Tech Support!Stiles Part 2

(Part 1)

Derek’s palms are sweating. He’s suddenly starting to think that this is a terrible idea.  Every shred of confidence he felt on the phone when he asked Stiles to meet him has suddenly disappeared now that it’s actually about to happen.  

He’s chosen a seat in the back of LaLuna, hiding himself behind a shelf littered with novelty coffee mugs. From his spot he has a pretty decent view of the front door between an “I <3 my dog” mug and a thermos, and he’s mostly sure that he can’t be seen by anyone who comes in.

He checks his phone again. 2:50pm. There are still 10 more minutes before he’s supposed to meet Stiles.  Sighing, Derek idly opens his text messages and surfs through the ones they’ve been exchanging over the past week.

When he’d first told Stiles to use his number, he wasn’t sure that he actually would.  Making a move that bold was completely out of Derek’s character, but something about Stiles’ easygoing manner had made Derek go for it.

To Derek’s surprise it had taken less than a minute for Stiles to text him after they’d hung up. All he’d said was “Hello sir ;)” and that’d been enough.

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Worldwide Candlelight Vigil for Epouvantail / Jessie Winterholler:


On December 7th, 2012, we lost a dear friend and a talented, amazing young woman - Jessie Winterholler; Tumblr user Epouvantail. Worldwide, people have come together to mourn the loss and celebrate her life. 

On Sunday the 16th, there is a candlelight vigil at her hometown highschool, starting at 6pm

However, we know that people have been lighting candles all over the world for her and would like to be a part of this beautiful tribute -

You can be.

At Six in the evening (18:00) Eastern Standard Time on December 16th, 2012, let’s all light a candle for Jessie. 

At, you can add your name, location, a message, and a picture of the candle you light for Jessie. 

(We are currently working on being able to host the pictures on the site, but as of now, you will have to upload somewhere like tinypic or photobucket and then post the link.) 

Pleasejoin us in lighting a candle in memory of this vibrant and beautiful person. Her parents are amazed and touched at the outpouring of love from the thousands of people Jessie was able to touch personally. Light a candle for her and join hundreds of people as they do the same, a small tribute for the love she gave that has broken barriers, inspired us, and touched us all.



Tech Support!Stiles Part 3

(Part 1) (Part 2)

Stiles and Derek are walking down the street, Derek trying desperately to keep his hand from getting too clammy where it’s attached to Stiles’.  He’s vaguely aware that they’re headed in the direction of his apartment, but isn’t focusing on it. Too much.

Stiles is rambling on about one of his classes at school and Derek is…captivated.  He’s generally not much of a talker, but Stiles seems to talk enough for the two of them.

Most people take Derek’s silence for granted and trample over it, leaving him no room to contribute. But Stiles keeps sneaking little glances at Derek and occasionally nudging him with questions that Derek answers probably very ineloquently. Derek wants to kiss him for it, but he thinks maybe now isn’t the time. He tunes back in to what Stiles is saying.

“Which is how I ended up in tech support.”

Derek nods, “It seems like a good fit for you. You have to like talking as much as you do if you’re going to be on the phone with strangers all of the time.”

Stiles pales.  “Oh.  Sorry.  I didn’t mean to-“ his voice softens. “I know I talk a lot.  I didn’t mean to like, overpower you. I get that a lot.”

Derek can’t help barking out a laugh. “No, Stiles. I didn’t mean it that way. You definitely weren’t overpowering me.  I don’t like talking that much-I’d rather listen.”

“Really?” Stiles asks, cheering immediately.

Derek squeezes his hand. “Really.”

Stiles smiles brightly at him and squeezes his hand back. “Well you have to tell me something about yourself.  How’d you get into history?  No offense, but just looking at you, you wouldn’t strike me as a history nerd.”

“That’s probably a compliment,” Derek responds.

Stiles laughs and then continues to look at him expectantly, reminding Derek that he hasn’t actually answered his question.

“Oh.  How did I get into history…I don’t know, I’ve just always liked it. There’s something fascinating about hearing about how people lived in a different time period and the things they dealt with. I like seeing how we deal differently with the same types of situations now.”

“And writing?” Stiles asks.

Derek can feel himself blushing a little. “Well.  I liked history a lot, but…I just wanted to be able to tell it in my own way.  Put my own perspective on it.  Make history something of my own, you know?”

Stiles has stopped walking and is staring at Derek with his mouth slightly agape. “Fuck, that’s hot,” he finally says.

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