Everyone ready to sing along? 



Teen Titans, Let’s Go!

Here are our last photos from the Calgary Comic Expo weekend, but we think you’ll love Atticie Cosplay’s version of Terra and Beast Boy. Raven here is cosplayed by Amy, and all the outfits are outstanding. We actually had to start rewatching the series again because we forgot how much the Titans meant to us. 


(Captions ahoy!)

Because I realized that i never posted the drawings that came from me and nekosandkeyblades making this KHxSU AU crossover thing + some sketches i failed to show because whoops.

So for the gems:

Steven/Rose Quartz-Ventus/Aqua is Aventurine (gem location is by their chest)

Garnet-Sora is Ametrine (spoiler in the captions for Sora) (gems at both palms)

Amethyst-Vanitas is Almadine (gem is on his tongue)

Pearl-Riku is Moonstone (gem is at his belly button because yes)

Non-gems, Kairi is Connie and Terra is Greg.

Not pictured:

Jasper-Marluxia is Thulite

Peridot-Vexen is Yellow Beryl

Lapis-Namine is Larimar