I apologize beforehand for the long post, but there’s a reason I wanted to post it together!

As of lately, I’ve been experimenting with new styles and techniques but nothing quite stayed. After a bunch of tries, studying, and searching around a bit, I finally found a new painting style!

It’s really fun to do actually! It’s a bit hard to get rid of lineart and blend, but I think I got it! 

I’m very happy to see the progress I’ve done in just a week so this post  marks a new milestone in my art progress:>

I’m very sorry for rambling, but I’m really happy I could finally do it:D

  • A group of Optimi Primes is a Convoy.
  • A group of Megatrons is a Tyranny.
  • A group of Starscreams is a Backstabbing.
  • A group of Ultra Magni is called a Protocol.
  • A group of Soundwaves is called a Superior.
  • A group of Tarns is called a Resonance.
  • A group of Seekers is called a Scheming.
  • A group of Tankbots is called a Tread.
  • A group of Rungs is called an Analysis.
  • A group of Knock Outs is called a Preen.
  • A group of Rodimi is called a Flaming.