Honestly, how did I ever get the best followers a tumblr blog could really ask for? Not just followers, but incredible friends and some I would even consider family. I am beyond words right now and I figured the best thing to do is make a Follow Forever for this amazing milestone I’ve somehow hit! 

                     My Precious Babies 

You guys are the ones I can connect with easily and feel I’ve grown closest to in the new year; I can’t even express or begin to explain how important you are to me and how much I adore each and every one of you. Seeing you and your shenanigans on my dash makes my time on the computer a little more brighter and exciting. You’re the first to defend me and pick me up when I’m down, I always know I can count on you. We also may RP the most and it would be safe to say you’re my RP baes~! 

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                      Stay With me Always

Really, you guys are the ones that I hope I stay mutuals with forever and I just love you each so much for many reasons. You also make such an impact in my RPing experience so please stay with me forever. 

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                     Honorable Mentions

We may not know each other that well and/or speak little yet, maybe we’ve just started following each other but you’re very precious to me and I know I can just come at you with my shenanigans and it’d feel like we’ve known each other for years and we’re the best of friends! Also, people I recommend my followers to follow these blogs ‘cause these guys are AMAZING and deserve constant love.

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                   So Close and Yet So Far

These are some of the many blogs I’d love to get to know better and actually find the courage to RP with. I admire you from afar and reach out to you with my little grabby fingers but am not sure how to snatch you up! One day…one day. 

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I woke up like dis…wee thanks federal government for the day off, no wonder you’re in a deficit 😉

as the eve of the blood of olympus release approaches us, i’d just like to say, for the final time:


thank you for inspiring us all and reminding us that anyone can be a hero, no matter who you are. 

Hi there. So I recently hit 3 thousand followers and to celebrate it, I decided to do up a follow forever instead of studying for exams and doing art but I’d really like to thank every follower because my blog will be nothing without you guys. And I’d also like to thank to thank all the wonderful blogs I follow for making my dash a fabulous place especially to my senpais who I will always admire but never ever approach you because I will humiliate myself one way or another. I’d never really thought I’d get this many followers tbh. Really makes me happy that people do like my blog. To those who aren’t mentioned in this follow forever, I still love you and your blog. Here’s my blogroll if you guys are curious. I’m not really good with words or expressing myself but thank you all once again. And I’d like to thank tetsukun for the transparent rin.

ps. don’t mind my horrible follow forever edit. it was so last minute and done in a rush plus i have no photoshop. i’m so sorry but hey its rin.and i really hope i didn’t forget anyone and i’m sorry if i did orz.

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Lets start a eid selfie trend shall we. Post your fave photos of the day whether they’re selfies, with friends etc and caption it #EidAlFitrSelfieCompilation2k14. Lets bring the celeberation to tumblr and let us witness how good we all looked. dont leave a sister hanging brahh join me in this trenddd, EID MUBARAK

‏@spoon_B 2/26発売別冊spoon.2Di(vol.49)の表紙を初公開! 表紙巻頭特集「弱虫ペダル」、Wカバー「ハマトラ」、「弱ペダ」&「K」ポスター、「ハマトラ」ピンナップ付きです☆

volume 49 of spoon magazine will have a yowamushi pedal cover feature and poster! order it here or here


i’ve started to translate this rly long doujin to so that i can improve on my japanese! the majority was done by me, but i did ask for help on reddit and used some japanese OCR’s, so kudos to those people too (‘∀ `)

i’m currently working on some art and school work, so i have no idea when i’ll finish translating the rest of it! gomen (‘· Ω · `) aybe someone else will come along and translate the rest! it’s pretty long (around 20 pages, i think). i’m not very good at translating mondo’s slang either, so maybe someone else who can might be able to do the rest ʕ · ᴥ · ʔ


translated by me 

originally by


just letting all you anons know— I am aware of tim horton’s locations in USA, also that munchkins exist

three years of hindsight will do this for a person

I wanted to make you guys aware of this before I get anymore messages about it!!

I realize the wording of my post was inflammatory and harsh, and yes also pretentious, but I feel I have matured over the last three years since I made the post 

I’d just really like to spend the holidays with out a bunch of emails

In the time it took to make this post I got nine new messages so rest assured I am informed lol

I’m sorry for my rude language and harsh intent I hope you all have a great holiday season