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More septum rings, please!

more septum rings, you say?! gladly :) check out these shops first … i’ll be following up with a few featured finds next!

eleven44jewelry | piercingzon | chicbodyjewelryfancymadeshop | klassyfan | sagia | studiolil | psajewelry | studiomeme

looking for a faux septum ring? check out these shops … and most of them also sell real piercing rings:

zzag | patapatajewelry | spectrumdesignsuk | tribalik | shankaratrading | junylie | ronibiza 

stay tuned … :)


quick cabin announcement

don’t worry i’m not gonna make a habit out of this but i just wanted to get a few things off my chest

1. Look at this!

seriously when i made the first Tolkien Pressure post i was hoping i wouldn’t get shouted at but everyone’s been so lovely and kind and knowing you enjoy these posts means the world to me, so thank you!!!

2. Another big, big thank you to all those lovely people who’ve been messaging my main blog about Tolkien Pressure and i’m so sorry about taking ages to get back to you all!!

3. you see, i wasn’t expecting much feedback and that’s why i didn’t make an announcment here before but i’m making one now just in case: i’m more or less on hiatus for about another 2 weeks or so. all posts are queued (there are about 30 or so left right now) so if you send in messages please understand that i‘ll probably won’t be able to reply for quite some time :(


As some of you may know, I’ve been having a really hard time with my depression and my parents and all that. I recently got a job but I don’t start until June and my first two weeks will basically be my trial/training period to see if I can keep the job. Also the place is 30 min away from where I live and I don’t have a car. I’m also looking for another job just in case… I’m hoping to make enough money to move out of my parents home and be in a safer environment. So because it was a good idea I decided to make an Amazon wish list filled with essential items like food, water, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. and some business casual clothing for work and interviews. (Thank you again to that anon for suggesting this)

I think this is so much better than asking for money for help, now you know that I’m seriously using this stuff and that your money is actually going out to help me. So if you can, please help me get some of this stuff on my wish list it would be very helpful and if you can’t do that, please reblog this so more people can see it and I can get a little more help. The email for my wish list is and that’s also the email for my paypal if you want to donate some money.

Thank you in advance for all the help and all the love really. You guys are the ones who make me feel important and make me feel loved and really keep me going in times where I’m struggling to find a reason to be here. And if there is absolutely nothing you can do please do me a favor and pray for me, my health, and my safety. Much love to you all.

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make her frack the egg (or sera) also she looks amazing so yea

dude nirali is 5′10″ and muscley as hell she would crush his skull like sparrow’s egg between?? ? ? and she would do it while laughing probably.

as for sera…..something bothers me about the sera romance so :/ i dunno bro. don’t have anything against people who romance i just don’t think i could.

thank you, though. :’) i’ll see how it goes in game, it might change, who knows?

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GoM reacting to s.o. kissing them good morning?

Kuroko: “Good morning, ___-Chan.” You giggled and bit your lip. “Tetsuya, your hair is a hot mess.” Kuroko frowned at you, and ran his hand through it in attempt to save it. This made you laugh even more, and Kuroko rolled his eyes.

Kise: “___-cchi, that was so cute!” Kise rasped, his morning voice making you squirm. “Thanks, Ryouta. Now lets…” You looked at him suggestively and wiggled your eyebrows. Kise smirked. “Wow~ ___-cchi is naughty today.”

Midorima: “What was that for, nanodayo? T-That was so indecent.” You scoffed at your dorky boyfriend. “We had sex last night, and you think kissing is indecent?” You watched with amusement as his cheeks brightened.

Aomine: “If you wanted sex so badly, you could’ve kissed my d-” Aomine grunted when you punched him in the flower. He chuckled at your feistiness in the early morning, and kissed you back.

Murasakibara: Get off,” Murasakibara whined, pulling the covers over him. You sat on your legs and pouted. “Mou, I’m just trying to be cute, Atsushi!” You watched Murasakibara move underneath the blankets. “You’re already cute, ___-Chin. Now let me sleep before I crush you.”

Akashi: Akashi was surprised to see you up before him, and he smiled at the feel of your lips. “Good morning, Akashi-Kun.” You giggled, kissing his chin, too. Akashi looked up at you and caressed your cheek. “Good morning, flower.”


Kagami: “ALEX, GET OFF OF-” Kagami was seconds away from tossing you across the room, but quickly stopped when he saw the mischief in your eyes. “G-Geez, ___-Chan. I’m sorry.” Kagami said, a light blush brushing his cheeks. “It’s ok, Kagami-Kun.”

More protein....

So I am being told (and trying to listen too) that I need more protein. Having steak ever night is not an option but chicken gets boring after a while.

So here is the thing….I know tumblr is knowledgeable. Lay it on me….suggestions…..brands……..dirty jokes…

Please and thank you

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can you suggest some looks with the 2nd lorac pro palette? btw i think you'd love the lush liquid liner

Thank you for your suggestion!

LOOK 1: Beautiful Browns

  • Inner Corner: “Beige”
  • First Half of the Lid: “Mocha”
  • Second Half of the Lid: “Cocoa”
  • Crease / Lower Lash Line: “Light Brown”
  • Outer V: “Cool Gray”

LOOK 2: Stunning Steel

  • Inner Corner: “Snow”
  • First Half of the Lid: “Silver”
  • Second Half of the Lid: “Chrome”
  • Crease / Lower Lash Line: “Charcoal”
  • Outer V: “Black”

LOOK 3: Pretty Plum

  • Inner Corner: “Buff”
  • First Half of the Lid: “Rose”
  • Second Half of the Lid: “Mocha”
  • Crease / Lower Lash Line: “Nectar”
  • Outer V: “Plum”

LOOK 4: Nautical Navy

  • Inner Corner: “Snow”
  • First Half of the Lid: “Beige”
  • Second Half of the Lid: “Rose”
  • Crease / Lower Lash Line: “Light Brown”
  • Outer V: “Navy”

LOOK 5: Magnificent Matte

  • Inner Corner: “Buff”
  • First Half of the Lid: “Nectar”
  • Second Half of the Lid: “Light Brown”
  • Crease / Lower Lash Line: “Cool Brown”
  • Outer V: “Black”

Hope this helps!

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Hey! I've been looking everywhere for comic recommendations with Dick and Tim brotherly interactions, but I'm having some trouble. So far I've found Gotham Knight #8, Nightwing #25, and The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks so much!

The New Titans #65, Red Robin #11 & #12, Robin  #67 & #178, Nightwing #6 & #138 & #139 & #142, Young Justice Secret Origins 80-Page Giant #00, DC Universe Holiday Special 2008, the first like 10 issues of Gotham Knights, and probably a ton more than I’m missing. There’s always a ton of little Dick Tim brotherly things scattered throughout comics, especially in the original Robin, Nightwing, and even Birds of Prey runs. But if anyone can think of more, reply with the issue please!


my dad and i bought a fan for the inside of the head and drilled little holes in the plastic under the lids, and the eyes don’t fog at all!! i ran around in my whole suit for like an hour and NOTHING happened! i also have a fan for my chest so i can be even more cool and comfortable!! thank you so much to all the people who provided suggestions, without you my weekend would be ruined!


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Hey Derpy, one way to keep your head up even while it rains is being with friends, family, or loved ones, right? And if they are not around I found another way to keep one's head up is watching a movie that you loved watching as a kid that brings back good memories or doing something that makes one happy.

Those are fantastic suggestions; thank you for the advice. 

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Hi. I was wondering if you could help me put together some college outfits for winter. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot, you're blog's great!

peculiarlyrene replied to your post “Can you tell me really good books that are easy to understand? I…”

pardon me for jumping in: you could also try: The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster The Xanth series by Piers Anthony Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene any books by Agatha Christie Hardy Boys by Franklin W. Dixon

great suggestions. thank you! :)

thank you for sending me song suggestions out of the blue. I’ll check it all out when I get home so keep them coming!

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We need gather, and write down the knowledge you share with us, in a book Derpy. I'll title that book: Derpy's aphorisms. This knowledge must be protected for the coming generations.

Aww…thank you for suggesting to do that! 

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I aspire to be you.



I would like to take this time to personally apologize to the members of Fall Out Boy 

I don’t know what got into me. Im gonna blame this on a conversation i had with radicalrumps. They had drawn Patrick with wings a while ago, which inspired me to put random animal features on ALL the boys.  

If you cant tell, Patrick is a bird, Joe is a french bulldog, Andy is a ram, and Pete is a Bat (the bat thing was suggested by abbietheowl Thank you!)

(this is also notpetewentz fault somehow, idk exactly how but it just is)