“The state is not discharging people because they have a mental illness or have a developmental disability,” Ivy said. “We agonize over these decisions.”

If the state doesn’t strictly follow the new guidelines for the Medicaid-funded program, it could risk losing federal money, she said, adding that SOURCE continues to serve mentally ill and developmentally disabled individuals who also have physical impairments. Those discharged keep their other Medicaid benefits, such as hospital and pharmacy services.

LIES LIES LIES! So many of our clients are taken off of SOURCE because of their mental disabilities. Even if they have a physical disability, they always link it back to their mental disability and make the primary diagnosis for these patients “MR”- Mental Retardation. They fail to realize that mental illnesses ARE physical illnesses. I mean, hello, the brain is part of the body!!!


November 1977 – From the original caption “University of Georgia, Bulldog Mascot with his snout on a Gatorade Bottle. November 1977.” 

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Credit: Allan Walker / Atlanta Journal-Constitution Photographic Archive

The lack of focus on older brothers is one of the most troubling aspects of federally funded HIV prevention and its influence on dialogue and media coverage about Black gay men. I cannot tell you how many discussions I have been in where black people, black gay men and/or allies have resisted engaging Black gay men of all ages and through an either/or paradigm defaulted to those under 25. Specific engagement of young men (HIV prevention, education, activism) is obviously warranted.  However this focus neither requires nor justifies the lack of intergenerational focus, or public attention and innovation committed to older men.


Craig Washington is the Manager of Prevention Programs at AID Atlanta and a co-founder of Atlanta’s Bayard Rustin-Audre Lorde Breakfast . He has written various articles and editorials for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Arise, Atlanta Voice, the Black AIDS Institute, Southern Voice, Venus Magazine, and the Washington Blade.

It’s Banned Books week. Read more here: http://www.bannedbooksweek.org/

Photo credit: 
Allida Black wearing button that reads “I read banned books.” American Society of Journalists & Authors,” Atlanta, Georgia, April 21, 1983. AJCP156-054b, Atlanta Journal-Constitution Photographic Archives. Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library. Digital Library of Georgia. 

Sweet victory

Oct. 3, 1997 – John Smoltz and Chipper Jones, right, talk with the media after their victory over Houston in the Division Series in Houston. 

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Photo credit: Marlene Karas / AJC file

David Perdue, the Republican running for Senate in Georgia, doesn’t seem too bothered that he’s upset a member of the Bush family. Neil Bush, son and brother of former Bush presidents, skewered Perdue on Tuesday after the Republican sealed a campaign endorsement from George H.W. Bush.
The younger Bush was responding to attacks by Perdue on Points of Light, the organization founded by Bush’s father and run for several years by Perdue’s Democratic opponent, ­Michelle Nunn. Bush gave an angry interview to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution demanding that Perdue renounce a TV ad that accuses the group of funneling money to terrorists.
“To attack an organization founded by my father, whose integrity is unimpeachable, to smear our organization for political gain, is in my opinion shameful,” Bush said.

A Clayton County mother is suing a clinic and a nurse midwife claiming they botched the circumcision of her newborn, allegedly scarring him to the extent that he cannot normally urinate and most likely will be unable to have sex once he is an adult.

According to the attorney who filed the lawsuit in Clayton County State Court, the tip of the baby’s penis was amputated, leaving a stump.

“They cut through his urethra,” attorney Jonathan Johnson told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Monday. He said child’s body is reacting to the wound by sealing up and they are “continuing having to go and have holes punched in that wound so he can urinate.”

The mother of the 1-year-old said she has to insert an instrument in the hole three times a day to prevent it from closing.

Tyler Perry Expecting First Kid with Ethiopian Model Gelila Bekele

Tyler Perry Expecting First Kid with Ethiopian Model Gelila Bekele

Celebrity News – Tyler Perry expecting his first kid with Ethiopian model Gelila Bekele.

Tyler Perry and his girlfriend Gelila Bekele are expecting a child this fall. According to the AJC, Perry’s girlfriend for six years is pregnant.

“They are thrilled and over the moon about it,” the source told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “She’s due later in the fall. They’re getting ready for baby. It’s…

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Federal Judge Pressured to Resign After Domestic Abuse Incident

After a federal judge in Alabamaaccepted a plea deal on charges of intimate partner violence, a growing chorus of people are calling for his resignation. This comes as the problem of domestic abuse weighs heavily on the public consciencefollowing high-profile incidents with NFL players.

An appellate court on Tuesday created a committee to investigate the domestic violence charges against Fuller, according to a reportfrom the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Judge Mark Fuller was appointed in 2002 by President George W. Bush as U.S. district judge for the Middle District of Alabama. He has had a controversial term as a federal judge, both for his role presiding over trial of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, as well asprevious allegations of drug abuse and domestic abuse.

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New Post has been published on Blog Off The Wall

New Post has been published on http://blogoffthewall.com/man-allegedly-shot-to-death-over-ps4-by-16-year-old-girl-with-toddler-in-tow/

Man Allegedly Shot To Death Over PS4 By 16-Year-Old Girl With Toddler In Tow

Sandy Spring Police believe an innocent man was shot and killed over a PS4 gaming system he had listed on Craigslist. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a 16-year-old girl and her 20-year-old boyfriend, Nathaniel Vivian, brought their 16-month-old baby along to meet the seller Daniel John Zeitz (pictured above).

The trio had plans to meet in the parking lot of an apartment building to make the sale complete. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Sgt. Ron Momon from the Sandy Springs Police said, “The pair tried to rob Zeitz of the PS4, and Vivian, who was in the driver’s seat of a car, struggled with Zeitz, who was standing outside the car, for the gaming system.”

During the struggle, according to reports, the 16-year-old girl pulled the trigger. The gun fired and shot the victim fatally in his chest. The teen’s child was sitting in the back seat of the vehicle.

During the moment when Zeitz was shot, reports said the bullet went through Vivian’s hand.

Both suspects went to the hospital and that’s where they were questioned and detained.

At first, according to reports, Vivian told police he was a victim, but that was before he came forward with the truth.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution said Vivian is now being held without bond at the Fulton County jail. The 16-year-old, whose name is not being released, is also in custody at this point. No word on what police did with the baby.

As for the victim in this case, according to reports he was known by the name of “Phobos.” His friends in the online gaming system world set up a page to help raise money so he could have a funeral and a burial. That page has raised more than $20,000.

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