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I’m thinking of what the day of the final Homestuck update will be like

Tumblr is going to explode

MSPA’s servers will go nuts

People will be posting amazing tributes to the series and there are going to be a lot of genuinely emotional posts going around

It will all come to an end and it’s not something I’m going to be able to prepare myself for

It may seem like it’s far off but before I know it, this post will just be a memory of a time before it was over


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BMFW prompt: Olicity + Felicity wearing his cap at a ball game

okay this was way longer than i intended it to be and i finished it in like the last two/three days. im really proud of myself bc i still having something im writing that has taken me forever to finish. i wish i was more confident in this and in my writing for that matter but i hope you like it! (Im so sorry for the corny ass title!!)

-Home Run- 

Felicity was spending beautiful Saturday afternoon in bed watching House Hunters International. Felicity doesn’t usually get to have days like these; days where she can just lie in bed doing absolutely nothing and not feel totally guilty about because she would remind herself that it was only for a day and that she deserved this. Frankly, all of Team Arrow deserved these days.

When she heard a knock on the door, she let out a loud groan. She wasn’t expecting company and she was very, very comfortable. Jen and Greg were just about to decide on whether or not they should buy the loft or the two bedroom apartment in Berlin. (Felicity screamed “THE LOFT!!!!!” at the television) Another knock hit the door and a deep, muffled voice. Ughhhhhhhhh, she thought to herself. She rolled herself off the bed and shuffled her way to the door. When she reached the door, she pushed herself up onto her tippy toes to look through the peep hole of her door and saw Diggle stand there smiling with Oliver, Roy and Thea. Felicity let out another groan because she was wearing a bright pink tube top and pajama shorts that basically looked like underwear. It wasn’t the best outfit to wear when you had company. Screw it. She opened the door and all of the guests poured into her apartment like a school of fish.

"Hi guys! What are you doing here?" Felicity asked.

Thea stepped forward and said, “We are going to a baseball game.”

“I hate baseball.”

"I tried to tell her that-" Oliver tried to interject before Thea shot him a look. Felicity tried not to smile.

"Felicity, we thought it would be a fun way to spend the day instead of watching HGTV," said Thea.

“I was not watching HGTV. I hate baseball. Its super boring and the last time I went to a baseball game I ended up in the hospital. I was on a date, which for the record was going that great anyway because he was so douchey and kept staring at my boobs which really irritates me and makes me feel so uncomfortable like he just wanted sex but long story short, a player hit a foul ball and it hit me in the head. When I was rushed to the hospital, the guy was on his phone the entire time checking the scores and didn’t care that I had a freaking tomato of a bump on my forehead and I never called him again.  There was even a YouTube video with it on a loop and with auto-tuned music and everything. I got rid of it though,” Felicity said with a proud smile on her face.

"That was a long story short? Did you even breathe during that entire monologue?" Roy laughed. They all had tried not to laugh but with Felicity’s story, it was difficult not to.

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How do you stay so optimistic? Is there a secret, Doctor. I can't seem to get the grasp of it.

    “Well, Nonny, there’s not really a secret, per se, but… Y’see, it’s in plain sight.”

     ”What you’ve got t’ do is think about all the bad things. Counterintutive, yeah, but just hear me out. Now, for every awful thing you can think of, think of something good.”

     ”—‘Cause, Nonny, for every horrible thing there is out there, there’s always a good thing to match it. And, believe you me, Nonny, there is always more good than there is bad. The bad things don’t necessarily trump the good, and vice versa, but trust me on this: The good make it a little bit better. You’ve just got t’ focus on the little glimmer that shines in your heart, in the hearts, souls, what have you, of every living being in this wonderful, terrible, beautiful Universe—”