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Just thought some people might want to know: Windows 8 has an app which is basically a very comfortable, very distraction-free and minimal writing app called "WritePlus". It's free, and really good. It has just the basic formatting settings. I think it's much better than Writemonkey, and it's free, so it easily wins against ZenWriter. So, I think you should check it out. Have a nice day!

I had not heard of this app before, but it looks great. Thank you for suggesting it, netawrites, and I hope everyone will take a second to check it out!

Get the app! (It’s free!)

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HE’S FAST, SHE’S WEIRD - A Maximoff Twins Playlist

▌▌► [ L I S T E N ]

Love Don’t Die The Fray | The Phoenix Fall Out Boy | Run Boy Run Woodkid | Immortals Fall Out Boy | You’re in my Head Brian McComas | Nothing Left to Say Imagine Dragons | On My Way Pentatonix | Bleeding Out Imagine Dragons | Stand Rascal Flatts | Get Home Bastille | Feels Like Today Rascal Flatts

Exo’s reaction to cathing their girlfriend watching “Love Me Right”

Suggested By gumiho04 ~ thank you!


*Was completely aware of you watching it*

“Alright tell me you loved it.”


*was already going to make you watch it anyway* “Good choice babe.”


*Was completely unaware until you point it out to him* “Oh hey it’s our video.”


“I knew you couldn’t resist my singing.”


*is completely bored, while you’re trying to watch the video he’s trying to get you’re attention.


*Patiently waits to hear what you thought of the video*

“Did you see me in it???”


*almost gives you a heart attack and asks what you’re watching even though he already knows*

“What are ya watching (y/n)?”


“listen to a song with me in it”


“You want me to show you the dance?”


*Was no surprise, of course you’re going to be watching something with his adorable face in it.*

-Reactions are open send me requests

Today I was walking through the skyway near where I work. Especially in the winter the skyway is home to some of the homeless population. Today a lady was looking for a restroom. I initially said I didn’t know but then remembered there was a food court nearby that MIGHT have one. When I suggested the food court she loudly said “I thought you didn’t know”. How about a simple thank you?

I also helped someone who is struggling financially with suggestions for getting back on their feet after losing their job, and not once have I heard a thank you.

I really enjoy helping people when I know they need it and they appreciate it. The guy that stayed with us during the Crossfit Regionals thanked me multiple times.

I really hope gratitude isn’t gone. I hope if I ever forget to say thank you that someone reminds me.

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Ate, suggest ka po ng magagaling na bloggers. thank you.

mxrkmywords carlukininam buhaybabae brenclxridxd lokokangbataka crushsanaakonalang kidnats prinsipengpogi lostlttrs pancit-with-ketchup lykabeargin mrdoctor-love babaengmalditaaa lalakingimpaktoo bertybrates imahenasyon mrhappybirthday periodofsilence neverthelesz themanoverthoughtsandwords batangacuteangle metaphormaguss inhinyerongmakata backreader nakangitingprinsesa prinsipengilokano orangejeuz manongchadie zxczaivbnm ngitizoned rebelbeattt maestrangpandak

Marami pong magagaling dito pero eto naman yung hinahangaan ko for now :)

Calling All Artists!

I would like to introduce you to you the Art- Classifieds. It is a new art-related only classified ad page in the Silvermoon Sun Times. As part of my introduction, I am offering free ads for your art, art events, and other art-related ventures until July 15th, 2015. Please let me know if you are interested in submitting an ad. Contact me at

Please Boost!

((Thank you Nighte-goggles for the suggestion! You Rock!))


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If you're looking for Steven universe fic writers I know a few: hyourinmarice, herpearl, Andwecanmessaround, anthimeriate and clone-jail, all are authors who do SU fanfic. Herpearl, anthimeriate and Andwecanmessaround seem exclusively SU, the rest are mainly SU with some orphan black/good stuff thrown in as well!

I do need more fanfic thank you for sending some suggestions my way!!

midnighthushes asked: Hi. Can you suggest a detective/mystery books? :) thanks in advance.

Here are some of my favorites! I tried to put the first in the series for most of them- the first one isn’t, but it’s great! However, you don’t really HAVE to read the first one if you don’t want to! I hope some of them interest you!

1. Catch Me by Lisa Gardner

2. The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen

3. Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

4. Stealing Shadows by Kay Hooper

5. When the Bough Breaks by Jonathan Kellerman

6. The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith 

Thanks for the question! Happy reading! 

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You're beautiful inside and outside and your smile makes me smile every time I see a pic of you. Thank you for posting pics of yourself! I suggest you making a FAQ so you don't have to answer the same question a million times. Have a wonderful night/day!

Thank you lovely! And you’re so right lol, I’ll do that now. You too <3

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suggest bloggers ? THANK YOU :)

Sorry ulit nalate yung reply ko :)










































wala na kong maalala, like na lang sa iba :)

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I have an idea! Since a lot of people seem to ask "hey u didn't reblog my thing" and usually you did but its in ur queue, you guys could 'like' the post, that way you let the ppl know you've seen the post and it will be posted soon but not all at once. It also let's u know if you've seen the post or not. just a suggestion! You don't have to do it obviously!

do you guys want us to do this?? 😊

thanks for the suggestion!! we’ll keep this in mind!

- bagelkid xo


It was common knowledge that the bigger the age gap was, the more powerful the soulmates were and to fulfill the Prophecy they’ll need every power they could muster. [Lizzington AU]                                                  

[Also on]

Thank you so much literarybitca for your help, suggestions and comments. Love you!

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That opal is amazing!! ٩(๑❛▽❛๑)۶(º ロ º๑)

I colored this w the trackpad because im lounging around away from my tablet…but srsly, thank you! I saw the notes and gasped…

Also I see someone suggested that my unreferenced drawing looked like a younger Opal so I tried running with that..

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I was the one who asked about the golarion equivalent of the book of Kells, I am now asking with Mark Moreland like you suggested. Thanks for the list of books with some importance on golarion- Equinoxmaster

No prob! Hope you find something that works for you game.

And if you don’t, make one up!

And if you do, be sure to share it with all the rest of us!

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Hello, I saw your answer to an anonymous person lamenting that the same fics were always being recommended over and over. I would suggest that this person also check the favourites of those authors posted in their profiles on ff or AO3. I have found a lot of great older fics this way. Also instead of asking for favourites, this person may want to ask what others are currently reading since many don't choose a fic as a favourite until it is far along or done. Thanks for sansan positivity!

Great suggestions, thank  you so much for your contribution! 

I just want to put it out there that musingsofaquietmind is the fabulous Sansan goddess emmiemac on AO3 and FF, so please everyone, check out her works and favorites.

~ Mod Feather

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To the no-rape anon, Look for period drama with a PG rating (or lower), and look at the parets guide on IMDB. Also check out the tumblr blog isitconsensual, to see if the movie you're considering watching are on that site. Also try to find less "realistic" period drama, and more of the on-the-surface kind of movies.

Thank you so much for the suggestions! I’m sure Anon will appreciate it very much :)

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I think you'll like the film "wolf totems"!

Yes, I am definitely going to watch it some time! Thank you for suggesting it! 

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Hey Mackenzie! So everyone I've been seeing on social media has the cutest wedges and I can't find anything! Do you have any recommendations of different places I should look? Thank you! Have a great day 😊

Here are some places I would suggest checking out:

  •  Nordstrom
  • Nordstrom rack
  • DSW
  • Neiman marcus last call
  • Target
  • Steve Madden
  • Zappos
  • Amazon

hi everyone! i finally added an faq section (you can find it in my links) for questions i get asked really often. it’s the start of the new month as well as the start of summer for me now, so i’m working on bringing you guys different content for these next few months and answering all of the asks i’ve gotten

i have about 70 messages i still need to respond to, but i’m slowly getting to everything and trying to cover everyones requests! thank you all for your patience :) if you have any suggestions on the type of content you want to see, feel free to drop me a message