Anonymous asked: You know what’d be cute? team free will on a hunt, and right before they split up to investigate different things, dean/cas casually, absent-mindedly leans in and gives the other a quick peck/ ‘love you’ and doesn’t realize what just happened until a few minutes after, and starts to panic, while the other is just left stunned and blushing furiously by himself ;)

Author’s note: Aww, I loved this prompt! Features Team Free Will, shipper!Sam, and a very flustered Dean and Cas. :)

“Alright, this is the place… Let’s gank that son of a bitch and get it over with.” Dean said determinedly as he cracked open the door of the huge abandoned house that was supposedly haunted.

It was starting to get dark outside, and Castiel shivered reflexively as he watched the oldest Winchester slip inside, immediately followed by Sam who had been right behind Dean. Castiel couldn’t help but feel anxious, because this was all so new. Granted, in his long existence, he had seen almost everything there was to see, but it was different now. Different, because Castiel was human. Not to mention, this was the first real hunt on which Dean had allowed Castiel to come along, and Cas was more than a little nervous…

It was a routine ghost hunt, and after months and months of training, Dean had deemed Castiel ready to join the brothers on one of their simpler cases.

“Hey, are you coming inside, Cas?” Sam poked his head around the door, and tilted it as a gesture for Castiel to come in.

“Yes, of course. Sorry…” Castiel muttered, snapping out of his thoughts and dragging his feet up the porch steps which were creaking eerily with every step he took.

Castiel hesitantly shuffled into the large, dusty hallway. It was fairly dark, and Dean turned on his flashlight just as Cas stepped inside.

“Okay so, Sammy… You and Cas can search this floor, and I will look upstairs.” Dean ordered as he handed Sam a rock salt gun and clasped his younger brother on the shoulder. “The sooner we’re out of here, the better.” He muttered the last part under his breath, but it was still loud enough for Castiel to make out the words

It appeared that Dean was particularly eager for this hunt to be over, and for a moment, Castiel worried if perhaps Dean was afraid that Castiel was going to screw things up…

But then Dean took a step forward and gave his flashlight to Castiel, and Cas registered that Dean’s vibrant green eyes were definitely filled with worry, but that there were no traces of annoyance. Cas came to the conclusion that Dean wasn’t worried about the hunt going wrong because of Castiel, he was worried about Castiel’s wellbeing. Dean’s next words confirmed Cas’ theory.

“Please just… Be careful, Cas. Alright?”

Castiel did not get a chance to properly answer that, because all of the sudden Dean leaned in and pecked Castiel right on the lips, then turned around like it had been nothing out of the ordinary and casually jogged up the stairs to start his search.

Sam was gaping at Castiel, then stared at where his brother had just disappeared. Castiel was certain that he was blushing furiously, and an army of butterflies exploded in his stomach as he dreamily gazed at the staircase that Dean had climbed less than a minute ago.

“Did he just…?” Sam asked, squinting at Castiel, his mouth slowly slipping into a smirk.

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"It’s interesting, isn’t it? Seeing Y/N in such a state, such wonder," Cas remarked as he and Dean watched you play from a few yards away.

"If by interesting you mean scary—she’s going to fall off the monkey bars. Y/N, be careful up there!" Dean yelled, keeping his eyes glued to you.

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Stuck in the Middle With You (V)

Title: Stuck in the Middle With You (Part V)

Author: skidaddle-o3o

Original Imagine: Link | teamfreewillimagines | Imagine Castiel being your guardian angel.

Words: 3,898 

Summary: ♠︎  (Part I), ♠︎ (Part II), ♠︎ (Part III), ♠︎ (Part IV)

Warnings: Violence/Assault against Reader, language

A/N: This one was a bit rushed and didn’t get much editing, so I’m really sorry if it’s a letdown. I didn’t want to go a week without updating, though, and this week looks like it might be busy. Warm, cuddly thanks to those who have been reading every chapter.

A/N Part II: ARGH! Sorry, people who have been following the story from teamfreewillimagines! I had completely forgotten to submit to the group! This is why writing at 1 a.m. on weeknights is a craptastic idea.

Link to fic: Right over this way

So when I asked J2M for a hug in this pic they like attacked me all at once and we just sort of smooshed together into a glorious burrito of love and it was really quite magical. Then after the pic I said “aww thank y’all so much for coming” and Jensen proceeded to give me a little *squeeze* hug. I, being the complete spaz that I am, then let out this weird maniacal giggle and walked around in a daze for the next 5 minutes.