He continued to laugh by himself, with Shion beside him.
NO. 6 Beyond - Chapter 4

I’m finally done with this doujinshi! :) Woah, that was a lot of work! But I hope you guys will like it. ^^ I felt a bit sorry for Nezumi, tho. Drunk!Shion is kinda annoying, but pretty cuddly. XD Okay, that’s cute. He’s touching him all the time. Or like meopat said, he’s nose-molesting him. X’DD But hey, that means they had 4 kisses in canon. 2 real kisses and 2 eskimo kisses. Haha, drunk!Shion is giving him the most innocent kisses ever. ^^  Ah, and thank you, karereiko for your suggestion! :) Have a nice No. 6 day, everyone. 

Film Production Acronyms

Thank you for putting together this blog.  I am not in film, but am a woman who feels that shedding light on your industry will help the conversation in all industries. That said, there are a lot of acronyms used on the blog that I don’t know or understand. Could you please put up a page with what some of those acronyms mean for reference?  It would help contextualize the experiences that much more. Totally get it if it’s not possible.  The blog is super strong and stands on its own. For example: DP, AC, DoP (assuming the same as DP, but still can’t figure it out), PA (this one I know but I’m guessing others don’t), ICM, G&E. Thanks. 

Thank you for the suggestion. The IMDB has a great reference guide of film terminology HERE. We have added it to our FAQ.

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Draw your cutie au ra with loads of flowers ôヮô✨

I think I finally get her face..thank you folks for all the suggestions you help
me a lot with Satrina >//3//<

btw~ featuring ask-feather-dae‘s Au Ra here as well, the idea were so lovely I just had to…sorry..not sorry xD

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Undiscovered gems here on tumblr. Magagaling mag long post, one liner. Suggest please. Thank you

I don’t know if some of them are undiscovered for you anon so I’ll just put the blogs which I find very interesting to read.

escafeism (you can also follow the authors if you want to follow specific blogs)

Actually, there are still a lot of them. But these are the people who I often see in my dash. For those that I forgot to list, just like this guys. Follow them too anon. Thank you. Good noon.

zonestar replied to your post: My prescription is so far off I can fe…

I don’t know if it will help and I don’t wear glasses, but a bunch of people at my job (like 3-4 people) have been swearing by I have not used them and don’t know much about glasses perscriptions, but they say this place is verygood

Zenni Optical is seriously awesome! I highly recommend everyone go there!
My thing is my eyesight has degraded to the point of needing a doctor to give me a new prescription. My current one just isn’t cutting it and everything is hella blurry - which strains my eyes and hurts like heck and blah blah blah. But thank you for the suggestion! That was very kind!

So! I’ve managed to put quite a few documentaries up on this blog already (they are all BRF for now, apologies!)

I will continue to do so in the next few days, thank you so much to everyone who has sent in links and suggestions, you guys are amazing and I’ll try to get to all the content you sent as soon as possible. 


Hey guys! I’m free for a few days so I’m going to be accepting suggestions for Animal crossing NPC and Villager requests! ♥

there’s some quick basic rules you must follow for if you’re going to leave me suggestions!

  • Firstly, this is an animal crossing only! Please only suggest animal crossing related things!
  • Secondly, this is only for NCPs and Villagers of animal crossing, not mayors or other personal characters - for you want your mayor, check out my commissions
  • Thirdly, I will only do the ones I feel like, and even if I wanted to do all of them I may not get through all of them! Please be respectful of this! 

Thank you for reading and send me suggestions maybe? 

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Suggest undiscovered gems here on tumblr. Yung magagaling magblog na hindi pa masyadong kilala. Thank you

Sorry, ayoko mag suggest eh. Baka may makalimutan lang akong itag. Kung sino na lang mag like nito yun na lang! Sorry! =) Goodafternoon!

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hello Nissi. how do you best suggest someone work on cultivating their inner beauty? it's so easy to get caught up on having the perfect 'outer beauty', i feel like i don't pay much attention to the inside. do you have any tips, places you suggest to start, etc? thank you. x

you could ask this question to 20 different people and get 20 different answers

for me, what defines inner beauty is a spirit of generosity, positivity, and an inner light. i believe that what makes a person often the most beautiful is how they use their gifts to help others, whether it’s friends, family, or people that they don’t even know. a good place to start would be to ask yourself who you are and what you stand for, and what makes you, you. ask yourself what more is there to you besides what’s on the outside. then think about the gifts you have and figure out how you can use those gifts to be a blessing in other people’s lives

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Hi, I have a robo dwarf hamster and I know that they are a very shy and nervous breed. My hamsters name is Peach and she will climb onto my hand but only if she smells food, if there is no food around she has no interest in me. I was wondering if you could write a master post or give some tips on bonding with you hamster.

Hi, thanks for your suggestion. At the moment I don’t have much time to write any more really big masterposts but my best tips for bonding with your pets are the following: 

- Respect them / respect their privacy. If they sleep, don’t wake them up. If they are eating, let them alone and don’t interrupt. 

- Don’t try to catch them/don’t take them on your hand if they don’t want to (except it is necessary for example when going to the vet etc). If they panic and run away or bite you leave them alone for a few days and only give them food/water/clean bedding. After that you can try again.

- Be patient!

- If you adopted a new hamster, always! leave them alone for a week or so, don’t try to touch them or anything just talk to them in a quiet voice so they get used to you, the new cage etc.

- After this try giving them good food until they come on our hand without fear. 

- Remember that pets are not here to play with you and some simply have no interest in forming a “friendship” with their human which is totally fine and should be respected.

- Instead of playing with them you can watch them, give them a wonderful enviroment to live in and talk to them/pet them if they want to. :)

- Don’t be upset if your hamster is never tame because some will always be shy but that’s okay. 

Have a nice day :-)