eyes sleepily, trying to figure out why she was so tired. She yawned and stretched, stopping when her arm ran into a much smaller person next to her. Right, Paige remembered. Rose had a nightmare and had insisted on sleeping between her and Emily. Paige rolled over on to her side to look over her sleeping toddler to look to her wife who was still asleep. Paige smiled as she watched Rose roll over and curl into Emily.
Paige loved Sunday’s. Sunday’s were for sleeping in. Sunday’s were for a family breakfast just the three of them. Emily and Paige had decided not long after Rose was born that they would keep Sunday’s free for just the three of them, to stay in and do nothing, just enjoy each-others company. Life could get crazy, owning a gym together where Paige worked as a personal trainer and Emily was a nutritionist and they both taught an array of classes at the gym, but their employees knew not to bother them on Sunday and that whatever it was it could wait until Monday.
Emily stirred on the other side of Rose, smiling when she felt her daughters face pressed into her neck.
“Morning beautiful” Paige whispered not ready to wake their sleeping daughter who had been unable to fall back asleep after she crawled into bed with her moms.  
“What time did she finally fall asleep?” Emily asked reaching on arm over top of Rose to brush some hair out of Paige’s face.
“Sometime between 12:30 and 1”
“Poor thing, did she say what the dream was about”
“No, but she did say that she felt better next to her mama” Paige said, smiling down at Rose. Emily looked down at the daughter that was wrapped around her body and pressed a loving kiss into the girls auburn hair. Rose rolled over dramatically and yawned.
“Morning pumpkin” Paige said, leaning down to press a kiss to Rose’s cheek
“Morning mom and mama” Rose said before letting out a dramatic yawn.
“You’re not still tired, are you?” Emily said playfully. Rose shook her head no, but reached up to rub the sleep out of her eyes.
“I think you are, I think your mama is going to have to tickle the sleep away!” Emily said attacking the girl in the middle of the bed. Rose shrieked and laughed, trying to push her mama away.
“Help! Mom!” Rose cried in between breaths and laughter.
“I’ve got you Rose, I think what we need to do is get your mama” Paige said with a smirk in her eye.
“Nonononono, you know how ticklish I am Paige”
“Well then you should have attacked out defenseless daughter. Get your mama!” Paige yelled pushing Emily down with one hand and using the other to tickle her wife.
“Okay, I surrender!” Emily yelled, her face beat red from laughing. Paige let Emily go and laid back down in the bed, Rose settling in between her and Emily.
“Me hungry moms!” Rose declared as she laid back between her mothers.
“You are? Well what are you going to do about that?” Paige asked
“Make Eggs mama!” Rose exclaimed, remembering that Emily was the one that could cook eggs perfectly, Paige not so much.
“You’ve got it girl you want to the kitchen and get the eggs out of the fridge for me?” Emily asked coaxing Rose off the bed so she didn’t fall and watched as the girl ran off, excited to help her mama cook. Emily rolled back to Paige and gave her a soft kiss.
“Morning love” Emily whispered.
“Good Morning” Paige said pulling Emily in for a deeper kiss, because this right here making breakfast with her beautiful wife and daughter after a tickle fest was exactly why Paige loved Sundays.

anonymous said:

But why is that sebastian figure only like 17 dollars???

That is because that figure is a prize one, this means that this figure is “only” available on SEGA UFO catchers (Claw crane) in Japan.  If someone is very lucky, at the first try they can get it as cheap as 500yen.

Lucky for people outside Japan, there are some online stores that sell ufo catcher/gashapon items at reasonable price!

The quality of the figure is more than good, not as nice as pvc figures from other companies who specialize on high quality but they are good.

I own 3 of the past sega figurines and the quality is so-so, very light weight!

I hope this answer your question, if you still have more questions please dont hesitate to mail me again!


teen wolf au → inception

great, scott, thank you. so now we’re trapped in derek hale’s mind battling his own private army, and if we get killed, we’ll be lost in limbo till our brains turn to scrambled egg.


last year i did a bunch of shippy holiday pictures so i figured i might as well bring them back in one photoset hahaha uwu  i might?????? do more this year a bunch of my ships are missing P:

x | x | x | x | x 


All the love and attention.


The men of Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, US Army, came from different backgrounds, different parts of the country. They were farmers and coal miners, mountain men and sons of the Deep South. Some were desperately poor, others from the middle class. One came from Harvard, one from Yale, a couple from UCLA. Only one was from the Old Army, only a few came from the National Guard or Reserves. They were citizen soldiers.


Storybrooke’s got its own charms.

people who don’t like Jack 


people who don’t like Ryan 


people who don’t like Geoff 


people who don’t like Ray 


people who don’t like Gavin 


people that don’t like Michael


people that don’t like Lindsey 


people that don’t like Caleb 


people that don’t like Kerry