Artist: Young Widows
Title: The Money
Album: Easy Pain
Release Date: May 13, 2014

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Young Widows tour 2014
April 24—Ace of Cups—Columbus, Ohio
April 25—Headliners Music Hall—Louisville, Kentucky
April 26—Exit/In—Nashville, Tennessee
May 14—Subterranean—Chicago, Illinois
May 16—Loving Touch—Ferndale, Michigan
May 17—Hard Luck—Toronto, Ontario
May 18—St. Vitus—Brooklyn, New York
May 19—Great Scott—Boston, Massachusetts
May 20—Boot & Saddle—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 21—DC9—Washington, D.C.
May 22—Strange Matter—Richmond, Virginia
May 23—Kings—Raleigh, North Carolina
May 24—The Earl—Atlanta, Georgia
May 25—The Bottletree—Birmingham, Alabama
June 19—Czar Bar—Kansas City, Missouri
June 20—Moon Room—Denver, Colorado
June 21—Kilby Court—Salt Lake City, Utah
June 22—The Shredder—Boise, Idaho
June 24—Chop Suey—Seattle, Washington
June 25—Bunk Bar—Portland, Oregon
June 26—Witch Room—Sacramento, California
June 27—Thee Parkside—San Francisco, California
June 28—The Church On York—Los Angeles, California
June 29—Rhythm Room—Phoenix, Arizona
June 30—Plush—Tucson, Arizona
July 2—Holy Mountain—Austin, Texas
July 3—Club Dada—Dallas, Texas
July 4—Conservatory—Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
July 5—Firebird—St. Louis, Missouri

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"Don’t Get Any Closer" - Eluvium

I haven’t much to say on this most tranquil of tracks. “Back to basics” comments, career recaps of ambient talent Matthew Cooper, all have been made already today. This delicate nine-minute piece is simple in structure, with gorgeous results. Plaintive piano overlaps subtle, shifting drone pieces to maximal hypnotic effect.

This is the first single of the Nightmare Ending, a double album to be released May 14th via Temporary Residence Ltd. The aptness of the title, the potential for bad puns relating it to the song title, are so easy that not even I dare touch them. Don’t mind that, though - just listen.

By the way, Jeannie Lynn Paske - that is some nice artwork indeed.

- Tyler Hanan

PREMIERE: “Digital Camo” - Watter

Watter is an awesome new band from Louisville, Ky., that finds esteemed Slint/Breeders drummer Britt Walford teaming with Grails’ Zak Riles and multi-instrumentalist Tyler Trotter. Their debut album, “This World,” will be released May 27 on Temporary Residence Ltd., and is nothing short of an instant instrumental rock masterpiece for fans of Slint, Rodan, Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor! and James Blackshaw. We’re pleased to premiere “Digital Camo,” an exclusive digital-only bonus track from the album. - Jonathan Cohen, Music Booker for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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Artist: MONO
Title: Where We Begin
Album: The Last Dawn
Release Date: October 28, 2014

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The Last Dawn and Rays of Darkness are a pair of new albums by MONO. Recorded simultaneously yet conceptually and creatively disparate, the two act as both opposing and complementary sides to a story. No strangers to narratives, the twin albums explore familiar themes for the band: Hope and hopelessness, love and loss, immense joy and unspeakable pain. Those elemental parts of life and the complicated relationships they create have never been more resonant through MONO’s music than they are here. The Last Dawn is the first of these two companion albums, and is the “lighter” of the two, thematically and melodically. It contains undoubtedly some of MONO’s strongest songs ever, drawing on an array of influences from minimalist film score to vintage shoegaze. It is MONO at their absolute purest, executing an uncanny, unspoken dialogue with each other without the dozens of stringed instruments that have been so prominent throughout their catalog in recent years. The songs are also noticeably more efficient – there hasn’t been a MONO full-length record that fit on a single slab of vinyl since 2003’s One Step More And You Die – and the album benefits immeasurably from this streamlined approach. MONO have always been masters of telling compelling stories without words. But now they’ve proven they can do it without frills, too.

©2014 Temporary Residence Ltd.

"Proceed to Memory" - Pinback

Pinback finally releases a single off a new album, which I - we, I mean - have been waiting for for… well, for five years, and I let pathetic excuses like “work” and “no internet at the apartment” keep me from listening to it for days. It’s pathetic, really - similar to how I let something like “being broke” prevent me from getting their Record Store Day singles.

That unnecessary exposition having been said, the song itself is quite the opposite. It is as intimately radiant as ever, showing the duo’s magic is as strong as ever, reassuring that they can still craft an insanely catchy, fun, and beautiful pop song. Information Retrieved will come out in October - a month already slated for a plethora of highly promising releases - via Temporary Residence Ltd., their debut album for the indie powerhouse. Between us, though, this could very well be the October release with the best chance to become the soundtrack for my autumn. 

- Tyler Hanan

Coliseum 8/10/13

Explosions In The Sky and David Wingo - Prince Avalanche OST(Temporary Residence - 2013) 

Explosions in the Sky never ran out of energy, but they did run out of ideas. This is not their first soundtrack, in 2004 they scored Friday Night Lights with what was essentially a very watered down version of their best studio material at the height of it’s success, layered over a sports drama film of little merit. Now post rock is gasping for air in its naked form and sending others skyward in its new guises - (see Wu Lyf and Deafheaven) they’ve found a new and challenging way of thinking about how to do this.  Prince Avalanche is not a sports drama, this is not an OST that relays on grandiose jockish emotions and it’s all the better for it. Considering the term “cinematic” is showered on these guys regularly, Prince Avalanche is one of the least “cinematic” things they’ve made. Refreshingly it feels small, personal and human, things this band have never striven for, and until recently never needed to. 

It’s a form of modern classical that a dopey teenager can run away to paint lines on a highway to. The surprising affection of “Wading” is almost a one minute distilled ambient version of “Last Known Surroundings” obviously them, but obviously not. There’s two standouts, “An Old Peasant Like Me” is a somber ambient wash met with guitars that even in their most basic form seem like they could have only come from this band. “Join Me On my Avalanche” is the opposite, a slow brewing very different kind of epic. 

"Kerosene Girl" - Young Widows

Young Widows have always made grim and deafening rock, harsh and abrasive stuff that pummeled listeners, but the trio hasn’t released a track quite like this one. It’s a truly electrifying track, a transfixing five-minute descent into obsession and madness. Evan Patterson is unhinged here, and pulsing, maddening guitar riddles everything.

It’s beyond bursting at the seams, and it gives a hint that Young Widows’ fourth album could be well beyond their usual consistent quality. It will be interesting to track the tenor of the album - the finest tracks on In and Out of Youth and Lightness were the more measured and patient tracks.

Easy Pain is due out from Temporary Residence Ltd on May 13.

- Tyler Hanan

Join Me On My Avalanche

Explosions in the Sky and composer David Wingo composed the score of David Gordon Green’s new film “Prince Avalanche”; "Join Me on My Avalanche" is the first track we can hear from it.

The soundtrack is out August 6 via Temporary Residence and the film is out August 9, watch the trailer here.


Inventions trailer (Eluvium + Explosions in the Sky)

Eluvium’s Matthew Cooper and Explosion in the Sky’s Mark T. Smith have come together to form Inventions. This bit of perfect news was accompanied by a release date and track-listing for the project’s first, self-titled album, as well as a trailer. 

The one minute teaser gives away little, but it does reassure us that, yes, this will likely be the thick slab of elegant grandeur and graceful beauty that this union would have us predict.

The two have worked together before, with Smith playing on “Envenom Mettle,” a track off Eluvium’s gorgeous, expansive double album from last year, Nightmare Ending.

The album will be released on April 1 by Temporary Residence Ltd

1. Echo Tropism
2. Flood Poems
3. Entity
4. Luminous Insects
5. Peaceable Child
6. Sun Locations / Sun Coda
7. Recipient
8. Psychic Automation

- Tyler Hanan