Dog Fortress 2 - Extras!

Miss Beagling + AdminiTzutor (Tan Beagle + Shih Tzu) - Red Haler/Australian Saxton Dog (Red Heeler/Australian Cattle Dog) - Merzoi (Borzoi)

I indulged myself with this one. I used to know a lovely lady beagle named Miss Beagle, so she was my inspiration (plus, she’s a similar breed to Scouthound ;D), Helen is a Shih Tzu because I have no sense of humour and I think a tiny dog giving commands from a huge chair is hilarious, Saxton is our nation pride and joy, the cattle dog, and Merasmus reminds me of a borzoi :’D

Looks like signups for this close tonight - but for those of you who wanted to see some Highlander in i52, looks like there’s something going down in the UK for the 9v9 crowd!


Looming in the shadow of the intercontinental 6v6 cup this year, i52 is playing host to another tournament dedicated to the 9v9 enthusiasts this side of the globe sponsored by the Team Awesome community and run by its very own Rob as a parting gift to all as he attends his final LAN before becoming pussywhipped getting married. While it is not the first 9v9 tournament featured at the i-series, it may well and truly be the debut of a LAN tournment in which the majority of participants are attending to primarily play highlander (after a casual, cannon fodder-like approach to the 6v6 group stages have come to an end).

Logistically speaking, it has been considered that 9v9 in a offline setting is not feasible in regards to competitive TF2 growth and quantity of LAN tournaments due to the additional 3 players required for each team. While in most part I agree with this, up until this point the highlander tournaments have always been a purely casual affair, with matches only being played if each team had sober Pyro and Spy mains, drunk 6v6 enthusiasts willing to play Heavy or Engineer, and enough players who hadn’t already began their journey home after the 6v6 final on the Sunday. With well-known members of the EU highlander scene such as FenrirGrenjabobHildrethKkaltuuQnaiQuintoshScissors (and even Yak) in attendance at i52, and Rob overseeing things after the highly successful Awesome Cup went down a treat earlier this year, we could be in for quite the nifty wee tournament.

Read more about the i52 Highlander Cup on VanillaTF2 here: http://www.vanillatf2.org/2014/08/i52-highlander-cup-sponsored-by-team-awesome/

Here’s the schedule posted on the TF.tv thread here, : apologies for not knowing the timezones the thread is using (I imagine CST but don’t quote me on that for certain):

Friday 22 (TONIGHT!)
9pm - Signups close 9pm after 6s groups get knocked out to maximise sign ups
9:30pm Group Stages posted
9:30pm+ Teams can play group matches late night fri if they wish

Sat 23 
Group Stages Day, teams organise group matches when it’s convenient to play by adding the team leaders on steam/walking over to their seat etc 
6:30pm - Group Winner Playoffs for a space in the finals.

Sun 24
12pm - 3rd Place Consolation Finals
2pm - Grand Finals



The winning team gets some super awesome engraved medals, a large pizza and a beer each.

While it isn’t necessarily a 4-digit prize pot and a trophy, medals and food, as well as casted games going down for those who like a different slice of competitive TF2 sound good to me. Here you go, HL crowd!