That was really corny sorry

I’m thinking of what the day of the final Homestuck update will be like

Tumblr is going to explode

MSPA’s servers will go nuts

People will be posting amazing tributes to the series and there are going to be a lot of genuinely emotional posts going around

It will all come to an end and it’s not something I’m going to be able to prepare myself for

It may seem like it’s far off but before I know it, this post will just be a memory of a time before it was over


Honestly when people ask me “why do you even like Justin Bieber he’s an asshole”… just look at him he’s had a terrible year but he’s realized and admitted his mistakes and he knows where he went wrong but now he’s getting himself back on track. The whole world is against him but he’s not letting them stop him from getting to where he wants to be in his career he’s finally standing up for himself and he’s always being positive throughout the negativity. The change from a few months ago to now is so obvious he’s been so happy lately and if that’s not a good enough reason to look up to him and support him then I don’t know what is

Hi guys! In order to celebrate me recently hitting 7,000 followers and the end of an awesome year, I decided to make a follow forever! All of these blogs bring wonderful things to my dash and they’re all really amazing people. So, please take a look through this list and give them a follow! :D Again, thank you so much for making my tumblr experience wonderful! And happy new years!

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My cousin always calls me when she’s sad and stuff and I’m just???? I’m so sorry dont call me im sad 24/7 idk how to tell you it’s going to be ok like I’m really sorry I don’t know what to say
I’m incredibly pessimistic and will probably make you feel worse and my only advice is to either watch anime or play video games since that’s what I do but she likes neither so ?????? Idk???????
It’s also usually about her bf and I’ve never been in a relationship so???!?????? Idk