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From being announced as a project less than two years ago, to holding online auditions for band spots, KUZA has been a band with their eyes set on success from the get go. With two EPs, a music video, and now their first headlining tour, it’s clear that this band is ready to put in the work that this industry requires. We sat down for another interview with lead singer Mike Kuza before their show at the Brass Mug in Tampa, FL, and got the scoop on everything in the works for them.

This is the band’s first tour, however you have had your fair share of experience on tours. How is performing different from being on the road in other capacities?

It’s a lot more on the side of business. I wouldn’t say it’s stressful, but you have a lot more to do. You have to have a certain time to do it, and you can’t mess around. If you don’t do it, it won’t get done. And I’m not used to that. Teching is a lot easier than being in the actual band, I think, personally. There’s a lot more involved with being in the band than there is being in the crew.

What was one unexpected challenge that you’ve faced during this tour?

It’d have to be just starting out with something brand new. It’s not really unexpected, but it’s more like a kick in the face. It’s like, this is it and this is what you wanted to do. It’s very challenging. It’s not hard to do, but it’s hard to get used to it and get momentum.

How has the turnout been for the shows so far?

The turnout has been pretty good so far. It hasn’t been crazy packed, but it’s been enough. We aren’t touring to gain fans or be a touring band. We’re touring to get it under our belts, so that we can be more experienced in being an actual band. We’re trying to get used to everything that’s used to us.

You put a band together very quickly. Do you think that you had enough time to prepare?

We’re definitely really tight now. It’s been hard to send each other demos of what we’re doing or videos. We were trying to do that for like, half a year through Dropbox. We didn’t practice anything for a while, so I just told everyone to send videos so I could see it?

Have you gotten to the point where you have any hecklers yet, or has everybody been cool?

I mean, we’re always going to have hecklers. At least a little bit. It’s bound to happen, but it’s not too bad.

What are your plans after this? Do you have another tour lined up or is there new music on the way?

We’re trying to write our full-length record after the tour. And in the fall and winter we are trying to go out with a band.

You’ve released a music video for “Bound By Oath”. Conceptually speaking, was that all your idea or was it a collaboration between everyone in the band?

I wanted it to be like a straight up horror movie. And then Luke, Francesca, and Matt were like “Well maybe if we had it tweaked a little bit to have like a girl being strapped in a doctor’s chair” so that’s where the girl came from.


I just uploaded a new song that the Milkmen performed last Saturday in Tampa. Enjoy.


Here’s the Tampa, Florida show that I taped a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

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more info at Blabbermouth, Gun Shy Assassin, NoiseCreep and Spike’s personal site.

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…futhermore I cannot fucking wait to see them in Tampa at The Brass Mug on Friday March 2nd

In regards to the band’s upcoming tour, vocalist/guitarist Ola Lindgren comments: “We are really psyched to get over to the states and Canada again after 5 years of absence. It’s great to be back on the Century Media train again and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ‘Into the Grave’ with another visit to North America. During the summer festivals here in Europe, we set out to play the entire first album from start to finish in the order that the songs are on the album. It turned out to be extremely well received from our fans, so we decided to bring the concept on the road for this upcoming tour. Since we are headlining, there will be more material than just the ‘Into’ album of course.”

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